Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Torture For Dollar$: Donolo Me$$e$ Up

With Liberals feeling a little more optimistic what with those in Iffy's office joining the unemployment line and the hiring of supposed savior strategist Peter Donolo, it appears that optimism might be short lived:

"Liberals Link Fundraising to Torture Allegations
Daniel Proussalidis
Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The federal Liberal Party is using the Afghan torture allegations as a fundraising tool.

CFRA News is in possession of an e-mail from the party's national director calling for donations to the party to stop the Conservatives from making Canada a place the Grits "can no longer recognize."

The e-mail also accuses the Conservatives of engaging in "Republican-style attack politics" that undermine Canada's mission in Afghanistan.

The message from Rocco Rossi contends donations to the Liberals will help the party "find the truth" about the federal government’s awareness of allegations that Taliban prisoners had been tortured by Afghan authorities."

Liberals were already suffering from lack of credibility with the detainee issue from the outset, no transfer agreement until the dying days of Martin's debacle of a government. Combine that with the testimony from three former generals contradicting Colvine's testimony, with Hillier noting Colvine was only outside the compound once during his entire time in Afghanistan, and it looks like the Liberals were fishing for another faux-scandal.

Any progress the Liberals might have made on the issue was quickly erased with the decision to boost fundraising with torture as the theme.

Keep at er' Peter, because if this is part of the strategy of the new Liberal braintrust, those polling numbers should stay in very Dionesque numbers.


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with the Liberals polling poorly.
People just don't care about what is going down on Parliament Hill these days.
Have you seen this article about the US Navy SEALS?,2933,576646,00.html?test=latestnews

Cut and paste if necessary but everyone has to read this article.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

How low can they go? I don't think they've hit bottom yet.

Bec said...

I AM SHOCKED! NO, I am more that shocked, I AM DISGUSTED to the point of finding a huge pillow to pull over my head in order to shut OUT THEIR pitiful existence.

These people are rabid, despicable animals. No, that gives them to much heart and intelligence...... ...creepy, one dimensional slugs.

wilson said...

There is no reason why the LPC numbers can't go into the teens.
Libs and Dippers tied in the polls is a real possibility.

Since returning from summer break
we have endured failed, over the top scandals:
cheque-gate and door knobs,
logo-gate brought to you by the letter C,
trying to instill panic over H1N1 plus body bags ,
Olymic flame-gate,
Military and Govt accused of being complicite in war crimes,
(so far, Spinsella hasn't come up for a prop for this).

Libs come out with a 20 foot roll of paper, listing all the patronage recipients...gasp and they are all conservatives!
Of course, they fail to mention that a PM MUST make 3400 3-5 years appointments. Their were not 3400 names on the list.

Agree with Joanne, Libs haven't seen bottom yet!

gimbol said...

This is nothing new, the liberals are just trying to pander to the folks that support the likes of Denis Coderre.

Anonymous said...

Waterboarding is worth a $25 donation; Electric shock $10.

wilson said...


Do you think Afghan detainees were tortured?

Yes 31%
No 10%
I don't care 56%
Unsure 3%

go vote!!

Anonymous said...

Until Hillier and Lew weighed in, there has been sorry little context to this issue.

I am sick and tired of Liberals dishonoring our military and dragging my country through the muck everytime their coffers are low.

Anonymous said...

Liberals whining about conservaties changing the country and making it unrecognizable, I don't want to become a commie.. please stop the liberals! (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

are these guys nuts? ask me for money and i will suggest they buy the troops more bullets so we can eliminate taking prisoners.

Hinchey's Store said...

"Liberals whining about conservaties changing the country and making it unrecognizable, I don't want to become a commie.. please stop the liberals! (real conservative)"

Hey thanks (real conservative)! I actually agree with your comment.
I guess it wasn't hate-filled enough this time. You didn't go far enough in this case to show us all that you think we're a bunch of fascists and narrow-minded, ideological bigots!

Keep at it, and you will become even less relevant than you already are...

Jen said...

Of course the liberals do not recognize canada; the world does, and this scares the living daylights of the liberals.

The only things the liberals recognize is their LOVE NESTS CBC, CTV, corruption OUR MONEY, their terrorist groups.
Our troops in not in their radar.