Monday, June 15, 2009

Iggy Does A 180 on 360...

So we now all know what Iggy meant when he stated that the PM better watch it because "if you mess with me, I will mess with you until I'm done.'' When he openly stated that ominous threat publicly, people were taken aback. What does Iggy mean, and should the PM be very afraid.

We've all seen great characters with trademark warnings for their opponents. Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry is forever remembered for the line "do ya feel lucky punk, do ya". Arnie had that famous "Ull be back. Hulk Hogan taunted his foes with "Hulkamania".

So this was Iggy's chance to stare down the PM over the 360 hour national qualifying time for EI. If he didn't get it, we go to an election. So what to make of Iggy's threat of messing with the PM? Near as I can tell, it wasn't meant as a physical threat, nor was it meant as a threat to attack the character of the PM through attack ads.

It appears that Iggy's idea of messing with the PM is to confuse the heck out of him by changing his position on what will force an election for the umpteenth time. EI, stimulus, deficit, reports to Parliament, resignation demands of ministers. Do as I say, cause if you don't, I'll change my mind.

I'm beginning to wonder if Iggy is really Stephane Dion in disguise. Can't remember the last time I saw the two together.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ah-ha... He's going to mess with his mind. Brilliant!

BTW, how's the new job?

maryT said...

Iggy said that for a successful Canada Quebec must have power. Did he mean via the Bloc in a coalition. He said only bilingual speakers are Cdn, meaning French and English. But, please tell me what language was he speaking today, my take is confusion.
Maybe Rae told him the Tamil vote is lost. Maybe the bankers said NO loans. Newman said the 1.98/vote will pay for an election. But, what if they lose another 20 seats and the money that goes with it.
His trying to put the possible election into the PM's court will not work.
Friday should be interesting, to see who is there, and who votes last.

wilson said...

The man who cried wolf
check out the pic and links:

paulsstuff said...

Job is great Joanne. Wonderful people to work with. Going to be a long week though. 12 hour days to get settled in and organized.

Imagine that, overtime, in Canada, without stimulus.

paulsstuff said...

MaryT, I recorded question period today, but I don't think Rae was there again.

And I agree, Iggy tried to put everything in the PM's court, and then PM quickly returned volley.

Bec said...

"Imagine that, overtime, in Canada, without stimulus."

Naw, say it ain't so!

We too are going to open our business for likely double the hours without a single person getting overtime or additional benefits. Other than THEIR self preservation and....start the drum roll...employing more FOLKS!

paulsstuff said...

That's great Bec. There is lots of work out there. Just punching in the hrdc job bank website search for my town shows pages of jobs being listed daily.

Anonymous said...

Why would Bob Rae not be in Parliament for Question Period? It was an important day according to Ignatieff and his people - a day of decision, or maybe not! Perhaps Rae is staying away so when the spagehtti hits the fan he doesn't get splattered.

Anonymous said...

There was a terrific Harper smackdown of McCallum yesterday when the old coot said that Canada should follow the stimulus packages of Barak Obama.

Check Hansard today because Harper's response was excellent - he essentially explained that the situation between us and the USA differs greatly given that they have over 4x the debt, therefore more stimulus is needed.

Harper ended by saying something close to reminding McCallum that we're not in America, that's not our country and the gov't will not be using American as its model.

It was priceless!

Anonymous said...

Iggy wants to campGood slogan.

That's the professor in him coming out, or the tin ear of kinsella thinking he's important.

Jen said...

more context on the RAITT tape about bankers to tank ignatieff if he dares to go on an election.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Job is great Joanne. Wonderful people to work with. Going to be a long week though. 12 hour days to get settled in and organized.

Sounds great Paul. I'm sure you'll adapt quickly. In any case, great to have a job - and in the auto industry on top of it. That's fantastic.