Sunday, June 7, 2009

NDP might be on verge of history in N.S. election, Ontario still reeling from NDP government 14 years later.

"The NDP is on the verge of a historic election win in Nova Scotia, which would the first time the party formed a government in any of the Atlantic provinces.
Polls show the NDP well out in front, followed by the Liberals, and the Progressive Conservatives, who have been in power for a decade, trailing in third."

Apparently nobody in Nova Scotia has ever heard the phrase "Rae Days".


Anonymous said...

The severing of the tie between organized labour and the NDP was the best thing that could have happened for the party.

Foolish (and greddy) union memebers who chose to turn on the Rae government in 1995 are to blame for the historical perception of it.

Among people who refuse to acknowledge what actually happened the term "Rae Days" is still used.

However, the term is never used among those who have soberly accepted that it was simply a matter of OPSEU, OECTA, OSSTF and CAW members turning on the NDP that resulted in its defeat.

To them, and to you, I say good riddance from a progressive and forward looking NDP Nova Scotia!

paulsstuff said...

Actually, Rae's legacy wasn't one of fighting the unions. It was of raising socialist spending and welare recipients benefits by an insane amount, as more and more were going on the welfare rolls.

In his zeal to find new sources of revenue, he even taxed dirt.

Bec said...

Hey anony, wow that is a defeatists attitude. Who will pay for this pipe dream?
Has Nova Scotia not had enough? Do THEY not deserve to find out what dreaming, looks and feels like?

The NDP in Saskatchewan, had dragged down the spirit and the creativity.
Within what, 2 years it is a HAVE province.
Nova Scotia, has that potential but as long as socialists continue telling the citizens that they are stupid and GOVERNMENT knows best, they will continue to feel small and insignificant.
You are a shining example of that mentality, sad.
However, I am sure that you will be here next provincial election saying equally destructive things.
Are you a NDP candidate or volunteer? Enjoy your TAXES with all that FREE stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ha! As someone who lived the Bob Rae experience in full measure let me tell you that "Rae Days" were the least of the troubles those moonbats inflicted upon us.

paulsstuff said...

We should sell t-shirts that says "I survived Rae Days" to fundraise for the PC Party of Ontario

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Libs and PCs should join forces ? Isn't that how Sask Party was born ?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

O/T - Congrats on being named BT site of the week at Blue Blogging Soapbox!

paulsstuff said...

Thanks Joanne. I'm putting that one in the trophy case :0)

Anonymous said...

I live in Nova Scotia and I have heard of Rae Days. I'm from Ottawa and I remember them. I also remember voting for Mike Harris.

Skinny Dipper said...

I guess that means Nova Scotians should vote Liberal this time.

Federally, I have to wonder about Harper and his socialist spending.

paulsstuff said...

If I was in Nova Scotia I would most certainly vote Liberal instead of NDP. The Conservative party there has become stale and needs to reinvent itself.

As for Mike Harris, he is exactly what the province of Ontario needs, and I would vote for him again in a second.

Jen said...

Jack Layton might end up in Nova Scotia, to remind citizens that NDP are saviours. Just work for one month and live on E.I for 52 wks.