Friday, March 19, 2010

MSM Math: 6% Conservative Lead Is Dead Heat???

The headline re the latest Ipsos poll: Tories and Liberals still in dead heat: Poll

The story: The Conservatives have the support of 34 per cent of decided voters, down three percentage points from the last poll earlier this month, while the Liberals secured 28 per cent of voters, down one percentage point. The New Democratic Party was in third with 18 per cent of the vote; 10 per cent of Canadians would support the Green party.


Very Very Concerned said...

Thats because the voter intention is not equal all accross the country. Some parties enjoy healthier leads in varying provinces.

I think the Conservatives are in trouble as it would appear that their rate of decline is more pronounced than the Liberals.

With the bad week the conservatives had this week they may take a real powder downward very soon.

paulsstuff said...

The problem is the story says the Conservatives would win an election. A dead heat would make it too close to call I would think:

"OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives have lost some support but would still emerge victorious if a federal election were held today, according to a poll conducted for Canwest News Service and Global National"

Very Very Concerned said...

Possibly but the conservatives are still tracking downward. The poll was a snapshot of the days of the polling, but the slide down quite possibly continues through that polling time period and may continue to erode. to the radio said...

Dewey beats Truman?

Anonymous said...

10% for the Greens! Does anybody even pay attention to them anymore?

hunter said...

Tracking downward, from 40% when Iggy wanted an election? Let Iggy force an election over the Afghan issue and see how the numbers track. If the Liberals are in such good shape, force an election.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with VVconcerned... someone in the PMO better wake up and stop taking the continuing incompetence of the opposition party leader as an indicator that they can continue to both piss off the base and give ammunition to the enemy.

More fiscal focus. Less social issues. Wake up in there!

The Doc said...

And what are the margins of error on the numbers (representing a confidence interval of 95% normally)? These are usually 3%, implying that any two numbers within 6% are statistically insignificant (I.e. They're the same number).

Alberta Girl said...

In what poll "earlier this month" were they at 37%?

I sure never saw that poll - all I saw were poll trumpted by every major newspaper showing them at 30 - tied with the Liberals.

Are the MSM holding our on us with news they don't like?

Anonymous said...

The real problem is that liberals are liars and live in denial. If it wasn't for the entire force of the media to prop up the liberals they would have literally collapsed by now. Plus, we have two lame duck Liberal leaders in a row now... maybe three soon? There is one silver lining in all of this though: in communist countries constant and total indocrination of the masses leads to most people shutting out eventually.. as conservatives we can count on this happening to our advantage. (real conservative)

Moon Rattled said...

Canwest is Canada's Fox News channel. I wouldn't trust one of their commissioned polls as far as I could throw it.

Anonymous said...

Canwest is conservative? That is a laugh. You commies don't want conservative, trust me. (real conservative)

Jen said...

Dead heat in the polls, how come? what did the liberals do so great to be at this position-nothing.
The line of questions by the pollster is to be reviewed.

When the national media spend their time finding tactics attacking the conservatives and not a peep about the liberals except for a just a few flaws sends messages to the innocent public that the conservatives have a problem.

If we had a 'real' media, doing the job for canadians do you really think that the iberals will be voted back into parliament; especially after the 'real' media finishes them alive in front of the public for the corruption, thievery etc? .

The liberals have to give their media what they deserve for been good silent boys and girls for keeping the years of corruption of the liberals as minimum as possible.
The ratings the liberals get is most definitely not for anything period; it is the media that keeps them in a good light, making up stories of the 'liberals intentions' when in fact, the liberals couldn't be bothered if they did or didn't do anything. Who cares? Right? as long the media fills the public with lies the liberals are 'home-free'

Take away the liberals 'freebies' idiots in the media and the liberals are lost.

Jen said...

Paul, you see the EI scandal? well, have you noticed that the media(cbc ctv g/m etc), have not really touched on this subject.
If the public knew what the liberals did with it and how they made up repay it. The public will be furious, furios to the point that they were made to believe that it was the Conservatives not liberals who were at fault.
EI scandal occured long before the conservatives took root. yet the media continue to keep silent.
Well Paul, since the media are too confined to hellping the LPOC at any cost. Please revisit rebroadcast the story behind the
EI scandal.
And what hurts me is that, when the liberals did this, there was no recession of any kind.

How about it Paul? it is time to talk-AGAIN and again and again.

paulsstuff said...

It amazes me Jen how little the msm have touched on the fact Chretien?Martin raided the EI fund to set up smoke and mirrors to show surpluses.

The result of taking that $45? billion out of the fund was what caused the government to go deeper in debt to pay the increased number of recipients now, along with extended benefits and training.

maryT said...

Ekos poll out today and PMSH still maintains a 6 point lead.