Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Michael Sona Is Pierre Poutine..


At least he is if this video is genuine. Anybody know if this is actually Sona?

UPDATE: Appears someone impersonated Sona in the Youtube video. The person responsible for this video should also be tracked and charged with impersonation. Would be interested if someone in the opposition had a role?

"CTV reported Monday night that senior Conservative sources said Sona had taken responsibility for the calls, but Sona is proclaiming his innocence.
"He is going to be contacting his lawyer in regards to what legal response he can make to these lies," said the person.
And a YouTube video posted by someone claiming to be Sona is clearly a fake.
The video, entitled "Michael Sona Speaks Out," shows a young man resembling Sona taking responsibility for the robocalls and promising to get revenge on the Conservatives for firing him by revealing more about robocalls.
The prank video is not definitely not Sona, said the person close to Sona."


Sammy said...

Check Andrew Coyne's tweets..they may have found the fake Sona!

Zorpheous said...

Actually it is much worse than that, it is clearly defamation of character and malicious in nature and could easily demonstrated as damaging to Sona's personal reputation.

Now examining this matter, this video could be viewed as interfering with a criminal investigation (I personally believe that it is interferring and as such should be prosecuted as such).

Michael Harkov said...

Did anyone see QP today? The Prime Minister turned this whole robocall thing back in the Liberals' faces, with the Liberals themselves proven caught making misleading robocalls (ironically, in Guelph). Now it gets sweeter and sweeter - someone is making a public concerted effort to defame Sona, the original person accused - and it is right there for everyone to see. An open and shut case for defamation if there ever was one.

Little by little the coalition robocall narrative is falling to pieces.

Sean M said...

IMO it's likely everyone in Ottawa and the PPG know who PP is, and that he or she is a Librano. The Elected Conservative Government has been saying for over a week now that "Robogate" is a "Liberal" smear campaign... they must know something. Every proven fraud in Guelph has involved the Libranos and this one will be no different. Librano's are experts at electoral fraud, unfortunately and predictably ignored by the Librano cheerleaders at EC and encrusted within the Media Party.