Sunday, October 25, 2009

Iffy And His Strategist Badly Outwitted Again

Watching the Liberals sad attempts to halt Iffy's slide in the polls has hit the embarrassing stage. After watching Iffy and some dumbfella rail against partisan stimulus spending, today the Conservatives release a list of spending projects in Ontario that shows Opposition ridings have received more stimulus funding than the governing party. Sandy has a great post
up after inspiration from a comment left at Joanne's
blog by Frmgrl.

I wondered why the PM and his MP's didn't push back more against the partisan spending faux scandal put out by the opposition. Every day we saw the Red Star, Globe and Mail, Tom Clark, Taber, Travers et al, all talking about this being the downfall of the Conservatives and their strong polling numbers. Turns out all of the above may have just been played big time. Voters are about too see the party that cried wolf once too often have to wipe the egg off their faces again. Now that they've beat the story too death for the last week, and given the new facts and figures put out by the government today and which should be hitting all Canadians in the next few days, courtesy of the same marks, one is left to wonder who is the one giving Iffy and the Liberals strategic advice. My guess? Homer Simpson.


Rob C said...

Bart Iggy getting "ass kicking advice" from Hommer Kinsella???

Agent Smith said...

Why'd they wait so long? Maybe to give the Ops a chance to rush, nay more like a mad scramble to shove their heads in the noose - again.

Do you think PMSH ever gets tired of bamboozling the same old suckers over and over again?

Anonymous said...

iggy is playing against a master chess palyer and pmsh has learned to be patient if need be. looks like a university professer can't even out wit the great pmsh.

Anonymous said...

just in case I am not gutlass just don't have a account on here so I used anonymous My Name is Roy E not dr roy eppen either

Hinchey's Store said...

I have to agree with Agent Smith on this one - but not completely...

I have a feeling that the Government was working overtime to put this report together. In my line of work, we are subject to US Department of Transportation audits, and believe me, even if you have all of the information neatly organized, it takes time to compile it in a neat package for prying eyes to disseminate!

I also think that they weren't in a mad rush to diffuse all the negative attention, because the more it piles up, the more backtracking everyone has to do when proven wrong.

That might just put Mr. Harper into majority territory for good!

Rose21 said...

"Why'd they wait so long? "

I think it just takes a while to pull this kind of data together, particularly when different departments and agencies are involved. What we know at this point is that without any evidence, Liberals decided to claim that Conservatives were favouring their own ridings. I have always found that those quick to accuse others of wrong doing are often rather likely to commit that type of wrongdoing themselves. Liberals are playing politics with this -- and would have likely been guilty of favouring their own had they been in power. If Conservatives are guilty of anything, it is only that they are not as slick and calculating as Liberals. Conservatives do stunts like parading around with "big cheques" for PR -- hardly deceptive!

hunter said...

Whether by design or by lazy bureaucrats who couldn't get the job done, it only harms the Liberals.

Once again PM Harper walks away unscathed and the Liberals look like crybabies.

Ontario Girl said...

BUT...What are the chances the media will report , the report? Bet it won't be BREAKING NEWS for two weeks .

Bec said...

I'm with Ontario Girl on this one.

There is nothing humble about these people and admitting an error, simply unlikely imo.

In fact, I predict that some of the partisan pundits will participate in spinning it in a different direction.
And we know WHO those individuals are!

Anonymous said...

Eggy needs the face-wash for the entire Liebral brainless trust. There's no avoiding it. Their words will condemn them on the Last Day. It may well be a time of reckoning, but as the LPC implosion continues, it could be the X-Ray Dipper who takes over the reigns of their careening wreck-in-the-making. The Igneutered One might very well be ejected, with his power play unrealized.

frmgrl said...

Here's a little more from David Akin:

maryT said...

CBC is rolling out its new format and programming tomorrow, starting at 6.a.m. They will have a breaking news desk, to keep track of breaking news, blogs, tweets, etc. Will this story even be mentioned. If it isn't we know that a new set will just have the same old people and biases.

wilson said...

Good on David Akin, looking for the truth and he finds fairness.

Well I wonder if Kady will be doing an indepth breakdown of todays poll..?? She really dug into the polls over at Macleans.

Ignatieff would take Liberals to worse election showing than Dion: poll

Cons 40; Libs 25

wilson said...

ha, over at Far and Wide, Steve V is poo-pooing David Akin's research, thinks it's a crock

David leaves a comment:

''David Akin said...
Hey Rick V --

You know what paper first published an analysis of an infrastructure program that showed Conservatives were benefiting? The Ottawa Citizen. That would be owned by, uh, Canwest.

You refer to the G&M analysis of the RINC funds. It was some good arduous work by my G&M friends but at the end of the day, they were looking at only about $100 million worth of funding of projects ONLY in ONTARIO. I looked at $1.75 billion worth of projects across the country.

But don't take my word for it. Go download my raw data and do your own homework.

Oh - and stop calling me names. Makes you sound like a dink.

10:59 PM, October 25, 2009 ''

Jen said...


'They will have a breaking news desk, to keep track of breaking news'

No Kidding! Really! My oh my golly gee me! Imagine that, they (CBC) doing 'Breaking News' on what? PM didn't eat his breakfast this morning or went to the bathroom or will it be about the liberals corruption; the CORBEIL story implicating Jean CHRETIEN, PAUL MARTIN etc; oh about the 'missing money' the liberal taking money from our troops the list go on and on.
Will the 'breaking news' reveal what we already know yet was kept 'very very quiet by the CBC.
Not a chance MaryT, for years CBC that gets money from us to tell us 'absolutely nothing' after all those now feel that they have something to 'break' in the news? Spare me!
As long as the liberals are still and as long as CBC says nothing on them from 16years ago, nothing has change in CBC.

MrEd said...

Harper is simply practicing the old attage re: given enough rope crooked people will eventually hang themselves... thank god they didn't stay in power long enough to figure out how to tie us all up with it and rob us even more under Paul, Cretien, and their beloved PET...35 years of that fun bunch has put Canada where we are in the red today... And Brian Baloony and Joe "Who" were both red tory's by their actions...Kimmy was a scape goat...The only Scary thing about Harper is he's the first real conservative in 40+ years...since before many Canadians today were even born or emigrated into Canada.

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