Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ignatieff Accuses The PM Of Wanting To Win The Election

The more Iggy opens his mouth, the more I want an election. Imagine, the PM addressing a room of party faithful, telling them he wants to win a majority and squash the separatists and socialists. I guess Iggy was out of the country so long he doesn't realize that's been part of the Conservative way of thinking for decades.

So I guess if Ignatieff says this shows Canadians what the PM is really about, then he must consider it wrong and thinks the opposite way. That being he doesn't want to win a majority, squash the socialists, or, most notably, the separatists.

Must be that whole coalition thingy. The one he said he signed and supported and Bob Rae said he did not. Just imagine a 36 day campaign of this stuff.



Bec said...

Iggy's indignation today was pathetic but more telling was his defensiveness toward the separatists and socialists. In particular his, 'we haven't had socialists in Canada for 30 years' struck me as amusing....funny bone amusing because the 'absent Canadian' hadn't been in Canada, for 34...

But ya know, he KNOW EVERYTHING because he keeps telling us, about ourselves.

maryT said...

Condemning the PM for wanting a majority must mean Iggy does not want a majority, he want a coalition.
NNW has the guy who took the video, but it is too smooth, no interupting audio etc to be done without knowledge. He says he is a liberal and was invited by the riding assoc pres. who knew he was a liberal.
Could he have been invited, knowing he would video it and send it to the libs and they to the cbc. Was he also set up. Where was he when wafergate was filmed,or the Dion fiasco. Perhaps Iggy should hire him to do another phone ad in a phony park.

maryT said...

OOPS, phony ad.
We should thank that young liberal for showing us how to get our message out to the cbc audience, pretend it is a secret tape.

Bec said...

All the kid did was provide the Conservatives with, 'truth advertising'.
There is no secret, hidden agenda, no smoking gun, (or gun registry bs)no surprises to our law and order position or majority goals. Nothing, nothing new.

This is a 'truth ad' about a better, safer and more prosperous country and it was free.
Thrifty and creatively attained would be, the conservative way.

hunter said...

Bec, I agree, the kid did a great service for Conservatives. Free message that CBC would never have shown unless it was "secret". CBC has been pawned.

Anonymous said...

Good.I hope Harper wins.Then yank funding for political parties and end this seperatist nonsense.Nine billion we sent in transfer payments to quebec.Correct me if im wrong but i think thats 6 billion more than any other province.


Anonymous said...

Oh, come on. Harper is a greedy politician.

Iggy does not want; would never want, a majority government. That is so gauche! So yesterday. Sure it may have been OK for Trudeau and Chretien but what an appalling attitude in the new millennium where beating China and India, and everybody else, will show that we have the right stuff to be the bestest in the world.

We can do better! Just not at home, where it really counts; with a majority government, elected by the people in a democracy.

potato said...

Actually, I think Iggy is right, there haven't been any socialists for thirty years, they're all fascists now.

wilson said...

If I remember correctly, when PMSH called the separatists 'separatists' in December, the real separatists were angry with Duceppe for selling out to the federalists.
The BLOC was a uniter in the coalition of losers. If it wasn't so sick it would be funny.

I guess Quebeckers like this federalist gig and don't want to be reminded that they are voting for a wolf in sheeps clothing.

IMO, the BLOC has hit the wall,
the ROC will not entertain their separatists sitting in government.
Unless it is about money, the separatists have drawn from the well until it is dry.
But maybe Iffy will keep treating this special child to favours..?

We'll see if Quebeckers jump on the Iffy big government train.
Should be interesting.

maryT said...

Iggy is very busy today denying that he has ever supported a coalition, and will not form a coalition in the future.
Who believes him.
Will voters in Quebec run to him with the idea of being at the table, knowing he will not work with Duceppe to get more for Quebec. Will Layton go after him, seeing his chance for a cabinet post evaporating.
Will those that support a coalition abandom him and vote to get more seats for another party.
He did not look very strong when he made those stmts. Could just as well been talking about the weather.
Will the real Iggy please stand up.

gimbol said...

This is the same crap we got fed during the never-ending constitutional morass.
"Sovierngity association"
"Community of communities"
"Quebec special status is not something to fear"

Now its "coalition if neccessary but not neccessarily a coalition."

SAme S**t different day.