Friday, March 16, 2012

Someone Tell Mark Holland His Pants Are On Fire..

because it sure looks like todays news doesn't coincide with allegations made by Holland less than 24 hours ago. What say you Mark?

Yesterday's news: "Mr. Holland, who lost to former ambassador and Conservative star candidate Chris Alexander by just more than 3,000 votes, told The Hill Times there were so many calls inundating the riding he does not believe the cost could have been covered by the local Conservative campaign, and that many or most of them must have come from outside the riding."

Today's news: "The call that claimed to come from Elections Canada was sent out to 5,053 recipients in the 519 area code that covers Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Windsor and Sarnia.

But it was also received by 35 people in downtown Toronto, 74 in the 905 suburban belt surrounding the GTA, 14 in the 613 area code that includes Kingston and Ottawa, 22 in the 705 code area that includes Barrie, Sudbury and North Bay and one person in Thunder Bay.

I should point out this interesting fact as well: "Area code 905 (with overlay area codes 289 and 365) is a telephone dialling area in southern Ontario. It includes the Niagara Peninsula, Hamilton, Oshawa, and the suburban Greater Toronto Area.

I'm willing to give Holland the benefit of the doubt, and say that all the calls made to the 905 area code went to voters in the riding of Ajax-Pickering. So subtract one call from the 74, as I received one, and say the other 73 went to Holland supporters. So Mark, no by-election. In fact, your ridiculous statements yesterday have me thinking of contacting Elections Canada once again, to see if you signed an affidavit with your allegations, and question the facts as you claimed them.

Because today's news just sent that pathetic attempt by you to blame your electoral loss, no making that ass-kicking loss, on robocalls as hollow as a Liberal promise to scrap the GST.



Anonymous said...

Time for the OPP to get out their lie detector test machines for all these lying loser Liberals and coalition partners in this scam 10 months later once again trying to grab power.
Robo calls...Frank valeriote..Guelph...Robo calls...NDP in Quebec ...Vikileaks...Liberals
Give me a break. Liberals calling Liberals.

Pissedoff said...

By the OPP you mean McSlimebags personal gestapo, so no chance are they going to go against the liberals.
After all the chief stands a chance of getting picked by Harper.

robins111 said...

Its pretty much a given that Skid Mark is a lying pond scum, but its always nice to have proof.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mark still hasn't got a job.

Bec said...

He's behaving like the dumped lover, pining for what he had, took advantage of and LOST.

Get over it Mark. They dumped you and if you want to know why, play back some of those obnoxious, over the top, ridiculous moments you had.
That should convince you.

Anonymous said...

The title of your post made me think of this:
¡Marco! ¡No mas pantalones!

I should be more serious, since this entire question of a possible subversion of our voting system is a serious subject. But some of the "me, too!" syndrome that some losers have been exhibiting is laughable.
-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

William in Ajax said...

Mark Holland is a liar and thief.
He stole clearly labeled Mail from Canada post, kept them hidden for a year, and revealed their contents on television.!!
His lying now to Elections Canada, will definately require a complaint to EC from me.
I helped and worked on Chris Alexanders campaign, the only skullduggery came from the Holland camp, and thats a fact.