Saturday, March 24, 2012

NDP Convention by the numbers:

NDP Convention by the numbers:

Over 300 riser decks
Almost 3000 square feet of truss
120 moving lights
Over 450 interlocking LED Panels
9 HD video projectors
6 line array stacks for sound

Number of Canadian Flags on Display 1, and you can get a print of it for only $250, with half going to the NDP

I've looked at hundreds of pictures online, as well as watched coverage of the convention. Only time I saw our Canadian flag was when it was flashed on a screen for the singing of the anthem, or the one in the photo called Jack's Flag, with print copies being sold for $250. Matter of fact the CBC media setup proudly boasted the CBC logo around it's circumference, with nary a Canadian flag in sight. Pathetic.

I won't hold my breath that some member of the CBC will ask Mulclair if he loves Canada.


Bec said...

The optics of this is pathetic but then they are the Opps because they are also the NDPQ.

The socialist enabling Canadian media won't touch this one either. Mostly because they too are shamefully unpatriotic.
They are all an embarrassment and a large wart within this great nation.

maryT said...

Missed the count of the 4th ballot, watching curling. Can't find any figures anywhere, just his %age. Let's do what they do, take the total membership and what %age did he get.
With over half of them not voting, will they vote ndp in the next election.

maryT said...

When one tries to get here via BT we get page not found. Used the side bar and no problem.

UsualSuspect said...

Pretty sad. All things considered, not a very professional organization.

gimbol said...

The mule almost side armed Don Martin as he was trying to get a one on one on his way to the podium. Really got the feeling Mules team doesn't like the media particularly english media..
Can't help but see a strong behavioural parallel to Paul Martin, he really wants to be PM, but doesn't have a clue what he would do with the job once he got it. Essentially, the mule will say anything and promise anything to get to the big chair.
The way federal politics in Quebec work is that they expect their politicians to the ROC.

NeilD said...

Any estimates as to how long he spoke entirely in french before switching to english at the beginning of his acceptance speech?
I never thought to time it but as he went on and on in french I started to wonder where the convention was actually taking place. It was Toronto, wasn't it?

This man is a Quebec nationalist and will ensure that Quebec is part of every national discussion in a major way from this point forward.

How long before he demands that Bill 101 apply to federally regulated institutions in Quebec further choking the use of english in that province? It's already illegal for restaurant employees to speak english in the kitchens of even the most english restaurants in the province. Now they want to make it illegal to speak english behind the scenes of places such as english radio and television stations.
As of last night the NDP has officially ceased to represent the interests of all Canadians.