Sunday, March 6, 2011

Elections Canada And Liberal MP Mark Holland....

With all the media hoopla over the Conservative Party and Elections Canada, including another lead story on NNW, I have to ask. When one asks Elections Canada about certain candidates and possible violations and complaints filed, EC refuses to give out information citing privacy issues. And yet somehow actions taken by Elections Canada seem to still make there way into the media, albeit only involving Conservative party officials. Think about the media being tipped off to the search of the Conservative Party office.

So perhaps someone in the msm might be able to ask EC if any Liberal MP's or candidates have any current investigations ongoing for campaign transgressions. In the 2008 campaign complaints were filed against various candidates from all parties, which is quite normal.

So what is the status of any complaints that may have arose for my MP, Liberal Mark Holland? I'd like to know before the next campaign, whenever that may be. I'm not alleging Holland did anything to violate Elections Canada rules, nor do I have any proof he did. I heard there were some allegations (unproven as far as I know) made from the rival candidates campaign teams to Elections Canada. One would think that 2 1/2 years is sufficient time to investigate and make a decision on said rulings.

I'm sure those in the media will be quick to investigate. Over to you Kady.


Anonymous said...

Liberals Mark Holland & Marlene Jennings stole boxes of documents belonging to the Conservative Party, after the Conservatives won the election in 2006. The boxes were clearly LABELED belonging to the conservatives. Mark Holland and Marlene Jennings stole the boxes, made photo-copies, and started calling press conferences to reveal the contents.
The boxes contained documents with personal information & strategy, etc.No one forgets the pictures of the two, pulling the document boxes ,on trollies, through the streets.
When Governments change, so do offices. MP's don't pack up their personal belongings and files and cart them through the halls of Parliament .They pack them up and couriers deliver them, to the new offices. Holland and Jennings simply took labeled boxes of files and personal belongings that belonged to the Conservative MP's and rifled through them looking for dirt.

In effect, they STOLE the boxes and tried to find some way to use the contents for political gain. Just another dispicable, dishonest example of current HOC Liberals.

Anonymous said...

He went through them all, to make sure there wasn't anything that was in the "public interest".

He said he" kept some back for future use." He actually admitted he is still keeping other people's files, in a press conference. Were they to be used as weapons in the middle of an election campaign?
Opening up "MAIL" of other people(Isn't that illegal?)...were they found in "CONTEMPT OF PARLIAMENT"?
What was the speaker Millikens ruling on that one?To this day I am still waiting...and waiting...These are the holier then thou Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous.. SSSSSSHHHHH. In time us unwashed peons are supposed to forget about lieberal "discrepancies" (that is a nice word), more political correct when referring to lieberals.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

Here's a good read about Elections Canada and Mr Maynard's bias against Conservative and Liberals and NDP go free....Maynard needs to be fired.

paulsstuff said...

That's a great link. That proves what the Conservative's argued. That Elections Canada changed the wording of the rules after the 2006 election and are going after the Conservatives for rules that weren't in place. The NDP email is perfect proof that EC turns a blind eye to other parties.

Anonymous said...

heres a link from 2007 into Elections Canada 's witch hunt acting for the opposition parties..

Michael Harkov said...

That Elections Canada changed the wording of the rules after the 2006 election and are going after the Conservatives for rules that weren't in place.

So going after the Toris retroactvely, eh?

Sure, why not"? Whatever these hypocrites at EC say works, right?

Anonymous said...

The BLOCK are the godfathers of the In & Out...
In the 2000 federal elections the Bloc Québécois organized a system to inflate apparent campaign spending at the riding level, and thereby receive much higher refunds from Elections Canada.[1] The Bloc organized "La Méthode In & Out" prior to the elections, having each candidate agree to certain spending numbers in order to inflate the overall cash flows. In exchange, Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe would sign their nomination papers, a requirement for running in the election.

Large amounts of cash were transferred from the party organization to the individual riding associations that are in charge of running one candidate's election campaign. The money was then distributed to the volunteers as payments for various expenses. The volunteers then donated that money back to the party.[1] On the surface it appeared that the ridings were spending much larger amounts of money than normal, enough to drain the party war chest. In fact, a considerable portion of the money was being returned directly to the party's coffers.

Under normal circumstances the money received by the volunteers would be subject to income tax and therefore the scheme would be unattractive to them. But because the money was then spent on political donations, it could be written off. The only cost to the volunteer was time in filling out their tax forms - something they were giving up anyway as a volunteer for the party.

The scheme may have remained unknown if not for an ironic court case against former Bloc MP, Jean-Paul Marchand. Marchand agreed to spend $66,000 as part of the in and out scheme, but spent only $22,276. The Bloc sued Marchand, saying he had broken his contract and owed them $36,362. A Quebec judge agreed with the Bloc, but lowered the amount to $16,362.[1] When the story broke in 2003 as a result of the court case, the ruling Liberal Party immediately started to implement changes to the election law to stop this process. However, these changes were not implemented before the party lost power in 2006.

Where was EC then?

frmgrl said...

Where was EC then?

Busy looking the other way!

Anonymous said...

Maybe CBC should drag some of these BLOCK butts onto their never ending campaign "shows" against Conservatives. No..they want people with an axe to grind against the party. One is writing a book, one lost and ran as a Liberal, and the second wasn't invited back into the party.
I wonder how many Liberals did the same thing? I noticed they didn't change the rules untill the CPC won Govt.
But then again, Liberals has adscam.
Liberal CBC and Liberal EC are in each others back pockets??

Anonymous said...

I think EC should do its job..
In the Gomery hearings, testimony revealed that 21 candidates for MP, received cash in a bag for campaign funds. The Liberal PM of the day did not give Mr. Gomery "terms of reference" allowing the pursuit of Liberal politicians . I bet it is a certainty that these individuals did not report those contributions in their report of election campaign expenses to Elections Canada.

Cash taken OUT of the treasury and put IN brown bags for Liberal candidate. Sounds like "the Liberals OUT and IN scheme".Come on Liberals & CBC....tell us more on the IN & OUT.

Anonymous said...

Registered charities can't be involved in political activity. The Suzuki Foundation did and complaints were made to EC and they still retain their status. Nothing from EC. And who is singing Suzuki praises? Liberal CBC.

maryT said...

I called my MP some time ago to see if the Speaker had ever ruled on the Holland theft, and I think it went back to committee or something, never to heard from again.
Also, from the EC site, until 2004, financial reports did not have to be filed, and after the 2004 Martin tried to change the rules or something, but was defeated before they were implemented. So, the rules for 2004 were in place for the 2006 election. It was after that election EC re-interpreted the rules and laid charges after the fact. Funny how EC has refused to allow the conservatives to return 600,000.00 gst rebates they were paid in order and the party went to court to pay it back. They lost. Every party was refunded excess gst but only the conservative party offered to pay it back.
Interesting to research the financial reports of all candidates, and see how much money was transferred into accounts by the lib party, only to be transferred out again. And, as most of the expenses filed have not been reimbursed to our MPs, and it was conservative money, not govt money used, I really don't see a problem. Stolen taxpayer money is another thing.
Are any of those que libs still in the HofC.

gimbol said...

Speaking of Marlene Jennings, I keep hearing these false accusations that she's keeping her orientation in the closet.
If you hear anything like this, remind the accuser that while Jennings is a lot of things, we have no business passing judgement on her apparent orientation.
Remind the individual(s) there is no truth to it and its merely a case of rumour mongering.
Marlene Jennings is not a lesbian.

paulsstuff said...

I don't pass judgement on anyones sexual orientation, nor do I care.

Of cours that doesn't stop others from doing it. Check out LiBlogs and the John Baird accusations that pop up time to time.

Anonymous said... one said she was.
And no one here could care less.

She's just unethical, dispicable and dishonest.Read about her history.Those in glass houses shouldn't throw might come back at you.

Anonymous said...

just out...Liberals In & Out proof that EC looks the other way