Saturday, March 3, 2012

Elections Canada Gets Complaints From U.S. and U.K Over Robocalls?

Sit back for a few minutes and watch this link:

Interesting, no? With the media reporting that online petition signers on the above link, as well as one from NDP strategists count as "robocall complaints" registered with EC, it's interesting to note avaaz is an American based group, headed by billionaire George Soros.

But the real story here, the thing to watch, is the recent signors to the online petition, more notable their country of residence. I've witnessed U.S. based people sign the petition, as well as some from the U.K.

Perhaps the media and opposition parties can explain how someone in a different country, not even eligible to vote in Canada, can sign a complaint of being misdirected to their polling location.

Update: You can also add citizens of Greece, Sweden, Nicaragua and Guinea to the list of complaints. Pay attention and you will also see the same names reappear over and over

Update Update: Apparently some of the Canadian signors include someone named squirrel, Harry Potter, and someone named Les Dick. If I'm not mistaken it appears as though some retired Toronto Maple Leafs were also robocall victims as well. You can also count someone in Belgium as a victim of robocalls. Brilliant!


frmgrl said...

Interesting. I just saw one from Nicaragua.

Anonymous said...

I just saw Barack Obamo....from Kenya LMAO

maryT said...

Just proves that leftists sign anything put in front of them cause they can't read. Feel really sorry for those sent to the wrong polling station in all those foreign countries. This should also prove that the opposition/media have no case of wrong doing on our part. They are the quilty party.
Hope some conservative MP brings this up.

frmgrl said...

Paul,send this to Roy Green,he's trying to get some answers too.

Bec said...

What an appalling nail infested 2x4 smacked head first at our system and our CHOICE.

"Get out of our business you freaks!"

Anonymous said...

He already has it. He mentioned it 25 minutes ago.

Philip said...

Greetings my unknown friend. I have just read your brief article, and I have a number of concerns. Firstly, it is grossly misleading. Although Avaaz is based in the United States, the Director, Ricken Patel is Canadian. Avaaz was started by the joining of two organizations one of which, "" was funded by Soros as a non-profit venture. Avaaz permits no donations higher than $5000.00, believing that by the support of ordinary citizens, it will not be influenced by corporations or special interests. As for the number of signatures from other countries, surely you realize that we Canadians live everywhere, and that signing the petition is not as a complaint that we were mislead at the polls, but the very fact that our Democratic system is under attack. If there are others who are not Canadian, then perhaps it might be that Canada is heralded as a free and Democratic land, unlike so many others, and these people are as concerned for us as we would be for them. I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

Nice comment Philip. The airy altruism is also a worthy attempt at spin.

At noon an angry organized protest started through the streets of Vancouver. But is it about the election?

Philip, the election protesters are oddly joined by Federation of Labour leaders and members; BC Teachers Federation union members, VANDU (Vancouver Area Drug Users Union) Legalize Pot afficiandos, homeless activists, Insite supporters, NDP, Young Liberals....

But the alleged agenda is:

The Conservatives, cleverly-called me-on-my-smartphone (which I just love), thereby-freezing-my-brain, and-made-me-almost -vote-Conservative. And now that I've been reminded, I'm steaming mad.

And like wow I have so many more new *friends*

Bec said...

Please Phillip, elaborate how YOU were mislead at the polls. If you voted, you voted likely prior to May 2nd when most of this BS is alleged to have occurred. Did you get a 'Robo-call', Phillip? Did your Robo-caller tell you to not send in your vote?

Further, why are we just now finally hearing your dismissive analysis about " the very fact that our Democratic system is under attack."? Were you not feeling "attacked, say 8 months ago?

As the Sister of a Canadian living overseas,this is not how it happens, period. Nice try though.

Brett said...

I just saw " Get Lost to dumb to know where to vote" sign up lol,

paulsstuff said...

Well Philip, I thank you for your comment. A few points of rebuttal. Avaaz is based in the U.S. , and does have chapters around the world. Agreed. But:

1. The Conservative Party used a Canadian company, Racknine and RMG for robocalling. Yet the media keeps pointing out american connections, most notably to RMG, even though they used the Canadian arm of the company.

2. The link I provided to the avaaz petition deals with the Canadian election. Not Micaragua, Belgium, the U.S. nor U.K.

3. One only needs to spend a few minutes watching the latest "signees" to see the sham this whole thing is. Harry Potter, Squirrel, some guy named Ryan, no last name given, who signs it every few minutes.

So here's a challenge Philip. Provide the entire list of signees for all to view, and let's se what signatures are considered genuine and the ones that are nothing better than partisan shit disturbing.

And by the way, the entire point of this post eluded you, that being the fact the media are referring to every signature on those petitions as a complaint about being robocalled.

Do you agree my unknown friend?

Bec said...

If "Peter" is coming back,I'd be surprised.

This is a 'canned' speech, a'canned' position that makes it appear sincere and thought out. What it really propaganda, psycho speak intended to get into our heads and make us doubt our choices.

These guys are good are they are getting into our heads but because of Conservatives like you Paul, you dissect the heck out of their garbage and thank you for that.

These people want their insane nirvana and each decade the "nirvana" becomes more and more frightening.

Anonymous said...

All of which simply muddies the waters making it harder for the powers that be to investigate.

Americans interfering again hmmm

Anonymous said...

On Vancouver radio today I heard a social media expert deliver these gems:

1) On May 11th, the official Elections Canada report stated that there had been close to 1,000 complaints registered with EC concerning the federal election. In the past two weeks there have been 30,000 more contacts.

2) The "high tech" Elections Canada website does not have a "Captcha" device which is utilized to very you are a real person and not a computer generated call.
Without a Captcha, a person could register a contact once every 5-6 seconds.

Talk amongst yourselves....


Anonymous said...

There are two issues -- one is the misleading calls in Guelph (a real issue about which we know little); the other is the politically motivated robo calls -- some legit, some perhaps deceptive. I think that the 31,000 nonsense is mostly people registering their "concern" rather than an actual complaint. If any are actually complaining about questionable calls, not much will come of it, as I doubt that ANY of these people actually changed their vote based on a call. Lets get to the bottom of the Guelph thing -- the sooner the better. The rest is just noise.

Brett said...

Phillip said:

"but the very fact that our Democratic system is under attack."

Yes it is... from interested third parties, the media party and the opposition that desparately wants a "do over" to get rid of PM Harper.

WTF said...

Same list as the Northern Gateway pipeline hearings?

Philip said...

Hello Paul. Thank you for your response and the points you make. Sadly, I cannot agree with you, much as I would prefer. I am aware of the link to Avaaz, and know to what it refers. When individuals sign up with Avaaz, proper names are given. That someone might choose a pseudonym is irrelevant, people do that everywhere, like here for example......."frmgrl" (no offence), just making a point, and as for the repetition of names? Come on Paul, are you the only Man with that name on the planet? And no, one cannot sign more than once. Try it. If you want an entire list of names, contact Avaaz themselves. I am sure they would be only too pleased to provide you with one. From my experience, they know and understand transparency. As for the "media". I am well aware of their reportage, but as is more usual, they get things wrong. Wishing you well.

paulsstuff said...

Well, I took your advive Philip, and signed up as Saddam Silverstein from Iraq.

That name appeared as a signee on the petition to Elections Canada. The fact I was able to use that sign-up information, with no Capchta feature or anything to verify it's a real human verifies my point.

As for the person who kept signing on as Ryan, you could pretty much time it, being spaced apart about as long as it would take to refill the information.