Monday, March 5, 2012

Sue: Conservatives won the election by targeting and winning the stupid vote

From Susan Delacourt's Star blog comes this gem of a comment from someone named Sue. Really gives you a glimpse into the mind of what a non-conservative voter thinks:

"I believe I can simplify your point. I am not a journalist and don't have to worry about offending readers and suffering blowback for being honest. And the honest truth is, Harper's Conservatives won the election by targeting and winning the stupid vote. The less intelligent the voter, the more likely they are to be sold Harper's simplistic messaging. Harper is an economist - he knew cutting the GST was idiotic, but he did it anyway to appeal to people too stupid to understand economics. He scares people with talk of crime and sells himself as the answer. Stupid people don't know or don't believe crime rates are falling - instant support. He wins a majority after being found in contempt of parliament - stupid people didn't know or understand the issue. He prorogues parliament twice to avoid political problems with no penalty - stupid people can't spell, let alone understand prorogation. His marketing driven, focus grouped machine has relentlessly targeted the least intelligent Canadians with shocking success. Not realizing they have been cynically manipulated, these supporters are strongly loyal, and resistant to reason, science and evidence as tools of persuasion. That's why a government guilty of so many egregious assaults on honesty, decency and parliamentary tradition stays stubbornly at around 35 - 40% in the polls."I'm not sure the Star will post my reply, so I'll include it here for all to see. Perhaps Sue might stop by and leave a comment on a conservative blog, obviously written by someone targeted as stupid. ( note for Sue: if you really deep down in your heart believe yourself to superior in intelligence to a stupid conservative, I'm more than willing to debate you on any topic of your choosing)

"Sue at 7:34pm.

Thank you for the wonderful insight. As one of the "stupid vote", I'm unable to discern if your comments are a sign of you being completely ignorant or arrogant. As you so eloquently stated, it's remarkable that 35%-40% of the population can be that stupid. Sad to say you must be including my 92 year old mother in the stupid category as well.

I guess it's beyond the realm for you to see the utter idiocy and hypocricy in your comment. You champion democracy and then state anyone who votes for a party you don't support are the "stupid vote". Would that mean that anyone who voted Liberal in the 2006 election, now fully aware of the Liberal Party role in Adscam was stupid?

If you really want a debate about values, you only need look at the Liberal Greenshift platform. Canadians were told how we needed this great plan, hatched by Ignatieff or Dion, depending on who took the fall for it. Liberals were so sure of this plan, they completely avoided it in the 2011 election. Those are Liberal values. Say what you think will get votes. Stephane Dion, a smart man who wasn't PM material, learned the hard way what his loyalty to the party really meant.

But your comment wasn't a complete waste. Now realizing I was part of the stupid vote, I enroollled in huked on foniks, soz thatz maysbe byze the ectx elekhions I cans becomz a libberul votir.

By the way, you are a real inspiration. So much so that I plan on doing a post on my Blogging Tories blog to show the intelligence of non conservative supporters. Cheers


Anonymous said...

wow now the lamestream media are calling honest hardworking Canadians " STUPID"
I guess we can categorically state we are not NOT "STUPID"
Canadians are in fact extremely intelligent maybe
stupid is as stupid does look in the mirror to see a stupid Canadian Sue

Anonymous said...

From one of the stuipid voters for Snake eye Sue:

Snake-Eye's agenda has much in common with the rules of propaganda..

Say it loud and often, it becomes true.
Aim it at the lowest intelligence level(LIB/NDP) for greatest effect.
The bigger the lie, the more readily it is believed.
Perception is reality.
Control the flow of information(CBC & LEFTY MEDIA) and you control the way people think.(YOU HOPE)
Now I will go and take a bath...ewwwwww

Ontario Girl

paulsstuff said...

It actually wasn't Delacourt who wrote that, but rather someone named Sue posted the comment. Regardless, it's telling that the moderator even saw fit to allow it, when many of my comments calling Delacourt out on mistruths and errors on her blog are routinley thrown in the recycle bin.

Frances said...

Ms Delacourt obviously thinks the 'beer and popcorn' comment was an intelligent observation.

Bec said...

We're so stupid that we live in all 10 Provinces and 3 Territories and we are also so stupid that the only Provinces firing with all cylinders are run by Conservative govts.
And we are so stupid because we really like our pay-cheques and would rather have them, first (by not depending on the public teat) and taking home more than we give to our Government's bureaucracy.

It's torture to be stupid!

paulsstuff said...

Sue forgot to mention we are all knuckledraggers, Probably just an honest oversight.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Ellie May also call Canadians stupid?

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough that Martin and Chretien told Justice Gomery that they were too stupid to be expected to know what went on under them in the AdScam where we still have $140'000'000.00 of OUR money missing as Boob Rae feasts on the bogus RoBocall farce at the CBC.
But now the MSM admits that the average canadian that votes Liberal are the brain-dead morons so easy to fool that they didn't know where to vote , and they got a RoboCall that directed them to a non-existing voting Station????

WOW , we just had 4-BROWN immigrant muslim females murdered on canadian soil via Shariah Law.....and Boob Rae obsesses with the chance to gain power and become the PM via hoaxes and smear campaigns???

My gawd, Rae drove Ontario into a welfare-state and magnet for Refugees and grand paraents for out FREE heath care and he wants to ruin canada and let Shariah Law take over our Courts and murder more BROWN females via Honour Killings.

How fast the NDP and Liberals tossed those Shafia grils under the bus and went back to lusting for power and those Gold-palted pensions and Limos that Jack and Olivia loved so much with theior faux moral outrage about Poverty and wage-gaps.
Fire the whole lots of parasites and liars, axe the CBC and the ART
fundings because both of them are obsessed at producing anti-canada garbage as they endorse Shariah Law and Hamas .

Anonymous said...

I heard the same argument fo Obama, when my brother, a Liberal minded Canadian who has no problems taking everything he can from the taxpayer but whines like a stuck pig when asked what he contributes, said the he could not believe why every voter with any intelligence was not voting for Obama. It is the lefts first tactic to present themselves a superior regardless of fact.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about what these folk say. As long as they think we're stupid, they will keep underestimating us.

This means we have the upper hand.

Don said...

It's what the left does.... call other people names.

Anonymous said...

Stupid could be defined as voting for someone with a magic book of election promises.
So you vote for them and they reneg on every promise in the red book.
But here they come again and wave the red book around, you vote for them again.
If you haven't caught on yet to the value of a Liberal Election promise, look in a mirror.
You will see stupid looking back at you.
Cheers Bubba

Blame Crash said...

Progs have always needed to tell themselves that their political ideology is the only true indicator of intelligence because they need a justification to rig society so that their political ideology trumps both merit and hard work when it comes to how society rewards those within it. The only way to do that is to confiscate the efforts of others and hand it over to those who are in ideological compliance. The CBC is a prime example of this.
“Ideology over Merit” is their motto

Blame Crash said...

Besides that, if they were as smart as they think they are, why do they consistently make such blatant errors all the time? And why can’t they see that they’re making these mistakes? They’re oblivious to how others see them. That’s not what I’d call intelligence.

Anonymous said...

So this commentor at the Star, "Sue" has the point of view that conservatives are not as intelligent as non-conservatives...
She refers to the others as stupid, that we can't see the foolishness of reducing the GST...regardless of the fact that it was an election promise...and well Harper keep it...and the liberals promised to eliminate the GST...and well they didn't, we should understand that those tax dollars don't belong to the stupid people.
We must also be too stupid to blindly accept the "news" as reported from CBC, TORSTAR, Globe and Mail etc. as verbatum, thats what it probably is, we doubt the veracity of the media because we are too stupid to just accept everything at face value.
That we are too stupid to relinquish the idea that you should not mandate equality of outcomes, and we angrily cling to the notion of individual rights.
Too stupid to understand that when they say "the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation" what they meant was everywhere else is okay for state intervention, unless your one of those stupid people, then the state has to "co-parent" your children.
Yes, that must be it.
I'm too stupid to realize how much the "smart" people are losing it.

Martin said...

Not so stupid as to be unable to google prorogue and find out the number of times each PM or premier used it. Chretien used it to make way for a Liberal convention and to avoid having to sit in parliament with PM Martin. The champion of course is Bob Rae while premier of Ont. One wonders if Sue had heard of the term then, let alone how to spell it.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused and somewhat O/T but ... in wandering around with Google's help I came upon this article (notice the date of the article Mon Apr 11 2011):
"Tony Saxon, Mercury staff Mon Apr 11 2011
Green party leader urges Guelph’s youth to cast ballots
GUELPH — The Conservative party doesn’t want young people to vote, Green party leader Elizabeth May said during a brief campaign stop in Guelph on Sunday.
“The Conservative strategy is to try and keep young people at home (on voting day),” May said. ..."

What caught my attention was at the bottom of the article:
"Advance polls in Guelph
Advance polls will be held April 22, 23 and 25 at Guelph Lake Commons, Old Quebec Street mall, West End Community Centre and the Best Western Royal Brock Hotel and Conference Centre."

Wasn't the Old Quebec Street mall the wrong polling station people were apparently misdirected to?

So I checked ...
"... The message that the robocalls carried to voters in Guelph, Ont., was:
"This is an automated message from Elections Canada. Due to a projected increase in voter turnout your poll location has been changed. Your new voting location is at the old Quebec Street mall at 55 Wyndham Street North."

Just to be sure, I checked a different source:
« Transcript of a bogus call sent to a voter in Guelph on federal election day, May 2, 2011.
“This is an automated message from Elections Canada. Due to a projected increase in voter turnout, your poll location has been changed. Your new voting location is at the Old Quebec Street Mall, at 55 Wyndham Street North. Once again, your new poll location is at the Old Quebec Street Mall, at 55 Wyndham Street North. If you have any questions, please call our hotline at 1-800-443-4456. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. (French version recorded in another woman’s voice follows.)” »

So what gives? Was the Old Quebec Street Mall used as a polling station or not?
If it was used only for advance polls, it is conceivable there was some unintended confusion on May 2, isn't it?
-- Gabby in QC

Bec said...

As usual Gabby, you are our best researching, forensic weapon.

That is a huge find and could be the smoking gun.

I think you should be put on the payroll rather than many MEDIA researchers, MP's, bureaucrats,EC officials and then they be questioned as to why THEY haven't found this gem.

Anonymous said...

Gabby you are a top notch detective send this information to the Conservatives

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Fh and Bec, but as I've often said -- I know, sometimes I do tend to drone on -- the Conservative Party should sharpen its research skills before it embarks on an aggressive defence/offence.

I still think it was unforgivable to place the PM in the embarrassing position of saying during QP that the Liberals used a US company to make its robocalls, without double-or-triple-checking. Maybe I shouldn't believe the CBC when Solomon said they called the US company and the company said they had not done any work for the Liberals, I don't know.

Also, it's not being made crystal clear that the Liberals' harassing robocalls to their own supporters may have been done UNINTENTIONALLY. The way it's being presented by some Conservatives, it sounds like the Liberals' sabotaged their own election prospects, which is of course ridiculous.
-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

I left a link to Guelph Mercury article at BLY
this is very interesting

Anonymous said...

Doesn't everyone know the only way a conservative could ever possibly get elected is if only stupid people show up to vote him in and all the elite, super intellegent are sent to the wrong polling location by robots? Since Sue is obviously brilliant beyond all reason, I wonder how she missed so something so obvious.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Maybe your praise was premature, Bec and Fh ...

I just finished reading this article
« ... In Mathews' sworn statement, he describes an interview with Central Poll Supervisor Laurie Rotenburg, who was running the polls at the Old Quebec Street Mall in Guelph when 150 to 200 deceived voters showed up to vote.
"He observed that many of the misdirected voters responded with anger that a dirty trick had been played," Mathews wrote. "Many were upset. Some electors just stormed out of the polling location. Several ripped up their Voter Information Card."»

So, it appears the Old Quebec Street Mall was indeed used as a polling station, although from some accounts I read I assumed there was no polling station at that location, which is why reports stated people were sent to the wrong place. Instead what was meant, it seems, is that some people were sent to voting location X when their actual voting location was Y.

Oh well, as I said in my initial comment, I'm confused by this entire episode ... but I still have a nagging suspicion some third parties may have been involved.
-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

Gabby this is very significant the angry voters "ripped Up their voter information card" DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no robocall involved
also Elizabeth May in article from Guelph Mercury was accusing Prime Minister Harper of tactics her American freinds call "voter Suppression" imagine Lizzy May
playing the dumb card while really being ever so clever
we appreciate your investigative work Gabby you have uncovered a Hornets nest

Anonymous said...

Fh, according to the article, actually the people who ripped up their voter ID cards did so because of some robocall telling them to go to the wrong place.

Also, Elizabeth May has been talking about voter suppression for quite a while, even before the May 2 election. She's quite tenacious, drumming away at the same topic. May's argument has been that politics has become so negative, with all the personal attack ads, that people have been turned off from voting -- ergo, voter suppression. Mind you, she omits her own role in levelling very personal attacks on the PM.
-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

Robocalls just here say unless phone records verify

Jen said...

Anonymous said...
Didn't Ellie May also call Canadians stupid?

March 5, 2012 4:37:00 PM PST

Yes she did alright, then she said that her comments sere taken out of context.
No Liz May " we heard you loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

The lesson from all of this remains that either Canadians fall for the crisis-of-the-month spun by the oppositions and media or they don't.
The latest Nanos answers that very well.
No news here.
Elizabeth May is a voter suppressor all by herself.....for her own party!

Martin said...

Re "Harper as an economist knows it is idiotic to lower the GST"
Economists would know that a consumption tax falls most heavily on the lower earning portion of society.One would expect lowering the rate of a regressive tax like GST would be favoured by the left.
But,that was exactly the position of Liberals in the 1993 election, when they vowed to eliminate the entire tax. Would Sue maintain that people voting Liberal then were stupid?