Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Nail In The Loss Of Credibility Of The Canadian Media

From CBC, May 4th,2012: Elections Canada has traced a computer from the Conservative campaign in Guelph, Ont., to the account that paid for robocalls that falsely directed voters to the wrong polling station in the last federal election.

Newly released court documents show investigator Al Mathews traced a PayPal account used to pay for the robocalls to the same IP address as a computer used by Andrew Prescott, the deputy campaign manager in the riding.

And just 6 days later, May 10th, 2012: "OTTAWA — A comparison of Rogers billing records shows that “Pierre Poutine” did not use a computer in the headquarters of a Guelph Conservative candidate to launch the election-day robocalls, casting doubt on the theory that the culprit could have been any of a number of campaign workers operating out of the office.

Data provided to Elections Canada investigators has linked a Rogers account to the Internet Protocol (IP) address used by the robocalls suspect to log onto RackNine, the Edmonton-based voice broadcaster that transmitted more than 7,000 misleading calls telling voters their polling station had moved.

Under court order in March, Rogers turned over details of customer information for three Rogers accounts to Elections Canada.

None of the account numbers listed in a summary of the disclosure corresponds to the Rogers account used by the campaign of Conservative candidate Marty Burke.

 And from the same article, the icing on the cake: "Although the court filings appear to rule out Burke’s HQ as the source of the Rogers IP, the documents do not indicate to whom the account belongs."


Alberta Girl said...

So the McSlueths just decided to accuse the CPC for sh*ts and giggles? Obviously they had no proof, so the fact they, along with most of the left wing media made these accusations, going so far as to open a can of worms with their call for Canadians to remember when they got those robocalls, is disgusting.

More apologies the very least?

Martin said...

Todays Citizen has more on the "Frustrating hunt for Poutine" (headline) from Maher and McGregor. They have nothing new to report, but manage to work the phrase "local conservative campaign" into their story again; somehow I think that is the whole point of their reporting.They also mention former campaign workers have obtained lawyers. I hope so and that they can be put to use working up a libel case against Post Media.

Pissedoff said...

If EC and Mayrand had any credibility they would have the RCMP investigating these two clowns who are either srealing info, being fed it from EC illegally or just bloody well making it all up and making EC look fools.

frmgrl said...

I hope Postmedia gets sued up their yin yang. It would serve them right.
Don't there will be any apologies from any of the media party or the opposition.

Unknown said...

I heard maher on the radio still accusing Conservatives. It was on am 770 post sports talk. 8:30pm or so. My apologies to make anyone listen to that crap.

Martin said...

This link is todays Citizen story on p 3; the printed version headline reads "Records appear to clear Guelph tory HQ" the e version is slightly different. It is not a ringing declaration of innocemce. The story manages to imply wrongdoing by the Guelph campaign workers, even as EC clears them. Simply by repeating the allegations each time the story appears, doubt is placed in the reader's mind.
Not a great day for objective journalism.