Friday, August 20, 2010

Toronto Star: We found 0 results for "pablo rodriguez failure to provide breathalyzer"

Nuff said!!!


Brian Busby said...

Very good.., though "Pablo Rodiguez Breathalyzer" brings this result:

Liberal MP charged after breathalyzer incident

And at the The Toronto Star no less.

Your point?

are there any conservatives left? said...

Did he tell anyone he was never charged with being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and possession of drugs? Did he deny any such charges directly to a reporter who asked him? Did he then further lie that it was a charge of failure to provide a breathalyzer when it turned out to be an actual DUI charge?

Did he have a history of being "economical with the truth" on several prior occasions?

Was he in the middle of an election campaign in which he himself was trying to make trust the central campaign issue?

No. But but but the world is out to get conservatives and the media hates us and will do anything to stop any of us and and and and it's never our fault and and and but but but

Once upon a time, it was conservatives who stood for absolutes and principles, who stood for taking responsibility, who brought big bold ideas of reform and vision and it was liberals who had a relative moral system and blamed everyone but themselves for problems (The Man, The Corporation, The Church and, yes, The Media), and avoided fighting on the issues by focusing on small petty stuff (well, they still do that, but the rest...).

No wonder we can't win in this country.

(And ps. you actually have to hit "search" for google to work. Try it. You'll see it was covered.)

paulsstuff said...

"Your point?"

Front page? Nope.
Mug Shot? Nope.
Headline asking who you trust? Nope.

Never thought to mention it until a month later when someone was tipped off.

Brian Busby said...

Interesting stuff, paulsstuff, until one realizes that Pablo Rodgriguez lives over 550 kilometres away from Toronto... until one realizes that he isn't running for mayor of Toronto... until one realizes that Rob Ford, who is running for the mayoralty, said nothing about his refusal to take a breathalyzer test for over eleven years.

paulsstuff said...

Hey, Ford's an idiot for drinking and driving, as is Rodriguez. I won't drive after even one beer.

BUt I'm sure even you can see the Toronto Star is trying to do a hatchet job on Ford. Smitherman also had a drug problem in his past. I could care less if either one smoked a joint.

I do have a problem with Smitherman's involvment in the E-Health scandalrecieving no coverage in the run-up to the election. Smitherman and the others have as many skeletons in their closets as Ford.

And I'd be as happy seeing Pantalone (sp?) win as I would Ford.

ridenrain said...

Don't you know who I am?

“Rodriguez told me several times that we were going to damage his career that he had taken 30 years to build,” the officer reported. “He also mentioned that he hoped that it wasn’t because he was in the Liberal party that I was charging him.

MADD Canada seems to want to ignore him also. Odd considering he was so drunk he caused an accident.

paulsstuff said...

"(And ps. you actually have to hit "search" for google to work. Try it. You'll see it was covered.)"

That would make sense except it was the Toronto Star's own website I did the search on.

Brian Busby said...

Again, interesting stuff. Paulstuff has said that "Ford's an idiot for drinking and driving". I won't quibble with that.

are there any conservatives left? said...

"That would make sense except it was the Toronto Star's own website I did the search on."

This gets sillier and sillier.

You do realize that the online Toronto Star search function only goes back two weeks, right?

That's what these words mean at the top of the search result: "Results from the past 14 days".

But but but but they probably only started that rule so that no one could find those damning articles on Pablo Rodriguez so that they could help the Liberals and try to crush the Conservatives.

Nuff said!!!!

It's sometimes completely amazing to me that the Liberals aren't crushing our nuts. Sometimes. But posts like this do explain how Harper can raise so much money all the time.

Hoarfrost said...

Why in the hell anyone takes any Torstar reporting as anything to quote. Why bother even reflecting that bunch of misleading misanthropes.

Oddly, I play a regular game of golf with my officially registered community seniors. I did not partake in any of the pre game discussion because I needed to add no personal input on the Toronto mayoral election scene. The prevailing opinion was that Rob Ford was the best choice among a bunch of self indulged politically correct scoundrels. The prevailing opinion was that Ford would expose the extreme leftist aldermen such as Bussin, Fletcher. Adam Vaughan, and DeBaermaker

Sean M said...

Speaking of the Red Star, how's that "Busty Hookers" story coming along ?

paulsstuff said...

Uh, you do realize when the search results for the past 14 days show up there is another link to archived stories right below it, no?

In fact when I did a search of archived stories I found stories about Nascar's Juan Pablo MOntoya in a race last year.

Blame Crash said...

The “point is” more than a little obvious.

I know some people can’t connect the dots when someone mentions “white pointy hats” and the KKK, so I’ll explain it to those who are floating in a cloud of un-knowing.

The “point is” that those rotten lying media propagandists will always ignore, minimize and deflect anything negative about their leftist political allies.

Of course, the opposite is especially true also. The smallest of indiscretions of a Conservative will be automatically amped up by these Journolister scum bags to make it seem like its murder or something.

Most people with any common sense can see that, but I guess there is a lot of dense Glibs out there. No wonder they can’t seem to raise any money from that crowd.

Anonymous said...

Liberal nanny state: Do as I say and not as I do is the law. (real conservative)

maryT said...

Didn't the coalition defeat the candidate that the PM attempted to put in charge of appointments.
He shocked them, they figured they could defeat the guy and put in one of their own. Fooled them.
If the coalition doesn't like the appointments, they should have voted for the candidate. He was willing to work for 1.00/yr.
So, it is the coalitions fault that conservatives are getting appointed. The scary thing is how many liberal lawyers are on the bench. It will take yrs to get rid of them.