Friday, March 2, 2012

Media Thinks Online Petition Is A Complaint Filed With Elections Canada

Wow. Lefties decry the fact they think Conservatives are using American style campaign tactics, oblivious to the fact they themselves are guilty of American-style journalism, that being twisting the truth. No make that outright lying about the facts.

Alberta Aardvark has a great post up showing the utter lack of ethics and integrity in Canadian journalism. That a supposedly reputable media source could run a headline claiming there are over 31,000 complaints filed with Elections Canada, when EC is simply the victim of the NDP led by Ian Capstick and Robin Sears running an online petition and including the head of EC's email as one of the recipients boggles the mind.


hunter said...

Move-on seems to also be involved. Special interest groups/unions/NDP are driving this fake-gate with the willing help of the lefty media.

They are the ones who are screwing around with our democracy, not the Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

It makes me sick that the NDP has now ignored the 4 dead BROWN muslim immigrant females murdered by aqua-cide to drown them from the Shariah Law now allowed on candian soil and now has moved on to the MP's Diaper-room and Breats Feeding room Crisis in Parliament.
The Robocall hoax has occupied the NDP and Boob Rae whom should be ashamed of themselves to toss 4 BROWN females under the bus just to feed their lust for power with new faux-crisises.

My gawd, where's Olivia Chow or Alexa McDonough who went ape just from the Allegations of harm to Maher Arar after he globe-trotted on a canadian Passport to known terrorist producing Nations .

Suddenly Liberals and NDP go quiet when their Multiculturalism experiment wen tworng and got 4 msulims females killed.

Oh well.....another honour killing and then back to normal until it's white/female/francophones killed in Quebec, then's a crisis.

Anonymous said...

Send this to sun news..Ezra might like it and report it...CBC won't.

Blame Crash said...

It's a Robo-Protest!
Hey! Maybe we should examine the similarities between the Robo-Calls and this Robo-Protest. The guilty may inadvertently show their hand.
And, as Hunter mentions, they have American representation from the super rich Yankee One Percenters! So much for the "working man" eh Dippers!!
And what should we make of all this Yankee meddling? What about the similarities of the political games that they’re playing here and what’s been going on in Wisconsin with the very same outfits attempting to bring down the Republican Governor down there.
Could this coup be originating from south of the border? It looks like it just might!

Tom said...

look who is behind the call for a "citizen lawsuit" to bypass election canada's investigation; a group called 'Council for Canadians'. Do a little investigation and you`ll find that the group was founded by the likes of Margaret Atwood, a rabidly vocal opponent of Harper and the Conservative Party. The groups website also has statements of support for socialism and unions. This group has admitted in interviews on several media outlets that it is SUPPLYING FUNDING AND LAWYERS to initiate this one-sided lawsuit with 30 days of the initial allegations against the Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Bah! I will not watch the CBC or CTV again. Now we have Bob Rae coming out with "Canada is in Uncharted Waters" LOL. Decipher as: at some point, the NDP and the Liberals my need to get together and take over the government over Fake-Gate. (We just need to defraud voters into thinking that there was widespread fraud; so we can defraud conservatives of their vote). All with the blessing of last night's P&P panel. Kady wishes this elections's canada investigation would wrap up in three weeks. (In time for the new NDP leader to arrive and take the reigns?)

This is truly appalling.

Don said...

Am I the only one totally bored to tears with this latest "scandal"? Almost as non-exciting as the Shreiber-Mulroney deal.