Saturday, October 24, 2009

Liberals Cried Wolf Once Too Often

Despite Kinsella and the Liberals best efforts at screaming scandal, it appears the strategy has backfired. With poll numbers back to where they were last election, it appears voters have tuned out to the faux scandal of the week. The biggest problem is the supposed scandals ended up leaving egg on Iffy's face.

1. Wafergate turned out too be a fabricated story from the now feeble mind of a supposedly brilliant strategist.

2. The size of the deficit was quickly muted with Iffy's rant about not enough money being spent.

3. Partisan spending has been quickly thrown to the wayside, with both McGuinty and Duncan stating they had a role in deciding where stimulus fund would be spent Seems NDP Paul Dewar must have been in on the Conservative spending master plan as well, with his riding getting the fifth highest amount of stimulus spending in Canada's 308 ridings.

4. The ongoing rant about the PM being anti-arts was defused with the piano performance.

5. The old Liberal tactic of calling the Conservatives racist and anti-immigrant has now died a proper death. Just ask Ruby Dhalla.

With another week soon to start, I'm sure an old weather beaten strategist is planning his next childish attack, aided and abetted again and again by the same msm culprits, The problem for the Liberals is nobody really seems to be listening, and nobody seems to care.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Well that was a tidy summary! Well done.

Bec said...

It would probably do Iffy good to take a more principled approach and give credit where credit is due.

Unfortunately, within this Liberal Party, there are NO role models, to provide guidance.

maryT said...

Is the PM going to Copenhagen, if so, watch out for something supposedly big and faux.
O is not going, what will his supporters in Canada say.
How many of these faux scandals have bloggers and commenters predicted.

hunter said...

Liberals are stuck in the mud, spinning their wheels, hoping a 4x4 with a winch comes by to save them.

Unfortunately, all the 4x4's with winches are in Alberta out helping those hunting deer and moose bring their kills home.

Maybe someone will come by in the spring to save them, but by then the mud will be frozen solid and no amount of chipping will get them out.

Bec said...

Ha ha, Hunter! Quite the visual!
You are rocking with that great analogy and I will be giggling all evening!
ps, sorry about beating the Esks last

Joe said...

I once asked an Irish doctor about the sectarian violence racking his native land. His reply was, "Nobody likes a bully".

I look at the libs and the doctor's words come back with a slight twist, "No one likes a tattletale".

The 'scandal a day' approach is hurting the libs because they are reduced to the role of tattletale with the added proviso, ITS NOT TRUE.

Memo to lib war room: If you want to retain any credibility as a tattletale at least make sure your tattlings are true.

Of course they don't see a need for that simply because they still believe they are the 'Natural Governing Party'. They actually believe that people are simply looking for a reason not to vote Conservative and will automatically default to the libs if only given a reason no matter how phony.

Personally I think it best to leave them to their delusions and after a Conservative majority or three they will figure out that they actually have to put the country's interests ahead of their petty partisan gamesmanship.

Anonymous said...

CHEQUE REPUBLIC, MAXIME BERNIER losing secret NATO documents to hells angels biker chick,

Anonymous said...

More than 60% of Canadians believe Harper is unfit to be PM.

CanadianSense said...

Don Martin, Jim Travers, Jane Taber, CBC, Toronto Star are trying their best to keep the Big L alive.

Compare the metro numbers 12 months ago in Toronto.

EKOS have CPC them at 21% and Libs at 41% today the CPC are 10% ahead!

The collapse of 905/416 stronghold of Liberals in GTA is coming.

Page 5 October 2008

Page 5 October 2009

Bec said...

Anony's = coward or terry1/parnel

The writing pattern/topic, childish,decipherable,predictable.

Conclusion-No values/would support a slug (including the shot gun variety) as long as they were liberal.

Jake said...

Well annony if you think that if 60% of Canadians don't PM Harper you should look at the percentage of people who don't like Iffy. Of course if you Iffy is bad you should look at Jacko's numbers. But even Jacko eclipses Bucky Beaver May.

wilson said...

Wafergate was a media faux scandal as well (people got fired),
and so is the poor miss Suaad story,
and the 77 countries walking out on Canada over Kyoto (which was pulled because it was fabricated),
the missed photo-op while in the can (not true, British reporter's mischief),
IRuby crossing the floor (haha Delacourt).
The media jumps on any wagon that goes by.

paulsstuff said...

"More than 60% of Canadians believe Harper is unfit to be PM."

And still he has more than double the support of Iffy of Canadians who want him PM.

Looks like you haven't been studying your Hooooked on fonicks Terry1/Parnell

maryT said...

Please, please, please, don't let terry1/parnel/anon take over you blog. He/she has ruined two blogs already. Ban him/her now.
Notice on Taylor that there have been few if any new comments for the past few days. People are leaving him.

CanadianSense said...

Mary T,

I believe it might be the actual topic.

Wild Rose Interview does not interest many outside AB possibly.

I have never been a fan on banning or censoring on blogs.

The host can make a decision if necessary and we can stay on topic if we suspect individuals are trying to change or disrupt the blog.

maryT said...

It is not just the WR topic getting no hits. The 2 preceeding topics are stalled in comments also.
Of course we could do our part by not responding to said troll.
As for the topic not being interesting to those outside AB, I recall when the Reform reared its head, and was ignored by the media. After getting elected, in opposition, Fraum (sp) of the Journal, finally had Preston on to interview. I will never forget her final words that night, well we have had the interview and we will never hear from Reform again. Her panel agreed with her.
But Reform started as a Federal Party, and WR is a provincial party.
WR will probably be the opposition after the next election, and government after that. Then the ROC will have to pay attention.

Squiggy said...

Well just know the Libranos are on the ropes when all Katsmeat can post today are the headlines of 16 years ago when Ti-Jean and his merrymen won a majority..Unfortunately for the Libranos most people couldn't give a rats ass for yesterday's headlines ,let alone remember them....but such is life in the Librano war room..never mind a slow's a painfully slow year for Iffy and the boys....doorknobs my eye

Rich said...

Anonymous please get your facts straight, there was only 59.7% total voter turn out at the last election of which the Prime Minister received 38.9% this figure translates into better than 50% of all votes cast. What did Stephane Dion receive 23% or Jack Layton with 18% so tell me again of the three major parties who do Canadians want to govern them. You can combine Jack Layton and Dions votes and say that the majority of Canadians would have chose them. I do not remember seeing on the ballot a coalition of 3.

Anonymous said...

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