Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jasmine McDonnell's Voice Mail Message


Hi, Jasmine here. I can't find my phone so leave a message at the beep. I'm also looking for my binder, voice recorder, and car keys. If you find any of my things give them to Steve Maher and he'll make sure I get them.

p.s. Lisa Raitt is so not my BF anymore. Toodles.


ian said...

Nice one!

How did the reporter get a hold of the recorder that she left in the washroom?
It was a womens washroom wasn't it?

Éric said...

Another reporter (a woman, I imagine), found the recorder, listened to it, thought she heard Maher's voice (I guess they did an interview) and so gave it to Maher.

I read that somewhere.

paulsstuff said...

Maher contradicted himself in his own affadavit filred with the court.

(Courtesy of Gabby)

1. In Mr. Maher’s opening paragraph (Chronicle Herald article Joanne linked to) he states: “Minister Lisa Raitt … expressed doubts about the skills of Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq” yet later he quotes her as stating “She’s such a capable woman” about Ms. Aglukkaq. Aren’t those two statements contradictory?

2. Mr. Maher then states: “Ms. MacDonnell misplaced the voice recorder containing the recording in the press gallery in Ottawa … “ whereas it has been widely reported that the recorder was found in a washroom. So which is it? Did Ms. MacDonnell misplace it in the press gallery or in some other location?

3. In Mr. Maher’s affidavit he stated at #22: “Ms. Raitt and the Prime Minister blamed the error on Ms. MacDonell.” Again, it has been reported that Ms. MacDonnell assumed responsibility for losing the now infamous binder.
Neither Ms. Raitt nor the PM ever “blamed” the staffer. Furthermore, in the same #22 of the affidavit, Mr. Maher states: “I also remembered that she had left the recorder in my office …” So which is it? Where did Ms. MacDonnell leave the recorder? In Mr. Maher’s office? In a general area of the press gallery? Or in the washroom?

Éric said...

Does it really matter? Doesn't change what was said.

And no, your point 1 is not contradictory, as she clearly states that she doubts her ability to handle "hot" issues, and that her statement in Question Period "planked".

You can't pull individual phrases like that.

paulsstuff said...

I was reffering to Maher's conflicting stories about how he got the recorder.

Alberta Girl said...

"And no, your point 1 is not contradictory, as she clearly states that she doubts her ability to handle "hot" issues, and that her statement in Question Period "planked"."

Nice try Eric. You can't seriously be telling us that "these" are the smears Raitt made against another MP are you?

Puleeze, Eric.

My question to you is - how come no one is focusing on the fact that this was a private conversation - that means, Eric - NOT TO BE MADE PUBLIC - that the speaker did not know was being taped by an aide that it appears had ulterior motives.

But you go on trying to make this all about Raitt. Most Canadians are smarter than that, Eric. They see this for what it it once they know the facts.

OF course, how the media is spinning it shows just how much they are not telling Canadians the truth.

BillM said...

What if McDonnell was an opposition plant? It's too convenient that the stuff was all left for the press to leak!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Five hours of recording and those were the worst things she said?

She's much more angelic than any Minister I've ever worked for (and I'm talkin' Liberals here).

The PPG all know this, other MPs know this; they're really just indulging in histrionics.

Bec said...

I'm a woman and I interpreted that whole girl talk 'hot issues' thing entirely different.

I found her comments as being protective of the Health Minister, not critical.
I watch QP fairly regularly and I find myself 'looking out' for Leona and finishing her sentences.

She is extremely qualified in this portfolio, intellectually but she is shy, reticent and simply needs some time to gain confidence, linguistically in the HoC.

That is what Minister Raitt was saying, period. End of discussion!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

This is a great post, Paul! I love it.

Maher did contradict himself in the affidavit vs what he said on CTV, and then Scott Reid said something totally different!

Does it matter? Gee, probably not because the main thing is to get the Liberals back in power, right?

Éric said...

Alberta Girl,

I never said they were smears, but they were certainly "disparaging" comments.

Who cares if it was a private conversation? Do you think people care about that? No one knows who Steve Maher is, if the book was thrown at him, no one would care. And it wouldn't change what Raitt said. I don't think what she said was so horrible, just insensitive, and people will react badly to it, because people don't look into things deeper.

The facts are the facts, and people who have suffered from cancer or know people who have do not react well to seeing their issue called sexy and a political career booster. Those are the facts.

I don't care enough about this to get into a whole thing, so don't make me into some partisan crusader.

gimbol said...

I also heard that the recorder was left in the PPG washroom.
I also had recalled somewhere (speculation maybe) that the recorder was picked up by a woman reporter on the Hill and was transferred to Maher, five months after being reminded McDonnell still hasn't picked up the recorder.
Then we find out that her father is some big a** fundraiser for Squidward Ignatieff, and some liberals ask "who is paying her legal bills?". Who indeed.
Methinks this one isn't going to go the way the opposition wants it to...to much other stuff on that recording that won't go unnoticed by the blogs...which coincidentally is where the ambitious young reporters are going for their leads so they can uproot the deadwood waiting around for the asteroid.

hunter said...

Funny I remember another tape.....oh right it was a Liberal trying to bribe a Conservative (Grewal) but it was Grewal who was the bad guy because it was secretly taped? Isn't this the same thing, a secretly taped conversation?

Double standards I think.

wilson said...

Question: is there a bathroom in the Press Gallery?

For the most part Eric is right.

All these miniscule (sp) details and even some of the larger picture, will not be picked up by the media.
They serve their Liberal master, and that is not going change, ever.

The CPC is now very experienced with media bias and faux acandals, and handled the situation well.
proof: Jacko swore out of frustration! That was funny.

That's why PMSH and the Ministers did not go into a nikpic contest in QP.
They stood their ground, showed confidence and competence on their files.

Iffy doesn't give a rat's butt about what Raitt said,
his only hope at government is making this PM and Ministers look incompetent.

PMSH only answered Iffy, gave the media one clip, praised his Ministers and accused Iffy of playing politics (which he is).
Like Tom Clark said, the Ministers came out without a scratch.

This was a (tame) private conversation. And if the opps keep on this faux scandal,
the Ministers get more airtime, together, as a team!

Anonymous said...

Conveniently left out of any reporter's dialogue on this is that there was NO isotope shortage in January when Raitt was having a private candid chit chat in the back of a car with her supposedly trusted communications aide.

The issue was an aging possibly leaking Chalk River plant and the Liberal mess of spending $600 million for two new plants (Maple Leaf) over 10 years that have NEVER worked and will NEVER work and had to be scrapped.

To say the whole issue is sexy means she had a big challenge which she found exciting because she wanted to solve this problem.

Dishonest reporters and opposition are pretending she made the comments about the current isotope shortage. No reporter is correcting this trumped up myth and they are propagating it by interviewing cancer patients.
Ambulance chasing scum buckets.
Signed: A cancer survivor

Anonymous said...

to anonymous at 5:52;
awesome point. i completely forgot all about the time frame of the lost tape to the current issue.
that in itself makes this whole thing a moot point. and i agree with an earlier poster that there were no disparaging comments against minister aglukak (i know the spellings wrong, forgive me)
i think i found the talking points for a future letter to the editor that i was craving for this mess.

bloggingtories rocks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Moral of the story - don't use the bathroom under any circumstances if you are being interviewed in a CTV studio. The bathroom is considered fair game for gotcha, gonzo journalism. Lets hope the ladies didn't pass any unflattering flatulence to accompany the scoop. I recommend Conservative politicians find a gas station to relieve themselves, you will have more privacy and less people listening at the door. Cheers fern st albert

Gabby in QC said...

Anonymous at 5:53:00 PM PDT, please allow me to suggest you send an email to the three opposition leaders, stating exactly what you wrote here.

You have made some excellent points, which the three leaders need to be reminded of. And the same email should be sent to various newspapers.

BC Voice of Reason said...

What I would like to know is now that the MSM and courts have established that the public's right to know supersedes any rights to privacy that this tape should have had, where do we go from here?

Is it much of a jump to have Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Kinsella's "private" conversations recorded with directional microphones? Or in general all of Mr. Kinsella`s converstaions....just to see the inner workings of a political spinner?

Or have cabbies in Ottawa tape all conversations with political figures? or just one step further bug private places? or just one step further bug cabinet and caucus meetings.

Or if Mr. Ignatieff has nothing to hide in private conversations maybe have a tape running in Stornaway?

The public's need to know????!!!! This is plain and simple sleazy unethical journalism.

It also puts into question the faceless courts that allowed this private conversation to be put in the public domain. What were the political leaning of this judge who made the ruling? Would have he made the same ruling if this would have been an Ignatieff/Kinesella "private" conversation?

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