Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Liberals Slam Raitt Over Political Opportunism While Kinsella Promotes It.....

H/T Chucker Canunk

Ya know this stuff is getting so pathetic it writes itself. The opposition parties have had ongoing feigned outrage extending past two days now, all because Lisa Raitt was heard mentioning that she hoped to get credit for solving problems in part of her portfolio as Natural Resources minister. One after another, Ignatieff, Goodale, Layton, Duceppe, McGuinty, Jennings, all rising to express their disgust over a politician hoping to increase her reputation, on what they say is the back of those suffering.

OK, I guess that's fair comment. But on the same day Liberals continue with accusations Raitt is exploiting those facing tough times, Ignatieff strategist Warren Kinsella takes it up a notch. Kinsella's latest blog entry is a top-10 list of why the Liberals should force an election now.(sorry, I refuse to link to his site). Of particular interest is #7:

"7. And while we are on the subject of the Reformatories: in politics, as in war, you attack when your opponent is weak, not strong. (That's so intrinsically basic, I'm not sure why I need to say it so often, but apparently I do.) Right now - due to the recession, due to a stumblebum Tory team, due to their leader who nobody likes - we know the other side is really, really weak. In a few months - due to a economy rebounding, mainly - they could be strong. Go with what you know is the reality, not what you hope may be the reality. (And hit first, make it hurt, and don't stop hitting the Harper Cons until the day after the election.)"

Yep, you read that correctly. All those Canadians Iggy is supposedly rallying for, those unemployed laid off workers who can't get EI due to Liberal qualifying rules, the lack of stimulus funding getting out the door , the isotope dilemma. All such serious matters Ignatieff feels needs to be desperately addressed. And what do we see today from Ignatieff's hand-picked strategist?

Why, a plea for Liberals to force an election now. Forget about that nasty isotope situation. Forget about getting that national standard for EI, forget about getting those stimulus dollars out the door. All because the economy is showing signs of rebounding, which will raise the fortunes of the Conservative government while decreasing the prospect of a return to power Liberals lust for.

Yep, Kinsella thinks Canadians should pay for a $300 million election, should make a decision on taking that long awaited summer vacation, or stay home and vote. Stimulus? Not that big a deal. Those unemployed who can't collect EI under the current rules? Nope, getting our asses back on the other side of the house is what matters.

Sure sounds like political opportunism to me. You can't make this stuff up.


Anonymous said...

well well well, kinsella is huffing and puffing again eh. maybe he didnt notice the polls showing that despite the rough patches that the conservatives are going through, they are still in a statistical dead heat and that the leadership question still does not favour Iffy. to force an election on the very real prospects that nothing would change is ludicrous to say the least, especially when you dont have a plan for ANYTHING!!!
though (conspiracy theory alert!!!), one wonders if a minority gov is all he needs, that governing with the blessing of the NDP is all a Harvard graduate of the leftist arts needs to make his version of PM a success. after all, him and obama seem to have alot in common.

brad maynard

Bec said...

I wish the guy could write, coherently.
Do you suppose there was a ghost writer for 'The Book' because so far anytime I check his blog, it is so amateur hour?

Anyway, he is all talk and no action. I actually don't believe that he is officially in the war room. Perhaps a consultant or a volunteer, opinion guy?

Judgement is not his fortÉ (see Éric, I can do it, just not lower case, lol)as we have all seen over the last few months.
When he set out his plan and hrmph,wrote his book there was no on-line networking. I suspect that he may be like me, an antique and trying to catch up with technology.

Anonymous said...

Paul - why do you suppose Iggy's postponed a "schmoozefest" in cottage country tomorrow? (Bourque)

paulsstuff said...

He probably has to pick up Bob Rae at the airport :0)

Seriously, he's probably going to make his own video reply to the PM's address on the economy. Iggy has video envy, and it burns him up to see the PM in one and not him. No word on if this one will appear in Times Square

maryT said...

Sorry WK, I am Woman and I like Harper. I have the t=shirt to prove it.

Anonymous said...

I think it is disgusting that ministers now have to cry on t.v. to prove they are sincere. Raitt has been brought to this and the dragging in of her family stories so that she can show she doesn't think cancer is sexy. Shame on the media and the liberals.

revanche said...

Bec, his official title is Assistant Fart-catcher.

Anonymous said...

Kinsella is the same publicly and privately. Raitt publicly parrots talking points and says what she really thinks privately.

wilson said...

'In a few months - due to a economy rebounding, mainly - they could be strong.'

That is not necessarily true, because unemployment will still be rising into 2010, while businesses get back on their feet.

So now may be the best time for PMSH to go to the people, and ask Canadians he give them the mandate to finish the job he started.

Maybe Spinsella was hoping the in&out court case, in July would help along the Liberals....but today it was postoned to November.
There's always that ongoing Adscam RCMP investigation, if Spinsella wants excitement.

Jack already said he would vote with Libs if they tabled a confidence vote, so I guess it's up to Gilles.

Now may be the best time for the Bloc too, before Iffy can turn those tire kickers into real votes.

So, it's a good time for all, except for Canadians.
The stimulus will stop, the markets will fall because of the instability.

Anonymous said...

Kinsella is a legend in his own mind and that's it.

scanoo said...

ah yes spinsella - never met a truth he could not spin, on his way to trough gorging (as he has been doing with the ontario wheat board - my, will that return to haunt mcguinty) - the duty of all of us, is to expose,expose,expose these "entitlers" - how 'bout his buddies in capital hill gr. ? - no end to these poltical hacks, just in it for the pork, and will bring us all to ruin