Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Media Hypocrisy Hits New Heights, Bob Fife Leads the Way

Just a few short weeks ago, we had the MSM in this great country telling us how pathetic it was for the Conservatives to be running attack ads when they should be focusing on the needs of Canadian's, the economy. Most notably, CTV's Robert Fife led the charge, saying the ads reflected badly on the PM, who should be showing leadership rather than worrying about partisan politics.

Fast forward to Monday, June 8th. Those same supposed journalists are in a feeding frenzy that would make a school of pirhana look like guppies, all over a taped conversation, a private one at that, between Lisa Raitt and former aide Jasmine McDonnell. Those same journalists, the ones that chided the PM and the Conservative Party about playing politics during a deep recession, now playing their own cheap partisan politics.

On a day when the OECD releases a report stating Canada is leading the globe in emerging from the recession, when reports show house starts had a noticeable jump in May, when the markets are rallying, when the heads of banks state that there are signs the economy is now turning the corner, every major media publication ran the Raitt audio tape as their top story.

Today we have Bob Fife trying to infer Raitt's comments about the health minister as being racist. That's right Bob, calling her "such a capable woman" is a sure sign Raitt is displaying racist tendencies. Your such a pathetic journalist I'm surprised you didn't use photo shop to make a picture of Raitt wearing a white sheet with eye holes cut out.

But what makes this whole msm reporting more than vile, is the fact another one of our brave soldiers, Pte. Alexandre Péloquin, 20, lost his life yesterday in Afghanistan. Yet because of the media's fixation with "gotcha politics", this brave man's death was a second-runner in the world of reporting. Certainly the Raitt tape was newsworthy, but I think most Canadians, myself included, would consider this brave young man losing his life as the true headline of the day. My deepest condolences go out to this brave man, his family and friends.

And you in the media might want to take a long look in the mirror, and see how utterly pathetic and shallow your supposed journalistic skills have fallen.


Ruth said...

thanks for saying it like it is. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

The media has lost all credibility in this country. Every day I run into someone else who has dropped newspaper subscriptions or refuse to watch television news any longer. Most have come to the conclusion that, rather than checking the veracity of any statement made by a lying politician, or offering a counterpoint to some over the top claim, they simply jump on the bandwagon of exaggeration and hype.

Bec said...

Maybe Bob just has a thing about 'bathroom' stories?

Aww pitewee, they say but interestingly enough if we hadn't had a REAL scandal with Miss Ruby to compare this too, ie coverage vs coverage, it may have been our pill to swallow. However we do and the optics are very disturbing.

The outrage I feel regarding this young man being so blatantly ignored by the gossip columnists of this country, is extreme, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, the Liberals, having a, juvenile moment with their MSM toadies, secure in the knowledge that the Conservative Party, the adults, have done and are doing the "heavy lifting"
My sincere condolances to the family of Pte. Alexandre Peluquin. That is the real story here.
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

This article is so true - To have Bob fife on reporting every 5 minutes - where was he when the Ruby story broke?..... The liberals realized this Minister was strong enough to stand her grounds with them all, it was reported in the blogs even the Premier of Ontario was on TV this morning trying to make political gain with this story. As if he doesn't have enough troubles of his own! Bob fife even said - it will depend if the PM gets enough negatives from the public if he will get rid of her, so he is doing all he can to see that happens, even to the point making up stories to add a little juice!.... What a farce this MSM has become! I sure hope this very article was forwarded to CTV. I have written about Bob's bias reporting...

Sammy said...

bsolute waste of taxpayers money in Ont,on the e-health scandal is far bigger than some private conv.Where was David McGuinty's horror over that scandal today?Instead,he is on cbc with his ever present scowl faking outrage over this tape.CBC host asked McGuinty about any private conv.he's had that may be embarrassing if released..he basically ignored the question.He's a Liberal..they never make mistakes!
Then,the ever partisan ctv runs interview with Kory Teneycke and large banner at bottom of screen "Baird Trashes Toronto'
This pile-on is getting ridiculous,cbc keeps running the same 'streeters' with Torontonian's about this,with that dolt Nil Koksal..yet they don't include what the question was..most likely 'leading' to say the least.
Oh yeah..waiting with baited breath for Don Martin to come screaming in to aid the damsel in distress (Raitt) like he did with Dhalla...yeah,right.

Anonymous said...

Media Hypocrisy is not new Paul. What you say is very true but everyone who complains here needs to write CTV and their sponsors and register a complaint.

It's fine to add to the misery on blogs but that's the easy part...the next step is to do something about it.

And...the oddest thing ever...is that as bad as you suggest media hypocrisy is, and as disgusted as your readers are you'll tune in again, and again, and again..adding to their viewer numbers. Makes no sense.

I don't watch CTV or CBC. I'm not going to start any time soon either.

I know crap when I see it.

Jen said...

when the left media behave like this, they have something to hide. themselves, for being part of the liberal corruption and the more they speak of anything against the conservatives is the day less the innocent canadians know of the liberal corruption.

Let's take the $54billion E.I.SCANDAL which the left media know perfectly well that if they dwell on their liberals E.I. scandal, people will want to know, how long ago was this scandal going on; why didn't the media report it earlier rather than just two sentences then to toss us and E.I at the backburner, why why....
This is the fear the media is afraid to face, for their very own neglect.

Look at the economy, the media again is just highlighten here or there for the public; to much good news is not what the media wants to deliver only a BOLD FACE ARROGANT MANIPULATION.
My GOd, how can they take good news and hide it from the public.
They deserve to be sent packing and our media must be refreshed with new ones.
CNN etc are losing clients. FOX NEWS is way up in the ratings.

My condolences to young soldier's family and may he rest in God's Kingdom.

wilson said...

CTV is on a non-stop anti-Raitt/Harper blitz right now.

Other than a 30 second clip of Kory, with the volume turned low, it's all Dipper/Lib rants.

Well, if Iffy needs this much help to keep Lib numbers tied with Cons...I'd say Liberaland is not in a very good place.

kursk said...

Rest in peace to a fallen comrade and fellow Canadian..they are the best of us that serve.

On another note, it seems the MSM is running flak for the Liberals to disguise the fact that the Liberals have no policy, a poor leader and that Canada appears to heading out of recession.

This is all bad news for the Libs, who I sense would like to force an election sooner, rather then later, before PM Harper gets a huge upsurge in popularity for leading Canada through the storm.

There is an election brewing folks, will it be in the fall?