Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Note To Conservative Communications Gurus...

I'm still both amazed and disappointed at how badly you guys and gals are at putting out talking points regarding policies or spending. By simply pointing out that while removing the mandatory census with penalty of law and replacing it with a voluntary census sent to more households BEFORE the media and opposition jumped on you there would not have been anywhere near the uproar you allowed to fester.

Today we see Stockwell Day fumble the ball on why new spending is needed for jails. C'mon guys. There are so many reasons to justify this spending that I can't believe you fell behind on this one. Here are a few examples. Feel free to use them.

1. The opposition has agreed to change the 2 for 1 time served. That means longer jail time for those convicted.

2. Many correctional facilities are old and in disrepair. The socialists such as the NDP complain about conditions in jails such as the Don Jail. Hit em where it hurts. Tell them these facilities will result in better care and conditions for those serving time.

3. Cost efficiency. Many of the older jails were built decades ago, and use much more energy than a newly built facility would. I'm sure Gore and Suzuki would be in favor of lowering the carbon footprint of convicted felons.

4. Job creation. Jails aren't cheap to build. That's because there is quite a bit of labor that goes into building one. They want more economic stimulus? Use this. Not to mention the permanent jobs that would result from the facility.

5. This is the easiest one, and not one person has mentioned it yet. Even if one believes the falling crime rate, Canada's population has increased by roughly 400,000 people per year since the early nineties. Even with the lower crime rate, an increase of 4-5 million Canadians means that percentage of the increased population will run afoul of the law. Canada's population in the year 2000 was 30,689,000. Up until July of this year the population was 34,160,000. Do the math. By the end of this calender year there will be almost four million more people living in Canada than just ten years ago.


wilson said...

Today the media got something to attack a Conservative Minister over,
they didn't have to put their heads together to make something up, for a change.

Patrick Ross said...

You missed one vital detail:

The opposition has long decried overcrowding in Canadian prisons. In fact, it was overcrowding and poor conditions that led to the 2-for-1 credit in the first place.

Not to mention the fact that Day is right. Because of the tendency of Canadian courts to turn offenders loose as quickly as possible, many people don't bother reporting crimes to the police -- they know that the trials will simply prove to be a waste of time.

I personally had an experience this past December when I had to intervene in a situation involving a room mate in which he was attempting to break into the room of another room mate.

He had been turned loose on a 2-for-1 credit on two separate occasions, and for some rather vicious (and cowardly) assaults in the province of Nova Scotia.

Anonymous said...

How dumb can Doug Finlay and the people at PMO be ?????

Its time to get some adults in PMO and Party HQ. This is getting tiresome and worrisome.

Anonymous said...

The conservatives are being gobbled up by the political monster they have created.