Tuesday, October 20, 2009

McGuinty Liberal MPP Caught Up In Conservative Partisan Cheque Scandal

Look at the above picture closely. Anyone know who that gentlemen on the right is holding the cheque? Why, it's none other than Joe Dickson, an Ontario Liberal MPP, part of Dalton McGuinty's government. The photo was taken at a photo-op to announce new spending for water infrastructure improvements in Pickering. What's even more noteworthy here is the fact there is no Conservative in the picture.

I wonder if Martha Hall-Findlay will forward this to the ethics commissioner as well.


CanadianSense said...

We need a disclaimer not a single door knob was changed in this event.

Anonymous said...

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we don't need nearly that many to expose the sheer hypocrisy of Liebral partisan finger-pointing. Everyone will eventually benefit from stimulus cheques awarded, it's just that the Conservative recipients are the most noticeable since they are part-and-parcel with the existing government. The admonition is patience with the economic recovery, and discretion with your photo-ops.

Bec said...

Unfortunately, the media outlets are not covering the FACTS re cardboard-gate. The voters, only hear the 50+complaints...Ethic Commissioner....bring out Sheila Fraser...yada, yada, yada.

These contradictory photo-ops, need and must be included in cardboard-gate for it to have any legitimacy.
The whole thing is BS!

Anonymous said...

Since all of the infrastructure projects are funded 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 there are probably provincial and municipal politicians in every one of the photos.

It would be interesting to find a high resolution image to blow up and see if the mpp's signature is there.

Anonymous said...

It is because the Ontario government paid a good deal of this.

wilson said...

Check out the pics of 2 Premiers, with pork cheques,
with THEIR signatures on them:

So every level of government does it,
but a Harper Government is investigated.


Anonymous said...

when it comes to photo ops with large fake cheques Dalton's the champ! Not to mention that it's usually on the heels of an announcement or a reannouncement.

Why aren't the Harper gov't MPs pointing this out. Not to mention the double standard that it's ok for provincial Liberals but not ok for the federal government.

I see Kinsella's been burnt by none other than CBC and Taber today re: stunt gone horribly wrong....GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Watch the video tape on the CBC site of Wayne Easter talking about logogate. I do believe he said that they had 5 examples???

What? Not 50??

What's the truth?

You'd think that the CPC would have done a tally by comparison so we can see who's telling the truth.

The Red Fox said...

When the Cons start handing out cheques or cash to their friends in brown paper envelopes sans the party loggo like the liberals did ,then all of this scandal mongering will be worth paying attention to.In the meantime it is just politics as usual as perfected by the natural governing partys of the past and now adopted by the Conservatives.The liberals are desperate to peg anything on the Conservatives to nullify their history as the party of thieves.

Jen said...

Bec. you need to go to this site Harper Is My Homeboy
where the so call Easter and Fife story is mentioned -
Go there scroll until you see the headline seen below.

Bob Fife and Wayne Easter: Setting the record straight

Anonymous said...

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