Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet The Liberal Hit List (Part 4 Conrad Black)

h/t to anonymous commenter on previous thread.

"Newspaper baron Conrad Black has launched a lawsuit against Prime Minister Jean Chretien and the Canadian government.
Black says he suffered considerable embarrassment and inconvenience when he didn't get a British peerage in June. He blames political interference by Chretien for the decision by the British government.

Black was set to become a lifetime member of the British House of Lords but at the last minute, got word that Chretien had advised the Queen against the appointment.

The Canadian government had invoked the Nickel Resolution, a parliamentary resolution passed 80 years ago to put an end to the practice of granting foreign titular honours to Canadians.

Black is suing for $25,000.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister's office told CBC News on Thursday night that Chretien will defend himself "vigorously" against the charges. His officials say he was "definitely not pleased" when told of the lawsuit.

Chretien has always insisted he blocked Black's appointment for valid reasons, not out of spite. But on Thursday his office said it's no secret that coverage by Black's newspaper, The National Post, of Chretien's financial affairs has made the PM very angry.

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Anonymous said...

Go Conrad Go.

byng said...

I just love your series - brilliant, appropriate, timely - you are to be commended

and thank you

Bec said...

Keep them coming, bud! THESES ARE BRILLIANT!

JDot said...

I have not been this mad with the insane ramblings of the MSM over this BS in a long time. This goes for the NP, Globe and Mail and ToStar...

Kelly McParland at NP made me really come to my senses. Jim Travers makes more sense then this air head. Honestly this has to be the most idiotic thing I have read in a while(To be frank I have tuned out politics, hardcore into the Patriots right now).

Nevermind the guy comparing PM Harper to a killer in the picture. But read the whole insane BS.

To shorten it. Kelly McParland says John Baird is mean so the media has to make sh!t up. This article is f'n classic for it's insanity..

Anyway Paul, great posts as always..

Sean M said...

I hope Mr.Black is successful in taking down the little thug from Shawnigan. I also hope he doesn't get stuck with one of the many Librano judges currently stinking up the justice system.

potato said...

Your series underscores the contempt Liberals have for the general public. In spite of Chretien's abuse of power, not a single Liberal stood up to him and, to this day, they still view him as some kind of Liberal messiah simply because he brought them unfettered power. Really, quite a disgusting group of people.

Babylonian777 said...

I see your provided a link for this story which goes back to August the 6th............why only now is this surfacing?

Why has no one else picked this up?

Is there a date set?