Friday, October 16, 2009

Kinsella's Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

With Liberals plummeting in the polls, the latest attempt at a faux scandal is being led by Warren Kinsella. Seems Kinsella takes issue with the Conservative government doing photo-ops and presenting cheques that the coalition demanded. The latest attempt at turning Iffy's abysmal polling numbers is pointing out a link on the Action Plan website takes you to a clip of the PM's piano performance. My question is, do these idiots not know how to use google? A quick google search finds this Ontario government web-page:

Seems WK's hero Dalton McGuinty uses the same strategy as the federal Conservatives. Note it doesn't say Ontario government in any of the links, but rather McGuinty government. And what's that at the top right? Why it's a box you can click on to go directly to McGuinty's own personal website. You can watch you-tube videos, follow his Titters. Then there's that whole big cheque thing. The pic here shows a Liberal MPP caught in what Kinsella says is a compromising situation. A photo-op (gasp). p.s. There are hundreds of these photos out there.

Of course if he and other Liberal MP's and bloggers wish to keep up the pathetic fake scandal, have at her. The party who cried wolf once to often is now coming to the realization that Canadians care about real issues, not trumped up fluff.

And I'll have a little more time on Sunday. Perhaps I'll do my own photo montage of Chretien/Martin era MP's doing the photo-op things Liberals now find so reprehensible. Sorry boys and girls, having been found by a federal inquiry to have been involved in an illegal kickback scheme that duped the Canadian taxpayer and redirected funds to the party is why you are in opposition. By all means, keep up these shenanigans to remind voters why you can't be trusted to govern again.


CanadianSense said...

Great post, well said.

Bec said...

Brilliant, paulsstuff!

The hypocrisy is astonishing but frankly, I don't want to be in the same playground as those sleazebags.
The picture that Stephen Taylor is painting was one that I suspected from the beginning.

It is all making a bunch more sense now!

Mutton Chops said...

You will soon be the target of three Kinsella lawsuits for the following statements...

"Kinsella takes issue"

"do these idiots"

"Kinsella says"

Your use of the word "wolf" may also result in legal trouble based on Kinsella's legal history.

Disclaimer: The statements made in this comment are in no way intended to slander Mr. Warren Kinsella.

rightful said...

excellent blog - this ass-kicking seeker of his entitlments, is the definition of hypocrisy - why ctv and cbc ever call him for opinions is beyond reason

wilson said...

The link to 'Premier McGuinty's website' is on the Govt of Ontario home page too: left side

wilson said...

And the Govt of BC, has
'the Premier on line' left side, enter, and ooooh video link

So that's 2 Liberal Premiers with links to personal website.....perhaps only the lame LPC hasn't got with the 21st century technology

Bec said...

"perhaps only the lame LPC hasn't got with the 21st century technology"

Based on the substance and quality of the war messiah's own site, their latest ad, that does seem to be an issue, I'd agree.

Anonymous said...

So, is WK going to sue the Conservatives for "stealing" a Liberal tactic?

Anonymous said...

Last night on Tom Clarke's show - he showed a picture of a federal building in Charlottetown, PEI with the stimulus sign and he stated that the only work done in that building was a new door - compliments from his liberal advisers... Well, he should be made to apologize.... plumbing and heating for that building was replaced..... new bathrooms were installed, lot of work was done in that building but Tom being a liberal bias reporter, along with Fife, Oliver and Tabor - their only objective is to bash the Conservative party because they are showing great positive movement at this time, couldn't even bother to check the facts!They will do anything to pull them down, even if they tell untruths to help their liberal party any way they can, and we must demand an apology.... If they were even reporters of any substance, they would check out these facts before splashing untruths over the network just to push their liberal agenda... Tom should be called out on this, I immediately wrote him on his email about it.. and I wish everyone else would as well. This was a blatant lie!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Kinsella is a freakin' nutcase. for a whole blog on kinsella's idiocy, check out

Anonymous said...

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