Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bob Rae And Susan Delacourt's Idea Of Transparency?

So we have Bob Rae now boasting about how transparent the Liberals are being over the robocall controversy, and pointing out that the Liberals have turned over their records to EC regarding the calls they made and the scripts. And he's been backed up in print and on twitter by the usual suspects, including Susan Delacourt, who somehow always seems to infer, I doubt accidentally, that the CPC are not being forthright in releasing information to EC.

So how transparent are the Liberals really being? We already know they contravened EC laws with their own robocall in Guelph, ground zero you can call it. So I would think they themselves would be forthright in aiding the investigation, right? Think again!

"Speaking to reporters later, Mr. Rae acknowledged the bounty of materials provided to Elections Canada did not include information on a Liberal robo-call in Guelph that attacked Conservative candidate Marty Burke for his stand on abortion.

“That was a local call that doesn’t have much to do with the national campaign,” Mr. Rae said.

So a robocall that violated election laws need not be included in the investigation. Kind of reminds me of the transparency afforded justice Gomery in the Adscam inquiry. Most Canadians have no idea that the terms of reference did not allow Gomery to look at any sponsorship contracts already under investigation by the RCMP.

Now I know the lefty apologists will be along shortly to say the CPC are hiding something. To that end I give you this regarding the robocall investigation:

"Elections Canada is combing through internal Conservative Party e-mails and database records as it tries to close in on Guelph robo-call scammer “Pierre Poutine,” sources said.
The election watchdog has gained access to the electronic logs that track who drew down information from the party’s database of voters in the riding of Guelph during the 2011 campaign. "

"Conservative Party spokesman Fred DeLorey said the party has willingly turned over confidential records to Elections Canada to help its probe in Guelph. The party has not been served with a court order requiring it to do so.
“We have proactively reached out to Elections Canada and offered to assist them in any way we can,” Mr. DeLorey said. “That includes handing over any documents or records that may assist them.”

That's called real transparency folks. Not some convoluted BULLSHIT that Rae and the media try to brainwash. The actual Canadians who are looking for democracy deserve better, something Delacourt and her brethren don't appear to care about.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be cistern, rather than brethren?

Anonymous said...

" This was a local call that didn't have much to do with the National campaign"
Bob Rae who shows why he was third choice for the Liberals every day in every way.
It, the call was placed by an individual coached by a Liberal Cabinet minister in a Federal Election race.
False name, she did not identify who she was calling on behalf of.
Bob Rae thinks because he says it was a "local" call it somehow makes a difference?
What an embarassement this man is to himself, to his Liberal Party, and to any Canadians that care about our Democracy.
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

I know that the Liberal party would release all of their telephone and other records related to the Guelph election if they were indeed innocent
Liberals Guilty
Conservatives have never accused Michael Sona of any ANY wrong doing
Conservatives innocent

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that the purported perpetrators are cooperating fully with the investigation while the accusers are being rather secretive...