Saturday, November 7, 2009

Michael Ignatieff's Office Fuels Unemployment Rate

Another day, two more "resignations" in the OLO.

"Two senior Ignatieff aides are leaving their positions in the Opposition Leader's Office to return to Toronto.

Mark Sakamoto and Alexis Levine, both lawyers who have been part of Michael Ignatieff's inner circle since his 2006 leadership bid, confirmed their decisions in separate e-mails to The Globe and Mail tonight. They were part of the "Toronto gang" around Mr. Ignatieff".

To put things in proper perspective, Iffy has the Liberals polling at the same numbers Dion scored in the 2008 election. Despite a recession Liberals decry as the worst since the 30's. Despite Boob Rae screaming Canadians are dying from an as yet fictionary Conservative H1N1 pandemic.

Wafergate, Chequegate, blue sweaters, Beatle tunes, and a worn-out strategist fella, and still Iffy and the Rosedale gang can't put a dent in the PM's armor. Methinks it's quite obvious the fault lays at the feet of numero uno, the anointed one. But don't believe me guys. Just keep eating your own.


Anonymous said...

Me tinks Iffy is having a meltdown and these two lawyers is getting out while the getting is good.

CanadianSense said...

They are lulling us into a false sense of security (Part of the Plan).

They keep panicking with knee jerk reactions making more outlandish statements every other week.

Next month they will provide proof PM is an alien and responsible for 9/11.

The "Plan" is almost set, the CPC are "running scared" and all the woodland creatures from Narnia are going to help MI regain the throne.

Bec said...

Did this have anything to do with public queue jumping?
According to family members in the GTA but not IN TORONTO, none of her/his acquaintances were allowed to be vaccinated, while their kids were.The first week, the provinces were not following identical protocol.

Interesting but I doubt with his Alberta family connections,he'll be unemployed for long. Interesting that this was done a week later and on the Friday before a HoC break.

Bec said...

THAT he'll be unemployed for long.....

sorry for the boo-boo

wilson said...

After wafer-gate,
Canadians tuned out to the Liberal faux scandal of the week.

Rae, Bennett and Fry made fools of themselves, while Iffy was in lock-up with the new puppetmaster.

Jen said...

"Michael Ignatieff's Office Fuels Unemployment Rate"

Solution, give back the millions of dollars which the LPOC still owe canadians.

LPOC and their sidekicks useless media have nothing to offer no plan of theirs except for the "LPOC SCARE TACTIC POLICY',
This is how the liberals manage to stay in government for decades by SCARING THE NATION.

Mauricio said...

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