Saturday, March 5, 2011

If Ignatieff Is Going To Give A Speech, And Only Kady O'Malley Knows About It....

Is he really going to talk? In the latest case of faux outrage with the Liberals and their msm buddies, apparently the Conservatives were supposed to have psychic powers to know that Ignatieff would be delivering remarks once the PM finished. Seems the Conservatives never knew, along with most of those in the media:

"Those at the event Friday tweeted about the the media being "kicked out" after the news conference while others say that reporters and organizers didn't know Ignatieff would be speaking.

Dimitri Soudas, Harper's spokesman, said it was "unclear" to those at the event that Ignatieff would be commenting. A Liberal advisory stated that Ignatieff would attend but didn't suggest he would be making remarks."

And who were the journalists tweeting? Well, CBC's Kady O'Malley was quick to tweet. Which begs the question. Liberals never issued a press release stating Ignatieff would speak. Conservatives were unaware as were apparently most of the media in the room. Yet Kady knew, and was one of a handful of journalists who refused to leave. So how did Kady know Ignatieff was going to speak?


Anonymous said...

Katy knew along with Fife the knife...because they ARE the Liberal party.

Since when does PM Harper have to babysit iggy...he can bring his own podium.

These media gotcha moments are really spinning out of control. Why? ...because the Liberals are losers and are fighting for their survival, down in the pigs pen.

wilson said...

Here's the original blog post, which has now been relegated to NNW archives and removed from Liblogs.
All the tweets are there,
not sure that Fife an kady were aware Iffy was going to speak before the wee Libs made a stink.

Sounds to me like the organizers didn't know either, or would have asked the CPC crew to not remove the podium.
And all the media left, without a whimper.

Joe said...

As I've said other places, had the Conservatives known that Iffy wanted to talk they would have given him the podium and turned up the volume on the mikes. Every time Iffy blathers on about this or that his ratings drop. I think Iffy is the best weapon in the Conservative arsenal.

Anonymous said...

Kady is a well known media maven who slavishly follows the Liberals. She's a CBC trophy tweeting gal ... the best money can buy ... so obvious.

Anonymous said...

This is much adieu about nothing. The MSM and the whiney Liberals are so desperate to try and influence the coming election they will say or do anything.
If they think that Canadians are going to worry about whether the Conservatives left the podium for Ignatieff or put the media out of the room when nobody knew Icky was going to speak they are sadly mistaken. However, they will not give up. That 16% gap in the polls has the Libs and their pals in the media in desperation mode.