Sunday, June 7, 2009

Conservatives and the Arts; Yes, Blues Music is part of the Arts

Remember the hoopla over supposed arts cuts made by the Conservative government last year. Just last week in Montreal Michael Ignatieff was talking about restoring funding to the arts. Considering arts spending actually went up instead of being decreased, that statement was somewhat disingenuos. What the Conservative government did was evaluate program spending and whether it was cost effective for you and I, the taxpayers. One area of the program did receive cuts because the taxpayer was not getting bang for the buck. and that was an election promise made in the 2006 election, reviewing programs and making choices on those deemed not getting the value of the investment put in.

Of course during the past election we heard clamoring that Conservatives don't appreciate the arts. Bull crap. The government made a business decision in the interests of the taxpayer. No more, no less. But what surprised me in all the talk was mention of galas and parties for upper-class performers. That was proven in one particular video showing a taxpayer funded gala event. Most in attendance were performers who have made quite a lucrative living off the arts. Why taxpayers should be subsidizing that type of event is beyond me.

Where money should be spent is things like outdoor music festivals, dance performances by those seeking to make a living by becoming a professional performer. In my case I attend Blues festivals throughout the year when time permits, and play in a Blues band. When attending the festivals, we meet people from all around the globe, letting me see first hand the economic benefits of holding such events Pictured is part of my collection of guitars I use when performing. At no time did I receive or ask for taxpayers to foot the bill. It was my choice to do so. When we do play a gig, the money we receive barely covers our costs, and on some occasions we actually lose money playing.

Why do we do it? Because we love playing. Because we love interacting with those watching. Because music is soothing for the soul. Because we enjoy it. Because the arts is supposed to be about exactly that, the arts, performing, providing entertainment. And we will continue to do that, without ever expecting the government, by way of the taxpayer, to foot the bill.


scanoo said...

lieberals are onto a good thing - make up stuff, then blow your stack about it - no fear the MSM will pick up on it, as they are full of politicized dolts, acting like journalists - shame

Anonymous said...

The dark ones must lie to win or is it to lose? Long live the blues, the music of the downtrodden and broken hearted. (real consevative)

Anonymous said...

When some Lieberal starts yapping I tend to tune them out with a bit Stevie Ray or some classic Muddy Waters. It always does the trick.


paulsstuff said...

Great comment Bruce. The guys I jam with actually call me Stevie Ray.

Bec said...

So here you are with REAL job (i.e pays the bills)and a hobby that fulfills you, playing in a Blues Band. Realistic and very Canadian.

These interviews I have seen lately, with the Canadian biggies, are nauseating.
Why don't THEY support the Canadian Arts, financially? A teeny weeny bit hypocritical, as they rake in their millions.
Do they think that American artists are SUBSIDIZED?
They live breathe and exist in the American market. Pay taxes, buy homes, contribute SUBSTANTIALLY to the American economy but arrive on planes to give awards and criticize their potential competition someday, not getting freebies.

A terribly socialist attitude that only surfaces, once they land on a Canadian tarmac.
Up until then they have been fighting for their place at every audition,photo shoot,dance get the point...

Brian Gardiner said...

Nice collection. Looks like three Strats, and SG, a Les Paul - years, models.... details man, we need details.

paulsstuff said...

Hey Brian, nice to hear from you. Let's see.

1. American Buddy Guy Signature Strat 2003
2. Buddy Guy Polka Dot Strat 2003
3. American Standard Strat Blizzard Pearl 2007
4. Gibson SG standard 2000
5. Gibson Les Paul studio 1983(beat up but sounds great)
6. 1954 Gibson Custom Shop Goldtop (P-90's, Brazilian neck)
7. Yamaha elec/acoustic six-string
8. Epiphone 12-string late 80's