Thursday, June 11, 2009

Michael Ignatieff and Short Term Memory Loss....

So today the PM releases the governments update on it's performance and how well the budget is working to get us out of the recession. To Michael Ignatieff's credit, he says he wants to read the report before making a decision on whether to put forth a non-confidence motion. as usual, the NDP and Bloc are against the report, without ever having to turn a page. Morons! But here is the thing. Forget about the economic report, Iggy giving the government a passing or failing grade. Because if you do forget, you will have something in common with the Liberal leader, who also seems to be forgetting something.

For months, Ignatieff would lead off Question Period with demands the government adopt a 360 hour standard to qualify for EI. This was a matter of sticking up for Canadians he said. Of helping those who had lost their jobs as a result of the economic downturn. In fact Iggy said that unless the Conservative government met his demands, he would have no choice but to force an election:

" VANCOUVER — Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said Sunday his party’s election platform will be ready in June and in the meantime he will push the government to allow far more jobless workers to qualify for employment insurance benefits.

He said if the government does not budge on jobless benefits “then we’ll have to have an election.” But he also reiterated his vow to make Parliament work and urged the public not to read any election timing into the June date of the platform.

“I’m not playing games,” he said. I’m trying to help these unemployed workers across the country,” he said at a news conference as the Liberals wound down a national convention at which Ignatieff’s leadership was affirmed. “And if the government will work with me we can get it done. And if they won’t then we’ll have to have an election.”

The PM repeatedly stated that there would be no changes made to EI like the ones demanded by the Liberal Party. Jim Flaherty also stood in the house on a number occasions, as did Diane Findley, to let Mr. Ignatieff that there was no way those changes were coming. So why does Iggy even need to make a decision on the economic report? It was he himself who said there would be an election if the government never implemented his proposed changes by summer recess, and that's obviously not going to happen.

So did Ignatieff just throw all those unemployed under the bus, or did he just forget about them?


wilson said...

Just add it to the Puffin.poop.pile,
along with refusing to agree to $3B emergency money unless PMSH gave him of list of projects to approve first.

Iffy is just Dion in a tuxedo, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Iggy is a mirror loving, self serving typical Liberal.

Now that he is channeling Dion, except with Bluff & Bluster, he still is nothing but a cheap carpetbagger who would never have come back to Canada from "his country/USA" if some fast talking senior Liberals hadn't promised him he could be PM of Canada.

Curious minds want to know what Iggy promised these senior Lieberal king makers in return for them promising him he could place the Canadian crown on his American loving head ?

Bec said...

Fred @ 4:17 pm

I think it was the opposite, I think that he was promised stuff.

I'm not going to criticize the riding thing because if someone stepped aside and he won, fair and square we are not in a position to judge that aspect. His coronation, another thing.

Add to that, all of the cheap talk in 2006 by future colleagues about his qualifications and flip flopping, it makes the events of this week with Minister Raitt, seem a tad bit hypocritical.

When the PM says he has 'tape', well these blogs have quotes from HIS buddies, that are fellow MP's and they are not complimentary.

Count Igs, definately has short term memory loss and for more than one reason but so does his party and well the networks, they are simply a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

But, but, - today Ignatieff said that HE does not have the education or qualifications to even understand the 246 page Economic Update Report.

He said "You would have to have a PHD in Economics to understand the report"....

By extrapolation, since Ignatieff does not have a PHD in Economics how can HE even begin to evaluate it?????

It would be like a Kindergarten teacher trying to give a grade on a PHD thesis.

Then he said he would "take a few minutes this evening to read through it".... 246 pages of information that is WAY WAY over his head and he can read through it in a few minutes this evening???

And OUR country's economic future lies in the hands of THIS guy??


Alberta Girl said...

I must have missed something = what are these "tapes" I keep hearing about?

Bec said...

AG @ 4:52 pm

It is sort of tongue in cheek as Count Igs has been interviewed so often that the PM made reference to it in QP a few weeks ago as having, 'lots of tape'.
The positions that he had re Canada after the referendum in Quebec, for example would be one, I'm sure.

Jen said...

C'MON guys, Ignatieff just wants to feel to be in a party that has no boundaries to corruption; media at disposal, and not answer the questions which the liberals do regularly-perform a rant here and there, tell the public they feel their pain yet the libs' pain is greater; tell the public that they are doing things(?)for the country yet the libs 'things' are for themselves.

OH how easy it is to be in a liberal party and say something yet nothing.
Memory loss? no dear, it is the general public that has memory loss which the MSM take great pleasure of doing. THE LEAST YOU KNOW OF THE LIBERALS SCANDALS-THE SOONER THE PUBLIC WILL HAVE MEMORY LOSS.

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