Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pat Martin Is A Fuc#!* Liar

It's still pretty early, but my choice for stupidest statement of the week goes to NDP MP Pat Martin. On today's Power & Politics, Evan Solomon pressed Martin about the 31,000 contacts that Elections Canada had received, and asked Martin if it was being led by individuals with ties to the NDP.

Martin denied any link, and when Solomon, who deserves praise for pressing the issue, brought up the fact Ian Capstick was part of the Leadnow group that started the online petition that included EC's email address as a recipient, Martin denied Capstick had ties to the NDP, even mentioning Capstick worked for Shiela Copps. At the point Martin looked ready to have a stroke, so Solomon moved on.

Now just in case Martin sees this blog posting and takes issue, I thought it might be a good idea to show the real facts about Capstick and his ties to both the NDP and Leadnow:

"Ian studied mass communications and media theory at the University of Ottawa. He worked as a journalist, editor and went on to be elected Managing Editor of the university’s English-language newspaper, the Fulcrum. He started his political career working for Liberal cabinet ministers, including former Heritage Minister Sheila Copps. Ian spent the last half of his time on Parliament hill serving as a press secretary to the New Democratic caucus and its Leader, Jack Layton. In addition to being a proud and dedicated New Democrat, Ian is a supporter of community gardening; local food and agriculture; advocate for accessible media; lesbian and gay rights; and increased corporate accountability."


willy said...

First comment ever here,worked at Plant 6 in the seventies.

Pat Martin did wheel Ian Capstick under the bus. What a cad. I do not have any remorse for Capstick,but Martin is so classless.

Forget Capstick. Leadnow organized the Vancouver protest. The featured speaker was Libby Davies. Last I checked she was still associated with the NDP.

willy said...

First comment ever here,worked at Plant 6 in the seventies.

Pat Martin did wheel Ian Capstick under the bus. What a cad. I do not have any remorse for Capstick,but Martin is so classless.

Forget Capstick. Leadnow organized the Vancouver protest. The featured speaker was Libby Davies. Last I checked she was still associated with the NDP.

paulsstuff said...

Plant 6? Was that Pillette Road?

Martin said...

Solomon was so astonished he could hardly speak. Wished he could have mentioned the other names on the web site. Robin Sears, Judy Rebick,
and so on. It would be amusing to see Martin disavow them all. One hopes he can ask Capstick directly next time he is on, tomorrow or Thurs.

willy said...

Sure was,76 to 80,paint and CO 2 welding mostly.
Sorry about the double post.

The fun starts at the 4 minute mark.


paulsstuff said...

I did interior trim for that plant at Ajax.

Bec said...

Does P.M. think that Canadians and in particular Conservatives live in caves? Dumb,dumb, dumb...

Of course this information was going to surface despite those morally challenged folks, like this individual firing off smoke bombs (and F's) as a distraction.

To have him sit there and do what he did is pretty much a metaphor for him in general. Full of cr@p.

Blame Crash said...

Oh my, “mudding the waters” indeed!
Do these characters really believe that they can hide their in-house plumbers and their handy work of priming the pump of this Robo-Faux hoax? They wouldn’t need to be doing this if there was any truth to these allegations, now would they?
Which brings us to the obvious question, how would they know that these allegations are bogus? Put it all together and it appears that they are sub-consciously telegraphing their involvement.
The putrid stench of a frame-up is getting stronger and stronger.

Joseph said...

Don't watch CBC so I can't validate what was said.
Will make this observation tho.
If Solomon asked about a connection anyone with access to the internet could find in like, oh I don't know, 1/100 of a second that Capstick and the rest of the collective at Leadnow are leading figures in the NDP or socialists in general, I wuld bet that the editorial staff at the CBC is frantic right now that their story line is starting to fall apart.

Giving Martin a nudge like that is a signal that they need to find a way to either get out from under the potential fall out, or set up the next few broadcasts to bury this story deeply and quickly.

Perhaps a bit off topic, but after watching Christa Ericsen's interview with Eric Duhaime today made some pertinent points about the involvement by Avaaz. If they are involved in trying to overturn our election like he contends there could be legal implications.
Maybe its time Sun News got an interview with Glenn Beck to do a refresher on who is George Soro's and his connection to Mo Strong.

Pissedoff said...

Ec now has it's own complaint form


hunter said...

I think we should all complain to EC that NDP operatives are complaining to EC through a website. EC is supposed to be neutral, so far all I see from them are leaked documents/comments that are unfavorable to the Conservatives.

willy said...

Pat Martin threw Ian under the bus to atone for his colossal mistakes that resulted in the $5M lawsuit against himself and the NDP. It was his penance.

The NDP knows that cbc and at least SunNews have woken up to the connection between leadnow,Avaaz(American activists),the 31,000 “complaints” and their party. They have to sever the connection. Today they started that process. They now have a clip of Martin denying that Capstick was even remotely connected to the NDP,in fact he may be a Liberal. BS. He worked for both Layton and Mulcair.

This also allows Libby Davies a little more room to squeeze through. She too can deny the connection with leadnow,likely saying that she was only showing up to support democracy in her hometown and had no idea that Ian was an NDP’er. Libby will deflect and go on the offence saying that first Harper took away our vote and now is going for our free speech. Watch for it.

The cbc now can say they pursued the connection,even though they had a direct link up to the petition,which will likely be gone by the time any one reads this post.

The NDP may not be involved with the robocalls,but they are right in the middle of the hoopla that has erupted. They played the people and they were helped by the media who were too eager to jump on the Bad Harper bandwagon. The sheet is starting to hit the fan,and the rats are starting to scurry.

Do your part. Write your MP,write the press. If your anger was really about democracy and not just a hate-on for our Prime Minister,do the right thing.

Our democracy is in real danger,but not by the Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

I have stopped watching the CBC as a result of their reporting on this issue and I'm not going to renew my subscription to the Ottawa Citizen.

As far as I'm concerned the damage has already been done and asking questions about Leadnow is too little, too late.

I did watch the link posted and I object to this constant call from the opposition parties to release voter calling information. I don't want my phone number, where I live or how I vote made public. It's one thing for political parties to attempt to identify how people will vote; it's another thing to make that public. There's a reason why only Elections Canada should get this information.

As for EC creating an on-line complaint form; I think it's obvious that this was done in response to the barrage of nuisance complaints generated by the likes of Leadnow. In other words, if you want to make a real complaint, here's the form.

Just Me4 said...

I agree about the legal implications from Avaaz's interference in our business. They have been involved before with John Baird's riding, I don't get how it's acceptable legally.

We should all write to E.C. and our MPs protesting Avaaz asking for an investigation.