Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hey, What Ever Happened To H1N1?

Just a few short days ago, we had the likes of Liberal Bob Rae stating Canadians had died as a result of the Conservative governments handling of H1N1. Some Liberal MP's, notably Hedy Fry demanded to be shown to the front of the vaccination line, you know, all that hand shaking. Liberal MP Martha Hall Findley was on the airwaves daily calling this the worst pandemic in decades, and admonishing the government for improper planning.

And we had Liberal strategist (sarcasm on) Tom Clark, host of Power Play, telling us daily that the government was incompetent in it's handling of the pandemic.

But much like wafergate, the worst recession since the 30's, stimulus deficit, piano playing, it fell on deaf ears for the voters of Canada. Heck, it even turns out many regions are now weeks ahead in their vaccination dispensing.

So now the Iffy Liberals, led by Donolo, are smelling fresh blood on the Afghan detainee issue. Sorry Peter, it's old news. Those allegations came out in 2007. Covine is just repeating his unproven allegations before committee. And the Liberals will fail to realize any gain from this latest faux scandal. It seems the Liberals never saw fit to get a prisoner transfer agreement until the party was on it's political deathbed under Paul Martin. It was the current government who succeeded in having rights to check on prisoners and their health after transfer. Then there is also the issue of Iffy's writings on torture, which I'm sure you hope you can hide under the rug.

So huff and puff all you want, as the Big Bad Wolf strategy you appear to insist on keeping with will only see more failure in your polling numbers. At the end of the day Ignatieff will prove to be strike three in leader choice for your party.


Ardvark said...

The Liberals are ALL negative all of the time. The H1N1 situation improved so it was time to move on to something else negative.

When was the last time that you heard the Liberals say ANYTHING positive about Canada?

kursk said...

Liberals, do you love Canada?

CanadianSense said...

Most Liberals can't hold a train of thought for more than a few seconds.

The Liberals remind me of those ambulance chasing lawyers. The opposition found Colvin Reports from 2006-2007 more sexy and will be pouncing on the next "explosive" scandal...stay tuned more Bubble Boy coverage by our MSM.

wilson said...

Where's Iffy??
Anti-semetic flyers, accusations of war crimes.....Iffy hides under a rock.

Anonymous said...

If Tom Clark wasn't so hilarious, he'd be pathetic.

He'd make a great cure for Depression.

BC Voice of Reason said...

The over the top rhetoric from the Liberals is pushing Harper to majority:

1) Canada is in the worse recession since the 30s and CPC are responsible.

2) Everyone in Canada will die from H1N1 and the CPC are responsible.

How do the Liberals possibly spin these repeated public claims when Canada shows up on the other side of these crisis in good shape.

The Harper government must be the best ever and to be trusted with a landslide majority after managing through these generation crisis over a 18-month period.

BC Voice of Reason said...


Clark must of gotten spanked after he badgered MacKay. The next day interviewing Hawn he was respectful and did not interupt once.

I think that MacKay is not very likeable and/or respected in general.

Jen said...

The liberals mediagates are our major virus , they have poisoned our minds and souls with their daily gloom and doom.

When the world praises our country canada. the gloom and doom virus looks down.

Anonymous said...

Check "blue like you" for some great links to the Liberal mismanagement of the agreement with Afghanistan for detainees. Hmmm...the Libs did nothing for years (something like the Kadhr histrionics) but now want the Conservatives to wear the outcome.
Nope, I'm not buying their latest discrediting of the Cons.

Jen said...

First off to those morons in the media, there was no conservative party back then when OMAR KHADR was arrested or when taliban abuse first broke out. IT was the LIBERAL PARTY OF CANADA under JEAN CHRETIEN.
STEPHEN HARPER back then was in CALGARY.
Furthermore, before bringing the two opposition parties to make it one party(Conservatives), Brison and a couple of others, now liberals, were in opposition but decided to leave when the conservative party was formed.

So to blame the conservatives that were never in government at the time for the liberals very own errors and corruption shows you how far the LPOC and the gate medias will go.
BTW, there is more blame to come.