Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Gloria Galloway Fails Miserably At Covering Ignatieff's "Cottin-Pickin" Gaffe

Conservative Senator Don Meredith takes issue with Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s use of the term “cotton pickin’ minute” and wants him to apologize. Not to worry. G&M journalist(?) Gloria Galloway is quick to write about it, all the while explaining that it isn't even a racist comment. She tries a number of explanations, even using Bugs Bunny to cover Iggy's gaffe. Here's a quote from Galloway's article:

The Liberal Leader’s quote was, at the very least, insensitive and, certainly offensive to many people, Mr. Meredith said. The reference, he said, hails back to a time when slavery was acceptable and an entire group of people were held to be lesser than others because of the colour of their skin.

But does it?

"According to American essayist Heather Michon, the phrase “cotton picking” arose in the American South in “sometime the 17th Century to describe a nuisance or something troublesome or unpleasant.” At that time, cotton was a garden crop tended by Southerners, black people and white people alike, Ms. Michon says."

I guess Galloway might need someone to educate her on black history and slavery in the southern U.S. Better yet, she might want to talk to Oprah Winfrey on the subject. I'm guessing if she did, or even took a smidgen of her time to look at the reference made by Ignatieff, instead of immediately hitting the keyboard trying to dismiss the gaffe as baseless, she would realize Ignatieff stepped in it and needs to apologize. Better yet, Galloway might want to head down to Blockbuster Video and rent the movie "The Cottin Pickin Truth".

So for you Gloria Galloway, a quick summary of the term Ignatieff referenced, and what memories or meaning it has to many people.

"The Cotton Pickin' Truth... Still On The Plantation" is a documentary about slavery in the United States of America and the harsh living conditions for many African Americans today as a direct result of being forced to live in involuntary servitude. The documentary features human rights activist - Dick Gregory, former slave until the 1960's - Mae Louise Miller, Presidential advisor and Harvard Law Professor - Charles Ogletree, Capitol Hill correspondent - George Wilson, Glendora, Mississippi Mayor - Johnny Thomas, and many more.

Producers of the film, Tobias "Profit" Smith and Timothy Smith, are a father and son film making duo who firmly believe in putting "the mission before the money." They set out to produce a documentary on former slave Mae Louise Miller in July of 2009. In the process of researching slavery in America, they uncovered people still living on present day plantations in Mississippi. They also discovered that the average living conditions for people in the Mississippi delta are far below subsistence level.

"The Cotton Pickin' Truth... Still On The Plantation" is a shocking and compelling documentary about slavery that calls for rewriting of American history as we know it.


Bec said...

Note to Gloria and the rest of the MSM enablers;

WHY do you guys rationalize everything that Ignatieff does by citing examples of Conservatives that have done it or for gawd sake, Bugs Bunny?
And....then NEVER, ever, ever, ever, do any research to show examples of Liberals that have done similar if not worse things in regards to these faux scandals?

You people are so damn tiring with your double standard!

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys, this is really reaching. As a card-carrying Conservative, all I can say is- "meh".

But I agree that the MSM gives the Libs a free ride.

Anonymous said...

What utter nonsense!
If that is all the Conservative has to complain about then Iggy must have said something right for a change.
What's next? Forcing everyone to stop saying "Indian giver'?

Bec said...

Well because Anony you remember how Pierre P was raked over the coals over 'tar baby'? He had to apologize in the HoC and it was in the news for days!

I agree, this stuff is totally a non issue but jeez....if they are going to sweep one under the carpet, be consistent!

paulsstuff said...

Bec nails it. This is petty juvenile stuff. But I don't recall seeing any journalists dismiss it as such when Polliviere made the tar-baby comments. The PM keeps talking about the economy. It's the opposition and media talking trash 24/7.

UsualSuspect said...

Ditto what Bec said.

But I am sick to death of everyone taking offense where none is intended.

Anonymous said...

Isn't GG married to a Liberal bigwig?

Anonymous said...

The issue is being blown up no doubt, but the Liberals deserve anything that comes their way. Under Iggy's leadership they have become the @$$hole party. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

NeilD, actually someone DID have to apologize recently -- yesterday, as a matter of fact -- for using the expression "Indian giver."

So, another idiomatic expression bites the dust. I suppose we all have our sensitive spots.

But, Ignatieff shouldn't have been criticized for usin' the expression "cotton pickin' minute."

What he should be criticized for is usin' so many clichés and droppin' his Gs to prove he's just a regular guy.
-- Gabby in QC