Monday, March 12, 2012

Why Clayton Ruby Won't De-Throne Rob Ford

Another partisan attack on Toronto mayor Rob Ford, so what else is new, right? A court case has been filed by activist lawyer Clayton Ruby, on behalf of Ford-foe Paul Magder:

"Ruby alleges Ford violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act during a city council meeting on Feb. 7.

At that meeting, council voted 22-12 to rescind an earlier decision on an integrity commissioner complaint against then-Councillor Rob Ford and directed “that no further action be taken on this matter.”

Ford took part in the debate and voted on the item.

"The vote determined Ford no longer had to repay $3,150 in donations to his children’s football foundation from lobbyists and clients of lobbyists."

Now I wouldn't for a second underestimate Ruby. He is one of Canada's most highly respected lawyers, and has handled some of the highest profile legal cases in Canadian history. Ruby, who has taken the case pro bono, denied it was politically motivated. That part is a little hard to believe. But none the less, I think the mayor will win this lawsuit.

Ruby alleges Ford violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act during a city council meeting on Feb. 7. And therein lays the problem for the plaintiff. I won't bother reciting the part of the act Ruby will argue Ford violated, but suffice it to say I think the argument will be Ford voted on a motion in which he had a monetary interest, and as such would receive financial gain from a favorable vote.

However, Ford would not have been impacted financially regardless of the vote. If the decision by the integrity commissioner had been upheld, the $3150 in donations to a children's football foundation would have been returned to the donors. Ford himself would not have been out-of-pocket one red cent. By having the commissioner's decision overturned, Ford also never received one-cent of monetary gain. The children's football foundation did.

Ford giving a speech and voting was simply something the mayor should be applauded for, helping children and teenagers at risk to gangs and drugs to have an alternative, play football and stay out of trouble. To state the case is not politically motivated, well, you decide.

I myself will take a mayor who gives his time freely helping the people of the city he represents, not one who hobnobs the globe in the name of socialism.


JR said...

More leftist lawfare at work. Poor losers who just can't gracefully accept a conservative win and move-on. Pathetic.

paulsstuff said...

If Magder is really doing it to fight for democracy, one would think he would have gone after Mississauga mayor Hazel Mocalliom(sp?), who was already found to be in conflict of interest in regards to a family member and multimillion dollar deal.

Pissedoff said...

If this wasn't politically motivated Ruby would not be doing it pro-bono.

Unknown said...

He wouldn't have had anything to gain financially, but wouldn't a loss at that vote show (or at least suggest) that he was guilty, forcing him to abdicate the mayor's seat and possibly not being allowed to run again for 7 years, depending on a judge's decision? He had a lot to lose at that vote.