Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don Martin: Hypocrite Of The Day,Month, Year

Funny to see Don Martin's newest editorial, dealing with the allegations against Ruby Dhalla and the committee looking at it. Take a look at this line from Martin:

"Left unsaid was the impropriety of having an MP’s personal life subjected to a public inquisition for obvious political reasons."

Seems commendable. Martin is arguing that an MP's personal life should be outside the boundaries of public view. The problem is Don Martin is a hypocrite of monumental proportions. In defending a Liberal MP Martin reaps scorn on those who would dare bring Dhalla's personal life into the public domain. If only Martin held himself to the same standards.

Just over a year ago Martin wrote an editorial speculating on a rumored appointment of Conservative MP Vic Toews as a judge. In typical Martin fashion, it turned out to be wrong, nothing more than tabloid gossip. In that article, Martin seemed to have no problem discussing Mr. Toew's personal life:

"But the 55-year-old Mr. Toews' public face of self-righteous morality is now clashing with his troubled private life. An MP dubbed the "minister of family values" by Liberals is embroiled in a messy divorce after fathering a child last fall with a much younger woman.
That's his business, frankly, yet it might explain why Mr. Toews was demoted to the Treasury Board and immediately cloaked by invisibility, stewing in Question Period silence while his junior parliamentary secretary juggles tough questions on election financing irregularities."

Martin states "that's his business frankly". Actually, it isn't anymore because you just wrote that information into an editorial that ran in print and on the web all across Canada. Perhaps if Martin and others in the media applied the same rules equally to all they wouldn't be worthy of the title:

"Don Martin: Hypocrite Of The Day, Month, Year."

Update: This writer took Martin To Task over his article


scanoo said...

don martin should take a job at the toronto star - he would be a perfect match


Anonymous said...

It is plainly obvious that Martin lost whatever sense he had with the Dhalla issue. Maybe we should delve into Martins personal life to see if he is on love with her. Or has personal friendships. It is totally bizzar how Martin has defended her.

A Honda worker said...

A very good point, made my friend.

I can't imagine how popular you must be with "the brothers and sisters" of the CAW! Such incorrect opinions on your blog! The CAW/ CUPE/ CUPW members in my extended family wouldn't be amused, that's for sure!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Wow!! Great catch, Paul! Well done.

Biff said...

Good catch.

Funny, I just wrote a post about Liberal media double standards, the first line being:

"The double standard is to the liberal establishment, what high fructose corn syrup is to gummy bears."

Sammy said...

Hey Paul..I know this is OT,but Don Martin isn't worth my time commenting on..he's a waste of good oxygen.
I wanted to let you know,I am so livid (still) over the Layton nonsense.It dredged up a lot of really bad memories for me.It also made me even angrier at the NDP/Unions connection,and how the unions 'cover' for some really horrible stuff.I saw first hand how the nurses union tried to bury abuse allegations against one of their own..the accusations,and they were very well documented..against an RN,that both verbally and physically abused senior's in a PCH,were dealt with so lightly,it led to me,and 2 sibs leaving the "profession"I REFUSE to pay into a union that protects the worthless,and sometimes even dangerous members.One incident in particular was handled by the Union Rep,DEMANDING the accuser apologize to the offender,to basically kiss and make up..and sweep it all away.The accuser ended up having a 'breakdown' over the stress of situation..the offender(some 10 yrs later) is still employed in same facility.Layton and the ndp..and the union's cannot tell me one thing about ethics,compassion..nothing.They disgust me.

paulsstuff said...

I hear you Sammy. There are numerous horror stories of the local hospital here. A lawyer I was using for a lawsuit told me some horrific stories, and had pictures of some of the stuff.

Sammy said...

Thanks for allowing me to vent Paul..I spent a sleepless night just thinking back over the years,and the mess that Unions..and Gov't have made of Healthcare.As I'm getting on in yrs,it scares the hell out of me,to think what the future holds.

maryT said...

Comment left at SDA re Martin, he is a drinker with a writing problem.
I don't think the media has clued in yet to the fact everything they have said or written is out there to show their bias and double standard.
OT, but how will Iggy's stmt that Canada needs Quebers in power play in the rest of the country. We had quebecers in power all thru the adscam years. Do we want that again. For someone who says a PM's job is to unite not divide, he is off to a bad start.
Maybe he forgot he is not in a classroom, and his words will go all around the net.

Chuck Mire said...

Donald Duck Martin is just jealous that the Moronto Star broke the story on Dhalla's debacle .. and scooped every other reporter. Donald is left to quack about Rubby like some gossip-monger who is too lazy to hit the pavement and discover the truth.

Oh well Donald will still be invited back to the CBC as a talking head spewing what the Liberal CBC wants to hear from 'expert pundits'.

Lyon Fawkes said...

Don Martin's a Liberal-sympathizing hypocrite--stop the presses!

Look, Don Martin wrote a biography of Belinda Stronach, for pete's sake. Ever hear her speak? Why anyone would waste 10 seconds on her is a mystery to me. Don Martin used to be okay when writing about Chretien's idiocies. Since then? Well...let's follow the Thumper rule here.

Anonymous said...

Don Martin was at one time considered to be Conservative friendly. Not the case anymore. If he calls Harper a bully with a mean streak one more time I will consider him to be a girly man. He keeps attacking Harper personally and rarely comments on policy. I suspect because like Jane Taber at the G&M he does not understand complicated policy and so sticks with the personal attacks. These comments are a great reminder that our "great" media in Canada is riddled with hypocrisy and bias. Liberals good. Conservatives bad. Not likely!

Werner Patels said...

And let's not forget the malicious libel he perpetrated on Alberta Tory candidate Arthur Kent.

paulsstuff said...

Thanks Werner. I'm going to be doing some more posts on Martin and I'll link to your blog when I do. You have some great stuff on there.