Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Open Invitation To Terry Milewski

I see your most recent piece of journalism indicates that the victims of robocalls were voters who had previously indicated to the Conservative Party they would not be supporting them in the election. A few points Terry. I myself received a phone call telling me my polling location had changed. The CPC knew I was supporting them. I had confirmed that previously when contacted by the party. I had a Chris Alexander lawn sign. Close relatives worked on Alexander's campaign, being at the campaign office every day. I myself did some volunteer work.

I also attended the two appearances by the PM. The first one was at the Deer Creek convention center. Matter of fact, I sat about 10 feet to your right, sitting beside the media table. I also attended the invitation only event at Chris Alexanders campaign office near the end of the campaign. I also received multiple calls a few days before the elction supposedly from the conservative campaign office. These calls were annoying. Right at dinner time or later in the evening. People who worked at the campaign office received similar complaints from other party supporters. That's right. Voters who the party had identified as supporters received harassing or misleading phone calls. The thing is those calls were not made by the party.

Here's the thing Terry. Can I call you Terry? Whenever I received a legitimate call from the national campaign, the name on the call display would read Conservative Party of Canada. If it was a robocall it would be a recording by the PM. When I received a legitimate call from the local campaign the call display read Chris Alexander. The voice would be Chris Alexander's. Those annoying calls? They had area codes I'm not familiar with. No 905, 416, 519, etc., and no name displayed.

Here's the thing Terry. I'm willing to sign any release necessary to allow Elections Canada to access my phone records. Need an affidavit signed? Just pass me the pen. I know other Conservative supporters who also received similar phone calls. While I can't speak for them, I'm sure if I contact them they would be likely to follow my lead.

By the way Terry, I just wonder if you actually believe every one of those 31,000, oops, sorry, I mean 700 alleged complaints are legitimate. I just want to be on the record here Terry, be upfront and honest, and let you know I was actually in the PROVINCE at the time.

If you would like to discuss any of the information posted here, feel free to contact me at


Bec said...

Everything that left the campaign office here was identified in the candidates' name too.

We did have volunteer home dialer's for sign placements but that list was ONLY previous sign recipients ( they go fast and everyone wants one).
Those calls were made with a firm and solid script.

I would say that there are many people that could get annoyed from election to election, change their stripes or move. However, NORMAL people don't lose sleep over it and certainly don't complain to EC.

In a country of 35 million, 700 is a drip.

Anonymous said...

Milewski has been a shill for the Liberals for as long as he has been in broadcasting. He is the field correspondent equivalent of Evan Soloman and once the budget comes down they may both be looking for employment.

maryT said...

Received a call tonight from someone saying they were a polling firm, asking 2 questions, what party would I vote for in the coming election, press 5 for WRA, then they asked what candidate I would vote for. Gee, I didn't know we had an ndp guy running, no liberal name. Fooled him, I knew the name of the WRA candidate and pressed 5 again. Wonder who is asking, what party. If it is the PC, they are not getting the response they want.

Sean M said...

I doubt Mildewski will be contacting you anytime soon. When Mildewski isn't shopping for trenchcoats or manufacturing the Liberal/NDP narrative he's writing long winded, nauseating, empty rationalizations for his obvious hatred of Canada and it's elected Conservative Government. Mildewshi's reportage is a Joseph Goebbels wet dream... he's not interested in finding evidence of electoral fraud, he's only interested in one thing... "getting" the Conservatives.

The_Iceman said...

Outstanding post. I hope that you and Terry follow up on this.

Anonymous said...

Average number of complaints to EC during any federal election: 400 to 500.

With almost 1,000,000 more ballots cast, the 2011 election has, to date, approx. 700 similar complaints.

Do the math – draw your own conclusions. Figures from EC reports to date.

Anonymous said...

Kem Drydens campaign worker(ahem) got a robocall that changed his he says. Funny thing is, the real estated agent said he didn't remember any voters showing up at the building.(because it didn't happen?) EC see no evidence of votter suppression there or in Peggy Walsh Craigs riding..

Charbonneau has also interviewed Peggy Walsh Craig, who recently told the Toronto Star that she received a similar fake Elections Canada robocall in the northern Ontario riding of Nipissing-Timiskaming. Both Harari and Craig say they received voter-identification calls earlier in the campaign, purportedly from the Conservative Party, and told them they would not be voting Conservative.

There is no evidence in either riding that the apparent effort to confuse voters was successful. A spokesman for a real estate agency at the address where Harari was directed to vote said Wednesday that they couldn’t recall any voters showing up there on election day.
STRANGE!!!!!A huge set up to cause voter confusion and not by the Conservatives...they wern't the ones on the brink of disaster in the polls.

Ontario Girl

Gerald said...

Mildewski is trying to keep the non-scandal going,as it's quieting down.I just can't stand the look of this egotistic snake in the grass.PM Harper has to begin defunding the CBC,as they hate the CPC,and will do anything to get their lieberals back in power.The Harper Hater's(especially the CBC)know the election results will stay the same,but if they (CBC)keep this smear going,then they've accomplished what they set out to do,and they'll keep doing it,and make up other phony scandals right up to the next election.The next time I receive a letter from the CPC I'm telling them no more money until you begin defunding the CBC,as they are really making your supporters feel a lot of anguish seeing the CBC get away with all their slander towards us the supporter's and voter's for the CPC.

Anonymous said...

The people I talk to will not tell me who they vote for and would not tell the person on the phone
it is the old Prime Minister must be God and all the campaign workers are extended his God powers when they call people and they know who will not vote for them oh!!!
oh!!!!!!!!! NO SMILEY FACE
Give me a break
this is a media smear campaign against the properly elected Conservative Canadian Government
Pierre Pontine is an unknown
unless Terry knows fill Canadians in on your Knowledge Terry we are waiting with baited breathe

Anonymous said...

Pierre Poutine to reveal himself says the media. WHAT? No pierre poutine now? ummmm If it was a Conservative, it would of been on the communist broadcast channel every 15 minutes.
So I guess it was a Liberal or Ndp because the propaganda channel and media have egg on their faces once again in their selective reporting. DEFUND the CBC. Don't buy the biased newspapers either.

Ron said...

Don't expect EC to do any favours for the CPC.
I was a Federal Returning Officer for 15 years and I can tell you that the EC Staff in Ottawa is almost 100 % Liberal friendly.

Anonymous said...

What a terrific post Paul!
Looks like Terry's just trying once again to keep up with the SunNewsNetwork.....but can't hold a flame to the folks there.

Too bad. CBC's a non-starter for me any more for news.

Don said...

Paul, with all due respect, what I'm seeing in your website is that it is 100% capital C Conservative. Everything any other party or its leader does is completely wrong.

Simply put, soon enough you'll just be preaching to the choir, there won't be any constructive debate on anything, just a group of party faithful coming here for daily affirmations.

Nobody is right all the time and to be true to ourselves, we need to be able to debate issues with open minds, and not just automatically defend our Prime Minister.

Thucydides said...

It would be nice to give them a taste of their own medicine. Call local talk radio shows and keep asking questions about Liberal Robocalls. Write letters to the editor. Email your MP, and especially keep emailing Liberal MP's and Elections Canada demanding to know the truth about Liberal Robocalls.

Anonymous said...

Don @ 10:20:00 AM PDT, have you visited any so-called progressive, NDP, or Liberal blogs lately? I wouldn't call those -- I can't find the appropriate word -- whatever you can read there a debate on issues with an open mind, to use your words.

As a matter of fact, visit some media sites like the CBC, the Globe & Mail, the Winnipeg Free Press, to name a few, and check what some on the left side of the political spectrum spew out instead of reasoned debate.

Some of them take up permanent residence on some conservative blogs, their main intention and tactic being to use condescension and insults towards conservative commenters, even with those who don't reply in kind.

I wish we could all tone down the overblown rhetoric, but given what's generally happening in most blogs and given the tone some so-called professional reporters, political analysts and pundits regularly use against the Conservatives, your little reproach rings hollow.
-- Gabby in QC

UsualSuspect said...

While the fake EC calls are a concern, not everyone featured in the story received them. Some were complained about live calls from phone banks. It is misleading to lump the two together and it suggests to me the CBC had trouble finding real people to confirm the "pattern." What I want to know is how widespread are the fake EC calls? Too much hype.

Anonymous said...

Usual Suspect, the answer, at least a partial one, may be found here:
"Pierre Poutine called voters in ridings across Ontario — not just Guelph"

-- Gabby in QC

Don said...

Thanks Anonymous, I have been looking around for different sites, and am slowly working on my own as time permits. I hear what you say about the left, I get a union publication every month, and can only go through it bits at a time... it makes me want to scream sometimes, lol.

However, without opposing points of view, and somewhat open minds, I'll still say that a site will soon lack appeal to all but the converted. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Ezra levant has a show tonight on robocalls and the CBc. Video up on the Sun news website

Anonymous said...

Terry Mileski used a clip part of this conversation on Tonights National. He said Dean del Mastro said it could of been mistakes...this is what he actually said from the CBC article on National Newswatch. The Liberals are jumping out of their pants on the comment section

Phone calls directing voters to the wrong polling stations in the last federal election could have been mistakes, and people should stop jumping to conclusions, Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro says.

Del Mastro, who has been leading his party's defence in the controversy over live and automated election phone calls, said nobody has come forward to say they didn't vote because they first went to the wrong polling station.

"So where are these people? Where are these people? Where are these people saying that I got the call, I went to the wrong station, and then I didn't vote?" Del Mastro said on CBC's Power & Politics.

"There haven’t been any. No one has stepped forward and said that."

"Some of these things, as I've already indicated, could have well been mistakes. I don't understand why folks jump to these things and run to a conclusion that they have no evidence of."

Anonymous said...

Try mentioning any of this in the comments to Milewski's story on the CBC, they will not post any mention of it, I tried at least ten times.

No bias at the CBC though... to the radio said...

My favourite Milewski Moment was when Ignatieff was channelling Morpheus at the Red Door Blue Door press scrum.
Ignatieff dodged the Coalition Question and walked away.
Milewski's exasperation at the end was audible and quite funny.
And this was even before the writ had dropped.

Bluegreenblogger said...

You stated that the Conservative campaign did not do any calling when you received the calls during dinner, and imply that this meant that the call(s) you received must have been from someone else. The Ajax Pickering Campaign spent about $17,000 on voter contact though, which translates to tens of thousands of calls made by Campaign Research, Racknine, or some of the other call centres calling for Conservative campaigns everywhere. I guess you did not think of that when you claimed that there was no way the Conservatives called you. You should not imply fraud when you did so little fact checking. It is cheesy.

I have a question for you Paul. You volunteerd, and showed up at events, but did you actually donate any money to the Alexander campaign though?