Sunday, March 27, 2011

Make CBC Accountable And Non-Partisan...

Looking at CBC and their constant Conservative bashing is a disgrace. Take a look at this story here:
Next, read the comments section. Try posting a favorable comment regarding Stephen Harper and the Conservatives and see if it gets posted. When leaving comments please copy and paste a send to my email in the event CBC won't allow the comment.. Keep your comment clean and on subject so CBC has no reason not to allow. I intend to stockpile a list of comments and ask CBC to explain why they were not allowed. With Sun TV slated to go live in a few weeks this would also make for a wonderful story. You can also reach CBC here to vent your opinion.

Telephone •Toll-free phone (Canada only): 1-866-306-4636
•TTY/Teletypewriter (Hearing impaired Only): 1-866-220-6045
Mail: Audience Relations,
CBC P.O. Box 500 Station A
Toronto, ON Canada, M5W 1E6

E-mail: Mail: Kirk LaPointe Ombudsman CBC
P.O. Box 500, Station A
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 1E6


Edmund Onward James said...

I say privatize the opaque CBC that will not disclose the requests about money, pay and espenses. TVO is good enough for Ontario, and there are other provincial stations. Then the 1 billion dollars can go to what Ignatieff, Duceppe and Layton ask for, if legit.

I have met many decent union people that have been bamboozled by leaders. My gawd look what they get paid. And what's with these white collar government workers' unions. Please.

CanadianSense said...

The taxpayer does not need to fund American Game shows or NHL arenas.

The $ 1.1 B subsidy for the CBC is not a priority over our modernizing our military or debt repayment.

Sammy said...

Paul,I too have called the cbc to voice my concerns..usually regarding Evan Solomon.I was so angry after he allowed the Pat Martin rants,I couldn't keep quiet.The woman I spoke to was quite sympathetic (almost apologetic)..told me she would pass msg along to head KEEP CALLING,hopefully the realization that someone IS monitoring their tactics will get thru.

Anonymous said...

CBC doesn't post all comments and you'll see this often mentioned by contributers both left and right. The moderators may be favoring one side but it would be hard to prove that suspicion.

paulsstuff said...

When comments are 90%+ against the Conservatives there is a bit of a moderation issue. Not to mention some of those allowed comments are absolutely appalling. name calling, racist remarks, etc. Is this what the national braodcaster feels is necessary to preserve our Canadian heritage?

Anonymous said...

I do not watch CBC very often, their one sided opinion makes me very angry. Pat Martin must be the most ignorant person on earth but they allow him to yell all he wants. I do notice that when the person that is speaking for the Conservative Party is always cut off.

Martin said...

I did complain a few times to CBC Ombudsman, Vince Carlin, about biased reporting by on air reporters, such as Evan Solomon.
I found that I received a form responce indicating the complaint would be taken up with the producers. They inevitably found no evidence of bias, and assured me of the CBC mandate to provide objective quality reporting.
The problem was that Carlin himself was a former CBC employee.
The current ombudsman, Kirk LaPointe also lists a stint at CBC Newsworld. I would not expect to much action by the ombudsman in responce to anomynous remarks on a comments board.