Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ontario & B.C. eHealth Scandals Should Concern All Canadians

Why? Because much of the provincial and territorial funding for healthcare comes from the federal government. I wonder how Quebec taxpayers or those in Atlantic Canada feel about $2 billion being spent for nothing in return. It's no wonder Iffy demands more stimulus funding,$2 billion was spent with no return.

The real story here, and something not one journalist has dared touch, is how Liberal governents half the country apart, have both managed to come up with the same scheme to give contracts, many untendered, to cronies, with no return to the people of the respective provinces.You can flip-flop the names McGuinty and Campbell in stories and the rest of the story still holds true.

Take this one step further. How was it supposedly independant ad agencies invloved in Adscam all mirrored each other in the way contracts were recieved, handled, and subsequent "donations" returned to the federal Liberal Party?

Given the duplicate ties between the Ontario and B.C. scandals, legal authorities might be well served to begin looking for common ties between the two governments. Perhaps start with reviews of meetings, e-mails, and phone records, to find what and who the common link is.


Martin said...

What is it with governments and computerized information systems? Business seems to be able to develop information systems that actually work, governments not so much. Think of the federal gun registry, and for comparison. Through Amazon I can order any book imaginable, pay for it electronically and have it delivered within days. The classic oxymoron has to be a government consultant billing themselves as a "computer expert".

Sean McAllister said...

Yes LIBERAL consultants, getting paid for not delivering. Surprised? Why is the money not being returned if the job is not completed? Was there not a contract?

Bec said...

Businesses, have shareholders to answer to and can fire, slacky incompetent employees and then governments, rehire them.

Vincent Clement said...

Except the eHealth scandal began before McGuinty was in power. It wasn't called eHealth, but Harris blew a wad of money on trying to computerize medical records. How easily we forget.

Anonymous said...

I found eHealth projects a sheer waste of money. They have numerous meetings but what is the progress? Meetings cost money too. They are good at "packging" the project proposals making people believe they are doing effective work but what have they achieved?