Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lizzy May, QP Protesters, and Fake Blood?

Interesting story from CBC.ca. Those protesters that tried to interrupt QP the other day, the ones the NDP and most notably Elizabeth May jumped to give praise too, appear to be quite the actors, or is it make-up artists? Seems CBC has uncovered the fact the above pictured protester "enhanced" his removal by HoC security with some good old fake blood. I wonder if Dizzy Lizzy still stands by this comment: "I just want to share with all Canadians that those were our children we threw out of the House of Commons today. Those were the best, the brightest, the most dedicated, the most responsible young adults in Canada." -- Elizabeth May

Sorry Lizzy, the best, brightest, and most dedicated young adults in Canada are doing other things than hoaky photo-ops. Being enrolled in our armed forces, attending colleges and universities to better themselves and their futures, helping those that cannot help themselves.


JEN said...

Wasn't it E. M. who said "camadians are stupid people"
well she prove it alright.
because in the real world bright smart intelligent people will not fall for E.M. nor the NDP tactics because they will be too busy studying most likely 'real environment'
Listening to one of those kids mention about the 'oil sands' and not a word about the 'BIG SMOKE' of Toronto. leaves you wondering, what environment are they talking about plus those kids didn't walk did they, they drank from cans which have oil contents they wear clothes, ride bikes even their school materials are made with some oil contents in it.
Gee, if they found out, that basically they are walking in oil; they will change their tune.

We know there is a problem with environment, but behaving like this does not prove anything.
Instead what they should do that is if they are so environment conscious, they should make the effort of cleaning up the streets, parks, fields etc etc. don't drive,etc

maryT said...

If those are canadian children, no wonder libs want a national daycare.
Do you need a pass to get into the gallery, who gave them out.

Jen said...

They could possibly have gone as Layton's GUESTS.

Anonymous said...

Liberals, leftists and commies will cheat to win. Remember this and always expect it. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Do you have a link to the story that says the blood was fake? It certainly looked fake.

maryT said...

When one is caught on camera without blood, and a couple of hours later with blood, it has to be fake, or someone punched him out at the studio.
Pictures at NNW, before and after.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a few people beaten up in my time, where's the swelling and bruising? And blood is a lot browner than that, especially if its a few hours old.

Anonymous said...

Lizzie May is a dork.

She's the perfect leader for the Peter Pan Greenie Party.

Dorks & losers, all together.

Anonymous said...

right on
Elizabeth May has insulted hardworking young Canadians
young people recognize who the best and the brightest are and these protestors are not among them


gimbol said...

Sister Lizzie is a apt reflection of what the left represents.
Just as bunch of nancyboys, busybodies, and killjoys, that don't want to grow up.

"WAAAAAA, government owes me millions for not being successful, THIS IS NOT FAIR."

Anonymous said...

They believe this too: http://youth.greenparty.ca/en/

BC Voice of Reason said...

When did the line for young people get made so high? The protesters are people in their mid twenties.... the same age as most of the people in the OLO, speech writers etc that are wearing the pointy shoes to show their identity and as their form of protest.

How can someone 25 have so little responsibility to be available for a Flash Mob on a Tuesday afternoon?

By the time they are 25 they need to get jobs and contribute to society... and pay into Canada pension plan, the EI and the taxes for the health system.

Once these young people see the taxes coming off a pay cheque they will have some balance to the Oil Sands issues. Oil sands or half their income to pay for health care education and the Arts?