Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Challenge To Buzz Hargrove

I see Buzz is in the news again, talking about the Liberals wanting him to run as a candidate in the 2008 election. Ya know what Buzz? You should run in the next election as a Liberal. Better yet do it in a riding with a strong CAW base. Maybe Colin Carrie's Oshawa riding. Better yet, Jim Flaherty's riding.

Why do I want Buzz to run as a Liberal? Because Hargrove, much like his hand-picked replacement Ken Lewenza, is so out of touch with the average working guy/gal, running in an election would be the wake up call you guys need to get back to reality. Buzz does a regular gig on AM640 radio as a guest, where he disses the PM and Conservatives, while praising Liberals and telling us we need higher taxes, like raising the gst. Buzz also likes to throw out the name of his new BFF Frank Stronach.

Hargrove's fetish for all things Stronach is a perfect example of how far off he is from reality. Imagine the former head of the CAW telling his members we should be embracing higher taxes, while at the same time never mentioning Stronach uses a tax loophole to avoid paying income taxes on the millions in salary he pays himself. That loophole was put in place by then finance minister and Liberal Paul Martin.

So go ahead Buzz. Run in one of those ridings I mentioned above. That's the heartland of the GM worker. I'm sure you'll fare about as well as CUPE head Sid Ryan, who I think is 0'fer3 is his numerous attempts at becoming an MP.


Jen said...

Yes BUZZ, run as an liberal MP in the federal liberal government. The wake-up call you will get while handling a country's economy against the unions daily antics for more money will make you realize that in a tough situation the whole country suffers and not just the CAW or unions.
While in government, you will hear the disgust from the canadians at the way the 'bailouts are used.
Then you will realize that the unions are a major problem we face today.
How would Buzz react when the unions ask for money or else threaren a walk out or strike for higher wages when a few wks ago the unions went on strike for the very same reason.

Bec said...

He was on Roy Green this afternoon and I usually blank him out but he started talking about his childhood and I became intrigued. Not by the childhood itself but how a self sufficient, hard working, inspired family, could create an entitled thinking individual like, Hargrove.
It just seemed like an oxymoron.

He did attempt his typical Conservative bashing in true Buzz, contradictions. The projected deficit, his main target but never uttering the obvious, that Canadians bailed out his favorite segment, the auto industry.

I'm sorry, the man is a leech and I can't imagine a person so thoughtless of Canadians (he was very vocal on the coalition)being anywhere near the purse strings of this country. Even the chance that he could someday win, is horrifying.