Friday, October 30, 2009

CTV Gets an F In Math...

Gotta hand it to CTV. With the latest quarter of fundraising figures just released, and the Liberal total for the quarter taking a significant drop from the previous quarter, CTV still tries to give it a positive spin for the Liberals, with what I would call dubious math skills at best.

" So far this year, the Tories have raised $12.8 million while the Liberals are not far behind with $7.6 million."

Uh, guys, that's a $5.2 million dollar difference. Exactly how far back would the Liberals need to "lag" before they are far behind?


Anonymous said...

not only ctv but in the national post it says despite there woes the liberals have closed the gap on the tories for fundraising. after what I have seen on here today I think we all should e-mail the nationalpost and make them report the correct story.

Anonymous said...

sorry I ment the globeand mail

Bec said...

I'm sick of CTV and in particular their habit of 'stacking the deck' on bad news stories.
Single handedly, this media outlet and it's 'competitive sisters' have ramped up every Canadian over every 'feel bad' and 'scary' Canadian issue.

I have no trust in them and while I used to smother myself in Canadian news, all the time, I rarely do turn the TV on any longer.

I know many of the local CTV folks and perhaps that is what makes this so difficult, you see the change in their story telling and dramatic coverage. I absolutely have given up on them to tell me what I think would be more helpful instead of so sensational.

Give them an F but it's an F in truth not math.

wilson said...

What bugs me about the media most, is the half truths.
You know 'they know' the rest of the story, yet they choose to tell the half that shines the worst light on the Cons.

Like the swine flu vaccine, the US started vaccinating 2 weeks before Canada.
So that was the story, incompetent government slow to get out vaccine!

The rest of the story is the US was using a LIVE virus, and a group went to court to stop the vaccination program....
Canadians went the safe tested route.
Do we hear anything about that?

the US story:
'Lawsuit seeks to halt US swine flu vaccination campaign
(AFP) – Oct 15, 2009

WASHINGTON — New York medical workers took legal action Thursday to halt a massive swine flu inoculation program being rolled out across the United States, claiming the vaccines have not been properly tested.'

The Canadian Story:
'Both versions of the vaccine in Canada used a killed virus that cannot cause infection, Butler-Jones said.'

Bec said...

Precisely, wilson.
Out oldest daughter, had a Q&A on her facebook asking for advice and although I had personally e-mailed her stuff, the BS that her buds were sending her was shocking.....until the 13 year olds death.
Then the drama and change of tune started. THAT was the defining moment in AB and that is what could not have been predicted. The MEDIA DID THAT!

Kerry Forrest said...

CTV F in Math? From the same business group 4 billion in debt, I guess that really isn't surprising

Gary said...

I never watch either CBC or CTV news or political shows. I can not stand listening to their left wing bias. However, the CBC is still the most offensive because the government forces me to sustain that crap on he CBC. I will not be happy until CBC is shut down by us, its owners, and CTV and the rest of the incompetent media are cut off from 100% of the subsidies given them.

The media in Canada are the siblings of the arts community that produce crap that few are willing to pay for but the public are required to sustain by taaxation. Enough already!

Anonymous said...

It was the CP that ran that story and other news media ran it verbatim.

CP reporters flunked math, and pretty much printed the (pathetic) Liberal spin. They (CP) must have been in hurrry to get out of the office on Friday afternoon.

Jen said...

So does CBC G/M T/S. The usual gang.

I really get this feeling that the National television don't like canada nor have respect for her. What they do care and love the most and will protect them to their dying day are the LPOC and their corruption.
If they did like canada and canadians, they will fill the airwaves with 'good' news of the prime minister in the international and the fabulous comments Canada got from abroad.
The LPOC would not dare make the mistake of blaming anyone for their(liberals) own problems created by them and them alone. plus the National television media will be demanding our money back from the liberals.

All national television media we see belong to the LPOC.

Anonymous said...


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