Thursday, March 17, 2011

Conservative Communications Completely Sucks Again Over Contempt Finding....

Again, it's time to give those Conservative communications gurus, the completely inept ones, talking points. Monte Solberg did a reasonable job on Evan's show, but still lacked that one talking point that Canadians will understand. When you have opposition twits running around how this is unprecedented in Canadian history, only one point is necessary to show the Canadian voter that all it is partisan politics.

Why will the government be found in contempt? Plain and simple. The opposition parties outnumber the Conservatives on the committees. Why weren't the Liberals found in contempt when the speaker made a similar ruling on two MP's be sent to committee? Plain and simple. Liberals had a majority on the committees.

Does anyone really think any political party would find itself in contempt of Parliament? No!

Would any opposition party jump at the chance to find the ruling party in contempt to score partisan points? Absolutely. Especially when the governing party continues to lead polls.


NB Tory Gal said...

I used to enjoy your blog...not anymore...

Anonymous said...

Actually I completely agree with what he says here today.

They better step it up, election or not.

paulsstuff said...

Not sure why, but that's your choice. Opposition parties are running roughshod over this bs. The Party needs to start articulating their points.

For example, the purchase of the F-35s. We need them. The price is fair, whether the figures are over 20 years or 30 years as Page has used. Explaining the cost is done over a long period of time seems pretty basic. Yet the people the Conservatives send out on the politics shows get hung up trying to hard to explain it rather than keep it simple.

I fully realize that we are up against the wall when it comes to most of the media outlets being partisan to the opposition parties, but we really need to get our act together.

Imagine a 36 day campaign and fumbling the ball with the correct talking points.

Anonymous said...

I think the Conservatives are doing an outstanding job showing their strength
I watched some of the committee and the Liberals, Ndp and Block looked very weak in their screaming
the level headed approach was just right no one I talk to are impressed by the misleading statements made by the opposition coalition
the strongest argument is do you want the Duceppe Quebec party calling the shots?
if the answer is NO
then you must vote Conservative
just my opinion

wilson said...

PMSH made a fantastic speech today,
Minister McKay is visitng the troops in Afghan,
and the Government of Canada launched a very exciting new data website today,
and a second Tamil migrant to be deported,
so why even think about Liberal clowns in committee?
That's over, the Opps will do what they will do, because they can.

Anonymous said...

All this is such small potatoes...if anyone is REALLY interested in what is happening in our Canada please read this speech from the Prime minister of Canada in THE HARPER GOVT.and not whats on CBC

Guardsman said...

How can one expect the Conservatives to get their "talking points" in order, when the best they can put forward as their point man in the HOC on many issues is Pierre Poilivrie.
He, along with Pat Martin, Mark Holland and Libby Davies are walking examples of why so many people are turned of from politics.

wilson said...

Fantastic speech by PMSH!

If the Opposition coalition of losers forces an election,
they will have to worry about THEIR party platforms and not stupid faux scandals.

Anonymous said...

NB Tory Gal. There a some Conservative blogs that can't understand Conservative are in a MINORITY situation and can't get it all done at once. These few blogs I think are too impatient to wait for a majority before whining about the PM and Party if they don't preform to their ideals. Kinda sad.
I like the way PM Harper is dealing with the bullshit the coalition of losers are putting out. Polls (frm Adler)show the majority of Canadians don't give a rip about all the little stupid "gates" the clowns are playing with. IMO They are not worth a reply.

Rob C

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Let's take a positive approach. Let the Coalition take us down and then we'll work hard to get that majority including a majority on committees!!

Anonymous said...

Who cares what happens on a CBC propaganda show? Definitely not most Canadians, they don't bother watching it.

Paul MacPhail said...

"Who cares what happens on a CBC propaganda show? Definitely not most Canadians, they don't bother watching it."

It's the mindless ones watching that type of propaganda that have kept the Conservatives from reaching a majority. It's fine if they exert the same level of intelligence at going through the process of getting to the voting booth; in that event it'll be the coalition that will lose votes. If on they other hand they bum a ride and remember to bring their I.D. then they will most likely vote for [sarcasm on]Dion or the new guy with the big eyebrows [sarcasm off].

Bec said...

The truthful media outlets that I heard this evening recapped the "gong show" but also added that the Opps did nothing after they found the govt in contempt of Parliament. No sanctions, no guilty party, no confidence motion, no,no,no......

These CLOWNS were after one thing and one thing only, the use of the word "contempt" and they had determined that for the get go!

To add to the carnival, they picked the day that millions of Canadian are throwing back a Guiness...hahahaha....what idiots, NO CARES, today!

Anonymous said...

I am so frustrated in watching these "committees". So how do we stop this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I watched the committee in action today - it was disgraceful What I see is that the liberal Speaker gave one last "gift" to his party, knowing full well the coalition of his party/NDP and Bloc had a majority on that committee and would for sure find the Government in contempt. The liberals were found in contempt before, but had a majority on that committee so voted against it. It is a sham - but what else do the liberals have going into an election? The Speaker is not running again for office so this was just his last gift to his party that is sinking fast!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Paulsstuff.

Something else that bothers me is when I hear conservative strategists shrug off all those issues with "Canadians don't care."

The message they send with that line is Canadians find questionable behaviour acceptable. Now, don't some of you reading this get your knickers in a twist. I'm not saying the issues that have been brought up -- the Oda "not," the in-and-out thing, the Kenney letterhead -- are actually scandals. But to dismiss those issues with a shrug and say "Canadians don't care" is plain dumb.

Strategists and Conservatives participating in panels should also insist on being heard and not let themselves be drowned out by the moderator or other participants. If others can say "Hold on, let me finish" so can they. Joining others in talking over one another is pointless.

SOME Canadians may not watch CBC or CTV, but SOME do, and that's where they get their "news" -- filtered through a mostly biased media. So, the Conservatives have to have a clear, short defence/explanation to counter all the attacks aimed at them, and use that defence whenever possible.
-- Gabby in QC

Joanne (True Blue) said...

So, the Conservatives have to have a clear, short defence/explanation to counter all the attacks aimed at them, and use that defence whenever possible.

Very good point Gabby. Let's get this right before the election starts!

Alberta Girl said...

I totally agree makes me sick how the Conservatives just sit there and take the crap being handed out. They really need to fight back - of course they will be called Bullies and Mean and Angry for doing so, but after seeing the actuall bullying and meanness and anger put forth by both the opposition AND the media, I think Canadians know what the real thing looks like.

paulsstuff said...

"So, the Conservatives have to have a clear, short defence/explanation to counter all the attacks aimed at them, and use that defence whenever possible."

Gabby, that is the absolute best way of saying it. Well put!

Paul MacPhail said...

I think we're all in agreement with you Gabby. I've noticed too often that I was able to think of a five second response to all the BS that is spouted by the media and opposition parties that was both truthful and concise, while watching some talking head fumble the ball. It's really sad, the falsehoods should be identified for all to see as soon as they're spouted; instead they're legitamized by improper lengthy responses.