Thursday, March 1, 2012

Will " The Greatest Electoral Fraud In Canadian History"...

become the greatest attempted fraud in Canadian history by the opposition seeking a do-over? BC Blue has a new post up about a Liberal and NDP riding both stating they never received complaints of robocalls in their ridings, despite the fact the National Post published a list of "victim" ridings in which they were included.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say I think we are about to see the opposition and media begin to back off on robopalooza. The PM was firm in Question Period, stating the Conservative Party never played any role in the robocalls. Some of the complaints will most likely turn out to be actual polling stations whose locations were moved by EC. Some will be legitimate complaints of illegal activity, mostly in the riding of Guelph. Some will be found to be figments of Liberal and NDP supporters imagination. Some will be traced to Liberal and NDP campaigns using GOTV.

The best thing to do is see what Elections Canada and the RCMP investigations turn up. I'm sure EC will be diligently looking at all those who have filed claims and affidavits saying they received misleading phone calls, including said individuals phone records.

There is one other thing I don't think anyone has mentioned to date. Elections Canada should be checking to see if any individuals who have lodged a complaint voted in the election. This is crucial as the opposition will be crying for by-elections in close ridings they lost, but I'm guessing not in ridings they won.

Any individual who files a claim of misleading phone calls being received, and who in turn voted in the election, would not have played any role in that ridings poll results being negligibly affected.


Anonymous said...

The Opposition Coalition realize that they only need to turn enough ridings to reduce the majority to a minority, then they dust off their sgreement to replace the Tories and they have what they desire... a do-over. It is odd that all the contenders for the NDP leadership have talked about becoming Prime Minister after their convention but have not mentioned an election.

Gerald said...

If that happened it would be good bye Alberta,good bye oil,good bye money,and good bye Canada,as we know it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gerald. The "do over" is not on. There would be a rift in this country so huge that it could never be fixed. I am pretty sure Libs and NDP must know this, so the intent is really just more smearing -- with a plan to revive all this crap around the next election. It's a game -- getting very boring at this point.

Anonymous said...

Those people who say they didn't get to vote in the election because their vote was surpressed all you have to do is check the voters list to see if their name is scratched off..if they still keep the lists? problem is EC would probably have the list and arn't they the people PM Harper sued in 2006 after EC changed the rules after the 2006 election?

maryT said...

I can't believe that liberals were so scared to vote after a phone call, or to ignorant to check their polling station. There are liberal ridings that they won in and they could go conservative in a do over. Wonder how much of this is to surpress the vote for Jack's seat. Would love it if Pat Martin's fake outrage kept a lot of voters away during the leadership vote. No way will whoever wins ever be PM of Canada, and probably wont even be leader of the opposition after the next election.

Dave B. said...

Their will not be a do-over. Several of the ridings in question are already held by Liberals or N.D.P. Several others are held by Conservatives with a very wide margin. Their is maybe 2 or 3 ridings close enough where the outcome could be questioned. Guelph seems to be the biggest concern. Currently, it is held by a Liberal. All Harper needs to do is threaten a by-election there and watch how quickly everyone stops talking about Robo-calls. The Liberals will call an emergency meeting with the press to start creating the next biggest Canadian scandal.

Anonymous said...

Idiotic for anyone to even suggest a do-over. No proof.

joseph said...

There will be no do-over.
Elections Canada, as pointed out when Lilley got the ATI that Post Media based the crank-call story on, stated that these calls had no effect on the outcome.
Here I thought the opposition had confidence in Elections Canada?
The burden of proof to prove there was a conspiricy over a bunch of crank calls is an exceedingly far reach to make.
First you have to prove all the calls, every one of them originated from the same source, or where directed by one source, we already know this isn't the case.
So if there was a conspiricy, it was multiple folks pulling the same in what you have is the same prank being pulled multiple times by people that have no association to one another, other than they wanted to cause mischief....sort of the same type that attended the G20 riots (black block). Their efforts where likely not so much to change an election result as it was to just cause the type of mayhem we see being played out in the media.
The other burden of proof is to prove it was the conservative party, and any evidence that points to parties other than the CPC basically counters that accusation in spades...unless all parties that use demon-dailers are equally as guilty of so-called "voter suppression", based merely on the basis that they used the service.
What the opposition should keep in mind is that in order for the authorities to obtain the information they need to trace down the perps is the same info the myrid number of critics railed about in the internet protection that crickets I hear?
I know this for what it is.
The liberals think the reason they can't make traction with Canadians is because they think it has to do with Adscam.
Reality check:
Although that stain is significant to remain for generations as the biggest scandal in Canadian history, the reason they still think they are the only intellegent people in this world, and everyone else who isn't liberal is just an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Another reality...the Liberals are saying Jewish voters were getting calls on their holy day and late at night claiming they were the Liberal party calling. Why would the Conservatives do this? The jewish people support the Conservative party because its the only party that supports them. Who would benefit if a jewish voter got ticked off? I guess the Liberals. So who made the calls? It's not hard to figure that one out.There is a scandal here and its not the Conservative party.
CBC is really working for the Liberals. What hand do they have in all of this? Could it be because of their budget cut coming up? Who has the most to gain by the dirty tricks? Adam Caroll anyone is a good place to start. LIBERALS.

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to a political panel show this Friday morning and the NDP representative is already casting doubt on the RCMP being called upon to investigate.

Whom does he trust to conduct an investigation? Ed Broadbent? Stephen Lewis?
-- Gabby in QC

frmgrl said...

Gabby,what they really want is a spectacle of witch hunt,kangaroo court circus in the guise of a parliamentary committee investigation with the media party broadcasting the 15 second sound bites of opposition members like Pat Martin and Justin Trudeau putting on their show to hang the CPC. Might as well bring back public hangings and burning at the stakes for Conservatives.

As far as trusting any investigation going on, I would sooner trust the Mounties than Elections Canada.

Anonymous said...

I'm still convinced that "third parties" had a hand in making harassing and/or misleading calls. I have no proof, just speculation based on some of the rantings of some pretty rabid Harper-haters out there.

Which brings me to Elizabeth May. I'm not saying she orchestrated the calls or anything like that. But she has been relentlessly scathing in her attacks discreting the PM, even though she plays the "let's be more civil" role in Parliament.

May has talked about voter suppression in the past, way before this robocall controversy broke. She has also joined in a campaign to have the Supreme Court declare the FPTP voting system as unconstitutional
Is Canada’s Voting System Illegal?
November 15, 2011. 12:08 pm • Section: Power Play
Posted by: barbara yaffe/national political columnist
"Proponents of proportional representation in Quebec are hoping to have a decision within six months on whether the Supreme Court of Canada will hear a case, aimed at testing the constitutionality of Quebec’s first-past-the-post voting system.
“A favourable decision would prohibit its use in Quebec and would certainly impact on its continued use in the rest of Canada,” according to a news release issued Tuesday by the group, in Ottawa.
Green Party leader Elizabeth May along with the national organization, Fair Vote Canada, were intervenors in a Quebec Court of Appeal case and now are intending to follow the case, if permitted, to the federal Supreme Court. ..."

May and her supporters have also promoted "strategic voting" in order to defeat the Conservative candidate -- the ultimate goal being to unseat Stephen Harper as PM. As one supporter of Strategic voting put it:
Comment by David Haughton on April 2, 2011 at 12:04pm
Elizabeth May is the obvious front runner here. Just talking with people in the riding I've met many are happy to switch from Liberal or NDP to Green (Elizabeth May) just to provide a united front against the Conservatives, most people agree that it's in Canada's best interest to gain a strong democratic voice in the House. With May as an MP the NDP and the Liberals would have a useful and powerful peer joining their ranks in parliment, the Green Party,  that would thrust Canada into a new era of democratic debates, enriching all our lives.

Now the Council of Canadians has also gotten into the act, demanding "an independent" public inquiry -- independent only if led by one of their own people, I suppose.
-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

Corrections to my previous comment @ 9:51:00 AM PST:
2nd paragraph, "discreting" should be "discrediting"

8th paragraph, comment by David Haughton should be within " " quotation marks. Those are his words, not mine.

Sorry, but my teachers of English were real sticklers ... I guess they taught me too well :-)
-- Gabby in QC