Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ignatieff's Political Career Nearing Readiness For Body Bag

First off, before anyone accuses me of being insensitive with the title, nothing could top Michael Ignatieff's over the top faux outrage over body bags being shipped to northern Manitoba reserves. This quote here takes the cake:

"It simply says: 'We expect aboriginal Canadians to die,"

Liberal MP's, including Marlene Jennings were quick to follow suit with equally outrageous comments. If only Iggy actually did a little research before spouting off. A member off Health Canada confirmed that the body bags were part of a "routine shipment", one that goes out every three to four months. Another representative also stated that the Manitoba reserves in question are in the northern remote, and access is sometimes difficult during the winter months.

It was also noted that there are deaths on reserves, like anywhere else in the world. Sickness, old age, suicide, drownings, exposure, accidents were all cited as reasons for the quarterly shipments of said body bags. And in the event of an H1N1 pandemic with resulting deaths, body bags lower the risk of further transmission of the virus from the deceased individual.

One would think that someone who boasts daily of his Harvard pedigree and time abroad might want to actually research something before jumping the shark with such over the top partisan rhetoric. While the PM and POTUS focus on the economy, trade, Afghanistan, etc., Iggy gives us another glimpse of why Stephen Harper is Prime Minister, and his own chances of becoming PM are dying a quick death, much like his predecessor, Dion.


Unknown said...

and yet 35 % of voters (+/-) think the libs would be better than the evil one. God help us.

Anonymous said...

He is an emotional, reactionary basket-case.

We all know people like this...well maybe not QUITE like this, those that have perpetual foot and mouth disease but let's look for a moment who his "emotional, reactionary basket-case advising MP's are.
Dr. Bennett, Dosanjh, Goodale, Jennings, Holland, Brison, Rae...
....The 'Rant Brigade' so the question is no longer why but why not!

"A people always ends by resembling its shadow."
Rudyard Kipling


Ron said...

One of the reasons the NDP are so irrelevant to most Canadians is because they are always outraged, over the top, whining, holier than thou, finger wagging harpies. Ignatieff is turning the Liberals into the same irrelevant finger waggers -- give me a break - some public servant goofed up and sent up some equipment that the lefties could turn into a finger wagging, whining, outrage moment --- quit now, Iggy; you can't be more sanctimonious than Jack Layton - although you are giving it a good try.

Jake said...

Makes me wonder just how many votes Iggy lost today. No numpty can spew that kind of nonsense without losing the respect of more than a few potential voters. The best he can hope for is the possibility that no one was watching or paying attention.

wilson said...

'35 % of voters (+/-) think the libs would be better than' ...

There were only 2 choices, Lib or Con,
so 35% is a pretty low score when you consider '63% of Canadians voted against Harper'!

rations said...

The Liberals are back to their "scandal of the day" opposition. They got nothin.

Anonymous said...

The Ignominious One is sinking precariously by the bow. That such a solid Harvard thinker is seemingly condemning himself more and more each day with his utterances is undeniably anathema to his so-called political career.
It's best becoming known as a political misadventure, where Ignoble followers are rapidly jumping ship. Body Bags are standard equipment in times of war. So too are rubber-rooms for vain power-seekers to cushion their heads against the wall.

Ardvark said...

This so called intellectual doesn't realize that he auditioning for the wrong part.

He has to prove that he can lead an opposition before Canadians will realistically consider him for the PM job. He wasn't elected as the leader of the opposition, he wasn't even elected by his own party. He has not proven himself truly capable of running ANYTHING up to this point and he is rushing us headlong into an unwanted election which shows he has no political instincts what so ever.

I can't explain it other than to say that those just visiting ads were more accurate than I first realized.

Ardvark said...

Should read 'he is auditioning...'

Or does leaving the 'is' out sound more 'street'?

cantuc said...

I think security better start checking Ignegative for hidden weapons and explosives . I believe he may be about to take himself hostage .

Anonymous said...

Agreed, already said this. The window is closing for Mikey and he knows it, watch the desperation mount with the usual suspects, like The REDstar. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

True enough! "IGnegative" (I like that) has to prove himself as a Leader of his wayward Party, ie. the Official IGposition, before he can "RIGHTfully"(?) apply for (he may never MERIT) Leadership of this wonderful Nation of Canada.

Anonymous said...


I think you"re on to something.


wilson said...

and this sums it up pretty good:

''...Ignatieff's big gamble -- political Russian roulette, in effect -- has paid off.

The risk to the Liberals? That they become what the New Democrats were,
which is reflexive, junkyard dog critics of everything and in so doing
lose any sense of being a responsible government in waiting...'

Anonymous said...

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