Sunday, August 15, 2010

MSM Fails To Report Ridiculous Comments From Ignatieff

As widely reported on various Blogging Tory Sites, including Blue Like You and BC Blue, Michael Ignatieff showed incredible political ineptitude with comments regarding the cargo ship just landed in Vancouver carrying 490 supposed refugees. Ignatieff does a few things with his comments. First off, he completely disses both the government and citizens of Australia. Seems they don't have principles. Next, he seems to think we should welcome possible terrorists here. Just call ahead first please and let us know you are coming.

But what is most appalling is the failure of the MSM to actually report this. Aside from a story in the Winnipeg Free Press, where the author glosses over Iggy's comments with glowing praise of his bus stop, the big boys of Canadian media seem to think it's not worth mentioning. CTV? Nope. CBC? Nope. But they do have a video clip of Bob Rae's comments, which surprisingly seem more onside with the government than Ignatieff.

Of course this comes on the heels of Jane Taber's editorial this week about an exchange between Rutherford and Akin regarding media bias against the Conservatives. Knowing that Akin is a devoted reader of the Blogging Tories, hopefully he reads this and gives the comments by Ignatieff the justice they deserve. In the media, for Canadians to see.


Anonymous said...

MSM conspiracy!!

wilson said...

No conspiracy anon,
lack of journalistic integrity.

Our national media now follow the rules of pack journalism.

Select issues that average Canadians shrug off,
turn the issue into a national scandal by calling it a scandal over and over,
thusly demonstrating how the media can make you and break you,
attack in a pack,
no dissenting voices shall be heard.

PMSHs answer to the media attacks,
is to ignore them.
They can't win if he ignores them,
the harder they go at PMSH, the less credible they look.

byng said...

the MSM is so profoundly anti CPC and PM Harper, thet they cannot report adequately on any political matter - and is the main reason they fear the newly announced Sun media - which cannot arrive soon enough

Calgary Junkie said...

Just another example of the media running interference for the Libs.

The big unknown for me in all this, is just how much influence does Donolo have with his media pals ? If you combine that influence, with Akin's confirmation that the ppg sees themselves as the 'eternal opposition', then one can see the challenge Harper has in dealing with these buffoons.

So for those complaining about Harper's current communication strategy, you can't assume that a different strategy would be better. In theory, Harper's "starving of the media beast", SHOULD lead to said beast (the ppg) looking for sustenance elsewhere (Iggy's gaffes). But this ppg operates under their own set of incoherent rules.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, once the MSM has spun the comments into a more favourable light they will be plastering the print pages and television screens with paeans of praise for his insightful words. At this moment a fair-minded committee made up of Jane Tabor, Susan Delacourt, Evan Soloman, Kady O'Malley, Jim Travers and Heather Mallick are in congress to prepare the unbiased and politically correct response.

wilson said...

No media coverage on Iffy's Libs attacking the Bloc on Ducey's 20th anniversary .

Libs say Bloc has lost it's reason for being (a 2006/08 CPC talking point)
PLUS blames the Bloc for a Conservative govt being , seriously,
it's all the Bloc's fault that Harper is PM

Dec 1, 2008 is a bad bad memory for the coalition of losers

wilson said...

Media pack journalism - rule #3

never ever cover an event that makes the Harper govt look good

Alberta Girl said...

Hey Mr Anony....(whichever pseudo journalist you are) - perhaps David Akin was wrong when he said that you guys take Iggy to task just as much as you do the PM....this is BLATANT proof that you ARE biased.

Why don't you do your job and report the facts instead of picking and choosing or worse, neglecting to report certain things in hopes that Canadians won't find out the truth.

You people aren't journalists - you are left wing idealogues!

Calgary Junkie said...

Somebody should ask Akin, how he would view his role as a national sports reporter, say for the Canadian Football League ? Would he be the 'eternal opposition' to the Grey Cup champion--this year, the Montreal Alouettes ?

Another question for Akin ... if he DID operate that way as a national sports reporter, say on TSN, how long would he last ? The flood of complaints from sports fans all over the country, would result in Akin's sorry a$$ being out the door in about two days.

Yet, as a political "reporter", he gets away with following this ridiculous "blueprint" of his. All these befuddled, mediocre ppg clowns running around, is a pretty pathetic sight. At least we can cheer, as they join the likes of Greg Weston, Christina Spencer, Elizabeth Thompson and Peter Zimonjic on the unemployment line.

Calgary Junkie said...

Further to what Alberta Girl wrote ... here is the exchange between Rutherford and Akin on Thursday @ 10:26 AM:

Rutherford: Listen, David, you guys are not all a bunch of objective news guys there. You've all got your biases and axes to grind. When questions are asked, I sense a lot of personal ... questions, personal combativeness with the PM, who many of you guys DO NOT LIKE ..."

Akin:"On this one, I think I'm gonna say you're wrong, you're full of it Dave ... what you're watching on live tv is the making of the sausage. So when you see reporters ask the PM, it might be in a hostile way, it might sound partisan. What is NOT on live tv, we do the very same thing to the opposition leader. But they don't carry that on live tv, or to the NDP ..."

Rutherford: I don't believe it.

Akin: We give the same grilling that we give to the PM

Rutherford: I don't believe it for a minute

Akin: You only see one side of it

Rutherford: I guess we got to take you at your word, because we don't see the grilling of Michael Ignatieff, outside of caucus, when he comes out

Akin: He gets it WORSE I think, than what Harper does.

So there you have it. Akin gives a new meaning to the phrase: "If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody hears it, does it make a sound ?". Supposedly, the media is grilling Iggy, but nobody sees it ??? LOL

OK, Akin go through the videos of all these CPAC scrums and show us the ones where Iggy is getting "grilled". Or is CPAC also missing how Iggy is getting it "worse" by the ppg ?

What a twit.

cantuc said...

kory tv --- screwed before it even gets on the air

Sean M said...

The MSM carefully editing what Grandpa Iggster says, and hiding how unqualified the Igg and the Librano$ are in respect to holding office is nothing new at all. I mean you can go back to the dark years of Disco Dictator Turdo and his "just society" BS in regards to obvious MSM bias. Although one doesn't have to go back that far to find MSM shilling for the Librano$. Look how the media carefully handled Dion's campaign to become the new leader of "New France" (Canada). The questioning of Dion by the media during the last election campaign was like watching a rehearsed act of co-ordinated questions and answers. The MSM were well aware of what a retard Dion was and did everything they could to protect him, and to make sure the public were kept in the dark about Dion's glaring inadequacy. The "debate" organized by the media consortium was a perfect example of the MSM attempting to shelter Dion from any scrutiny or actual debate, while at the same time having a round table attack against Stephen Harper by the like minded coalition of losers, which included the media moderator. The collective sh#t the MSM had over the prospect of SunTV News arrival is an indication of the pack mentality that exists within the MSM and further illustrates the media's obvious bias in dictating the narrative.

fay said...

David Akin hides behind Jane Taber and the national Press Gallery.I wonder if David Akin realizes how dumb he sounds.

Anonymous said...

Yes the MSM in Canada (and the US for that matter), lacking integrity, professionalism and suffering from bias based in leftists ideals held deeply by almost all members of this rapidly diminishing profession. But it is much more than that, the media in Canada believes that it runs the country itself. Yes, I have said it. They, the media and the wizard behind the curtain (owners), believe the PM is beholden to their prognostications and warped logic in place the demands of the democratic force of the populace. The media have become the dictators themselves. (real conservative)

Jan said...

First of all, the ship landed/was escorted into Victoria, not Vancouver.
Two areas/wings of Victoria General hospital were opened (previously closed due to budget and staffing restraints) Our B.C. locals are currently waiting 8 to 18 months for an MRI. I personally am waiting 6 months for a Cat-scan, yet illegal immigrants can capture immediate response. There is something wrong here for the tax-paying public! How is this fair? There is a rumour 2 more ships are underway from Sri Lanka. Do we all continue to take a back seat, putting illegal immigrants ahead of British Columbians?
Don't blame the Conservatibes--blame the Opposition who will NOT support the new Refugee Act to stop this abuse. BC'er's continue to wait for access to the health care system &/or a hospital bed, when illegal immigrants can access it for free. My compassion just ran out.

Jan said...

Give -up! Can't handle the games. Cheers, Jan

Anonymous said...

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