Wednesday, July 4, 2012

McGuinty Government Covering Up Major Scandal?

It's been almost a month since the McGuinty government SHUT DOWN Service Ontario kiosks. An announcement by the Government Services Minister Harinder Takhar indicated four of the 72 kiosks province-wide had been tampered with, alluding to an attempt to skim credit/debit card info. Those 72 kiosks remain shut down province wide, with neither the government nor media providing any updates. One line of the Government Services Minister's comments stands out: "There is no indication that personal information accessed through the kiosks, such as health card numbers and addresses, was improperly released, the government says.

 Now I have a source connected with the MTO, something similar to Maher/Macgregor's source with Elections Canada, who tells me the kiosks may never re-open. My source also tells me that the ministers statement was false and misleading, that in fact personal information had indeed been compromised. This includes, names, addresses, health card number, driver's license info, financial info, etc.

 Now we've all seen news reports of skimming machines being found at banks, stores, gas stations. The end result is the skimming machine is removed by the police, and shortly thereafter the debit/credit card machine is back up and running. So why has the McGuinty government left these 72 kiosks across the province closed? All 4 machines that were tampered with were in the GTA. Why close all machines province wide. Why for a month?

 Now if I were a member of the media looking for a juicy story, I'd be putting the question to McGuinty. Was the personal information of Ontarians at risk and accessed by security breaches at government kiosks. If he answers no and we find out that he indeed is lying (again), that should be a trigger for the next election. If he is truthful and answers the question yes, than he better be ready to explain why he and his government have remained quiet when the people of Ontario have faced potential identity theft?


Pissedoff said...

Do you really expect McSlime or his scumbag party to answer anything honestly?

Martin said...

A few years ago MOT mailed my drivers licence complete with picture and address to my home, and it never arrived. the servant in charge seemed not the least concerned with identity theft, but simply odered me to return to the bureau and repeat the process. When I enquired why they did not use registered mail, or at least priority post, she complained it would cost "too much". At the same time I was applying for a passport, which did arrive by registered mail.
I was convinced then that my licence hadn't been simply lost but stolen, out of the MOT offices.
There was no attempt to trace the missing document.
The whole episode left me with very little confidence in Service Ont.