Thursday, March 10, 2011

Conservative War Room Asleep At The Switch Again...

Why is the Conservative communications so absolutely pathetic? Perhaps it's time to make changes in the personnel and ways the party responds to events. Conservative bloggers have done a better job than anyone working for the party in discussing in and out, including providing obvious examples on in and out done by the opposition parties. Now today, the media are inundating the airwaves, print media, and internet regarding the just released report from Kevin Page on the F-35 costs. Guys and gals, come on. The response has been brutal when answering questions in the House or on tv.

Need some prpoer talking points? Here are a few.

1. As pointed out by Alberta Aardvark, Page' cost estimate is based over 30 years, rather than the 20 of the government. Adding 1/3 to the number of years obviously would result in a much higher final number. Maybe mention that.

2. Liberal MP Domenic LeBlanc has repeatedly said the $30 billion is more than we spend on health care. If you watched Evan's show, you would see him mutter quickly under his breath in a year. Yet the Conservative MP doesn't call him on it, by, I don't know, maybe citing how much the government spends per year on health care and how much that would be over 30 years. (hint: it's a lot more than $30 billion)

3. The current jets in use by the armed forces also have daily, monthly, and yearly operating and maintenance costs. Has anyone pointed that out? Nope. Anyone mentioned the current costs of maintaining those aircraft. Uh Uh. Estimated what maintaining those current jets would cost over the next 30 years, and making the public aware? Nope. Apparently that doesn't make sense.

4. When you have Ignatieff and LeBlanc ranting on about cancelling the new jets if they get into power, start quoting what the Liberals said about buying those aircraft carriers Conservatives bought after the 2006 election. You know, the ones that came in so handy during the earthquake crisis in Haiti. Remind them of how the Canadian government had to go begging to other countries to get Canadian troops to Afghanistan.

5. Start mentioning quotes from different individuals in the Canadian Aircraft Industry, pointing out the number of jobs that will result from the purchase. Might want to calculate how much contracts for the F-35 would add to GDP. Not to mention those contracts would be a boon to Quebec, badly in need of said jobs.

6. Remind Canadians of the $500 million Chretien spent to cancel helicopters. Mention the deaths caused by the aging helicopters we are still using many years later. Pull a LeBlanc. Tell Canadians what that $500 million would have bought.

7. Liberals led by Ignatieff are claiming the jets cost $1000 for every man, women and child. Hey. That's true enough. It's also quite misleading. Dividing that $1000 per person over 30 years works out to $33.33 per person per year. And that's assuming no growth in our population for 30 years. That number would probly be somewhere around $20 per person per year over the 30 years. Whereas McGuinty's health tax takes $300+ directly out of your pocket if you live in Ontario.

8. Ask Ignatieff what the Liberals think is a fair cost for jets, and what that works out to per man, woman and child. Ask him wjhat he thinks reasonable maintenance costs are.

You want a majority next election? Better raise your game a little, no, make that a lot. I'm getting sick of seeing sand thrown in our faces.


frmgrl said...

I agree their communications stink! Not just with this but almost every other file as well.

UsualSuspect said...

They certainly aren't out in front of these things, are they? Are they sleeping, or do they think adding noise when Canadians aren't paying attention hurts more than helps?

Anonymous said...

I am the biggest Conservative around and I agree with you.I know the Conservatives are busy running the country and not used to getting into the pigs pen mudd with Liberalano$, but someone in the war room better wake up. The blogging Tories are a site they should visit. We seem to know the latest dirt and things against the Coalition before the Govt does. Like when P&P and PP are on I am screeming at the TV..."Tell them this point and tell them this one. Damn...they have no clue. The dirt pig opposition are lying their buns off and the CPC needs to get onto the truth wagon with them.Frustrating indeed. They did finally wake up and throw the In & Out dirt back at the coalition of liars and keep up doing what they do to us...drown them out and get our point across the same way.
BTW CBC is a disgraceful, pathetic display of gutter level activity.Candice Hophner is a fisty Conservative woman(even though she was verbally abused by NDP Pat Martin)and she should be on more shows with Rick Dkyster. In the end Canadians are seeing the dirt digging Coalition for what they are ...pension and paycheque seekers and to hell with Canadians. PM Harper is the best thing we have had in Canada in a century.

Anonymous said...

Paulsstuff, I've often voiced the same criticism, but perhaps I'm not considering the psychological aspect. If viewers who don't follow politics closely continually see opposition members get all riled up or downright abusive like that idiot Pat Martin, maybe they'll tend to consider the cooler, calmer Conservative representative's answer more carefully.

What I do insist on, though, is that every time they're interrupted by Solomon or Taber (Don Martin is not as bad as the others) they should insist on finishing their answer. I mean, if Bob Rae gets to say "hold on, let me finish" so should Conservatives on panels.

Oh, and their strategists should stop shrugging off issues with the "Canadians don't care about this" answers.
-- Gabby in QC

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Excellent post!

The only thing I can come up with is that they're keeping their ammo dry in hopes of being defeated?

Anonymous said...

Angus/Reid Poll March 10/11
Conservatives 39%
Liberal 23%
NDP 17%

Check Canada News

Sean M said...

I have to agree. You have to wonder why the Government doesn't fight back against the obvious lies and innuendo that is constantly thrown in the public's faces. I understand the Government probably doesn't want to get down in the pig slop that the coalition and the media love so much, but the Government public relations and reactions on too many files is weak kneed at best, and should be more out front on many files.

Gerald McGarrigle said...

I agree with anonymous,I scream at the tv the same as he or she does when the liberals and ndp are on pp,lying their heads off.I would definitely like to see Mr.Dykster and Candice on the tv representing the cpc.Most of the time it's not fair,as there's always 3 onto one,that's including that sneak Soloman.Boy,I can't stand a bias person,especially when they don't try to hide it,or feel that they don't have to.I wish the lady on ctv news at 4pm (atlantic)would be on the new Sun tv show.Gerald McGarrigle

Anonymous said...

Government is are taking care of electon issues...Jack has pause to pull the is good

Alex said...

Gee I like you. That 39% could be 49% but I wonder if part of the plan is the whole "what? huh? wait-" and bang the three stooges get whats been coming to them... Just a guess anyway.

Anonymous said...

The worst part, is that CBC "At Issue" show where they is no balance on the panel. Last night was a total CPC HATE FEST by those Liberal experts(cough) fighting for their paycheques.Mansbridge actuelly said "I thought we wern't going to talk about polls?" And they didn't.
The media columnists are reporting out & out lies and missing so much information that their stories are just TWISTED, and who can call them on it?
Too bad Sun TV News won't be here for another month. That leaves us with another month of distorted, torqued lies from the CBC/CTV and the rest of the pathetic media trying to change public opinion, by lying to get in the coalition scum bags. The Liberals friends want back at the trough.