Thursday, March 31, 2011

NDP Ads For Oshawa Riding Absolutely Pathetic.

Listening to Oshawa's rock station today 94.9 ( my favorite), I heard for the first time the NDP radio ad attacking the Conservatives from NDP leader Jack Layton. Aside from the fact the NDP candidate is also the head of local 222, which represents GM workers and many of the parts plants in the area, Layton's question was beyond the pale. Layton states Stephen Harper got voted in and then did nothing for the people of Oshawa. Well, let's look at a few examples of what Oshawa has received in the last number of years since the Conservatives took office.

1. Billions to save GM from bankruptcy. If Layton has even half a clue, he must know GM's entire economy relies on the survival of GM.
2. Extension of EI benefits allowed many auto workers to continue receiving benefits until the auto sector took off again.
3. Extensive job retraining for laid off workers. Many of those GM workers with little seniority benefited from federal job retraining programs, which gave extensive extensions to EI as well as covering the cost of courses.
4. Stevenson Road/401 Interchange. A combination of federal/provincial/municipal money resulted in a much needed 401 interchange for the city.
5. A number of infrastructure upgrades from the economic stimulus program.
6. Federal transfers for health care increased. Some of that money made it's way to Oshawa General Hospital.

There are numerous other examples. Conservative incumbent Colin Carrie has been an excellent MP for the area, fighting for the loans to keep GM, and by extension, Oshawa afloat. Layton may want to get his facts straight before making such an idiotic ad.

p.s. Also interesting the Liberals haven't named a candidate for the Oshawa riding. Maybe Dipper turned Liberal supporter Dolby was late, waiting 5 days to throw his support to his coalition partner.

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Anonymous said...

Harper hasn't done anything for Oshawa as a whole community. He helped mostly the gm workers who make over 20 bux an hour already, protecting their candy asses. But what about those unemployed? I dont see any training programs put help at all....maybe a 60 dollar cheque every 3 months? but thats nothing still.