Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Night Blues Special...Week 1 Stevie Ray Vaughan

Being a lover and long time guitar player of the Blues, I've decided to post an example of some of the finest blues guitar playing ever seen. To lead off I've slected probably one of Stevie Ray Vaughan's greatest persformaces, filmed at the legendary El Mocambo, Texas Flood.


JDot said...


I have always been a fan of the blues, but I have never really new who to listen too.

Being 30 I have grew up on a lot of music but sadly the Black Keys is the only band I could name as blues band(And of course Muddy waters).

And I know from listening to the Black Keys that they are playing off legends.

Paul as a massive music fan, it would be greatly appreciated if you could name some records to get me started with.

paulsstuff said...

I'd love too. I'll dig thruigh my collection and do up a list for you. Obviously Stevie Ray Vaughan's Texas Flood or Couldn't Stand the Weather are ecellant choices. Clapton's From the Cradle is a classic. Anything from Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, Muddy Maters is worth a listen. The Allman Brothers have also done some amazing blues stuff, though I prefer the older stuff with Dickie Betts on guitar rather than the now current Derek Trucks.

For Canadian musicians Jeff Healey was one of the best. Powder Blues band.

Alex said...

Thanks for that. I've always enjoyed BB King.

JDot said...

Awesome Paul..

My I tunes has over 8000 songs and blues music I need more of.

There is just something about the Blues riff, that I love. Like the Stevie Ray vid you posted. gold, pure gold.

Really cool that you play the blues.

Dumb question. But what is the guitar that all the blues dudes use?

paulsstuff said...

Most play Fender Stratocasters. I have several. I try to avoid music shops as I become a kid in a candy store and always leave with something.

paulsstuff said...

BB is one of my favorites Alex. Just picked up a blu-ray of him Live at Montreux. Amazing guitar playing and what feeling in his music.

JDot said...


Muddy Waters "Manish boy" is one of my favorite songs

And yes BB is amazing.

Is Nina Simone considered blues?

Anonymous said...

If you would like to see a great video that chronicles the Blues from Africa to modern times, take a look for a DVD called "Lightening In A Bottle". This Blues concert occurred at Radio City Music Hall in 2003 I believe. It has many of the masters playing/singing and is one of the best examples of the blues genre I have ever found.

bobbyg said...

Don't forget Donnie Walsh and the band...Downchild!