Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Did Michael Ignatieff Hire Jasmine McDonnell?

Because it sure seems like it.

J(asmine) M(cDonnell): Thanks for hiring me Mr. Ignatieff".

Iggy: "Jasmine, that was terrible what the Conservatives did to you"

JM: "Thank you Mr. Ignatieff, I was very upset about losing my job".

Iggy: "Well I would never make a 26 year old be responsible, it's not the Liberal way".

JM: "Thank you for that. I forgot a binder. I said My Bad".

Iggy: " I know, saying My Bad is all I would ask if you forgot some documents".

JM: " Whew, that's a relief, after that tape thing I was wondering if anyone would hire me".

Iggy: "I'm sure you'll do a great job".

JM: "Have you seen my blackberry?"

Iggy: "Wha, no. Now lets get down to business, Pass me that binder with our strategy about forcing an election this Friday".

JM: "Ummm".

Iggy: "You do have it still, don't you"

JM: "I know I had it when I used the bathroom a few minutes ago".

Iggy: 'You didn't forget it there, did you?"

JM (now panicking): " Oh, I think this is it".

Iggy: "Well pass it, the media and cameras are waiting".

JM: " Mr. Ignatieff, I...I...I.....

Iggy: " We'll talk after the presser".

JM (under her breath): "oh noooo".

A few minutes later, Iggy returns from the media scrum, redfaced and obviously unhappy with Jasmine.

Iggy: " You lost the binder, didn't you?

JM: " I'm sorry, I got nervous and panicked, so I gave you another binder that I found".

Iggy: "And what was that binder?"

JM: " It was talking points for Stephane Dion to back down from his election threat".

Iggy (wiping his brow and rubbing his temples): "I can't believe I left Harvard for this!


Anonymous said...

LMFAO!!!! good one. unfortunatley even a haaaarvard graduate isnt that stupid... or is he?


maryT said...

Those ivory tower types do not know anything about the real world so yes, he could be that stupid.
I see some spinners are out saying Iggy has forced the PM to meet with him yadedoo. Notice that it was Iggy who went to the PM's office so he climbed down the stairs, then he went to the PM's home. Hope he didn't measure the drapes, and they will meet tomorrow. To me that signals he is not getting what he asked for without making major concessions.
I wonder what the vote would be if it wasn't whipped. Remember Layton kicked a lady out of caucus for going against him.
Maybe Iggy has learned there is no I in team.
The media and liberals should remember that saying, be careful what you wish for.
There is no way Iggy can get a larger minority than the PM has, and to him that would be utter humiliation.
Where will he get 66 seats to do that. If he takes all the conservative and one ndp in Quebec that is only 11, and the Bloc will maybe gain some of those instead of Iggy. Where are the 56 seats? He could lose 2 in BC, almost did last time. He will get none in the west, except maybe Goodale.
Peter will win again. So, where are those seats. He will not sweep Ontario. He needs 56 seats to just get what Paul Martin had for his minority (that was predicted to be a 200 seat majority)
And I ask all those trolls to quit talking about the PM calling an un necessary election. It was that or the coalition that was in the wings before he called it. Why not complaing about Martin calling one with 2 yrs left in his mandate with a majority of seats. I bet Martin wishes he had not rolled the dice back then.
When is the GG's term up, if she wants to keep her job she will side with the PM.

Anonymous said...

call me uninformed, but will the next election be featuring more ridings? i saw that somewhere, like 20 new seats or something. if thats the case then maybe theres still hope that quebec (and by extension toronto) can become politically irrelevant. those two centers are pretty much the only places where iffy has a chance at gains.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

lol!!! Brilliant!

I'm glad you still have time for blogging in spite of your 12 hour work days.

tao_taier said...

After several crazed gaffes by Goodale in the house and on cpac this year, I don't expect him to be keeping his seat.... What-so-ever.

Anyone whose been watching could easily come up with full clips of him making an fool of himself.

Like the time he blatantly misquoted the PM over taxes for one brief example.

I had made that clear elsewhere that the government won't need to raise taxes... ever.
Tax reform or tax shifting perhaps but they shouldn't need to ever raise taxes but rather cut/trim spending in various areas and where waste is prevalent.