Thursday, October 8, 2009

Iffy Quickly Becoming Sybil

Had a smile on my face last night just before I went to bed and read on NNW that Iffy was going to have an adult conversation with Canadians to tell us his plans for tax increases, cuts in spending (health care a la Chretien/Martin?), etc. Knowing Iggy's track record, and the fact his slumping poll numbers will further fall with such talk, I eagerly awaited his alter-personality quickly trying to dispel those tax hike policies. And he didn't disappoint. As pointed out on Joanne's fantastic BLOG
Iggy has now perfected flip-flopping into hours rather than days.

He's already displayed this multiple-person persona in the past. Asbestos and previous talk of tax hikes are two excellent examples. Heck, Iggy stated in the past that the Tory ads framing him as just a visitor backfired and now today Iffy tells us they did just that. Maybe that's why Ignatieff has so many nicknames. Iggy, Iffy, Ignegative, the Count, the list goes on.

Perhaps it's because he seems to be a different person depending on what province or territory he's in, Hell, he even changes persona during question period. First question the caring compassionate left-leaning socialist, next question a right-leaning Liberal complaining of government spending (that he demanded).

Or maybe what's really happening is Iffy is getting a little confused, what with all the apparent strings being pulled in the backrooms of the OLO. Perhaps if his pal Obama gets his health care reforms through Iggy might return south of the border to get the pill to fix his woes. And I'm not talking about the little blue one.

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Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to feel that the Liberal Party is like Henry the VIII trying out one wife after another. The problem is Henry had a social disease, so his wives had a lot of trouble bringing their pregnancies to term or having healthy children.

Time for the Liberal Party to cleanse itself!