Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pat Martin, You Have A $5 Million Dollar Problem On Your Hands

And it couldn't happen to a bigger creep.

Remember these comments Mr. Martin?

1. "and now the hundreds of thousands of the phony phonecalls by the Racknine rascals..."

2. "I predict that Racknine will become the Conservative Parties GroupAction, and I predict that we will find the sheer magnitude and audacity of the Racknine rascals to make Richard Nixon blush"

3. " so who are the masterminds of the Racknine rascalsrobocalls of deceit into NDP held swing ridings?

Mr. Martin, here is a $5 million reason your are screwed.

"Elections Canada says in court filings that it does not believe RackNine engaged in suspicious activity."

Filed Statement of Claim - Action No. 1203 03498 (3!2!12) (E6148218)


Anonymous said...

Martin is fine. The reputation of Racknine is poor. It did not suffer a loss. Will the Conservative stop using Racknine because of what Martin says. Of course not. No loss of business means no damages. Rack nine will never be able to prove it lost $5 million in revenues fron the Con party over the past 3 weeks.

paulsstuff said...

Do you really think the Conservative Party is the only client of Racknine? Do you really think any company would use them at this time with the microscope they are under?

It will be quite easy for Racknine to show financial losses year over year. And why would you think it's for a three week time period?

Not to mention punitive damages for both Racknine and it's CEO, who's name Martin used repeatedly as well.

Here's an idea. Read the entire notice of suit. Google libel.

If I was Martin I'd be issuing an apology post haste. Then again, Martin seems like the Mark Holland type. If you don't remember Holland was sued for making libelous statements about individuals connected with John Baird. Holland wanted taxpayers to foot the bill for the lawsuit, lost that request, and in the end issued an apology.

Bec said...

Anony @7:23pm
Are you living under a rock? There is an election looming in Alberta. One that could be called any day. Another potential election in BC.

These Provinces would be 2 of their biggest clients, for all political parties plus what they do for other clients.

Had they not been aggressive right out of the gate over these defamatory statements, they well could have been damaged by even more.
Had they been silent they most certainly would have B-B'd imo!

Platty said...

Anony is actually Martins lawyer....He is soooo screwed!!!


Sean M said...

Racknine is a publicly traded company with a reputation to uphold, so Pat ("F U" ) Martin is screwed. Martin will try and wait until the smear campaign has run it's course, then, he will try and apologize. Martin is a very angry, stupid man, he is used to bullying Conservative members of Parliament where he is protected from the courts and can pretty much say what ever the hell he wants. This time crazy Pat took his bullying hyperbolic rage and slandered a private company, he will either pay Racknine for his slanderous, libelous statements or he will wait as long as he can and then issue an apology. Personally, I hope Racknine goes ahead with the suit, as they will surely win.

Anonymous said...

Well deserved. He debases the entire parliament with his actions.

wilson said...

Did the NDP retrack the defaming comments they put to print on their website?

The National Post printed an apology immediately, for getting the facts wrong.

There is no meaner nasty person/party than the 'progressives'.

Anonymous said...

This is the same NDP that supported a Convicted MP thief that was caught on Video stealing a $60'000.00 item, yes folks... Svend Robinson was all for Social Equity and Equal treatment in the Courts no matter the Social status.
But that was before he had to face a Judge and jail time in a a$$ pounding prison...then HE fell to the ground and cried for speaicl treatment as a MP and a victim of Homophobia that made him SNAP and choose a life of crime.
Oddly though, Jack Layton and Libby Davies welcomed Svend back to run for a MP seat in B.C. .

Martin is in good campany and would have to be convicted of Murder for the NDP to finally boot these losers out of the party.

Frances said...

Anon - even then they'd probably try to have him nominated somewhere where there's a large prison popluation, on the ground that even inmates deserve one of their own in Parliament.